A-League of crypto gambling: New Football Off To A Flyer

Marc Fox reports on the impact of Dwight Yorke, Kevin Muscat, Archie Thompson, Alex Brosque and Richard Kitzbichler: harbingers of football’s rebirth down under.

Thanks in no small part to the five imports named above, Australian football’s governing body has seen all its dreams come true in the opening weeks of the inaugural A-League. If six months ago, you had foretold the start of the fledgling competition would see not just sparkling debuts but goals from each of these players, your prophesy would have been laughed out of town.

However, from the moment Adelaide United’s veteran striker Carl Veart headed home the first-ever A-League goal at the Newcastle Jets – springing the first of a host of surprise results during three rounds of action – the competition’s leading men have continued to step up and meet the challenge of chartering new football’s voyage to a more credible future.

Yorke, Thompson and young gun Brosque each struck in the opening weekend, the former Manchester United striker opening his Sydney FC account 44 minutes into his debut against Melbourne Victory. New dad Thompson, himself fulfilling all his personal ambitions including two goals in the World Cup playoff against the Solomon Islands, equalised in the second-half to force shared honours.

Meanwhile, Queensland’s Brosque held his nerve ten minutes from time in his first A-League outing to snatch the points from New Zealand. In round two, Muscat and Kitzbichler – one a returning hero, the other an Austrian international – each scored for Melbourne in its 2-2 draw with Perth.

That is not to demean the impact local crypto gambling talent has made in the heavily-budgeted never-seen-before A-League show. Bobby Despotovski (Perth), Nick Carle and Ante Milicic (both Newcastle), Noel Spencer and Tom Pondeljak (both Central Coast), Jonti Richter (Queensland), Ross Aloisi (Adelaide) and Zenon Caravella (New Zealand) all deserve a special mention from the group of players to have stepped up from the old National Soccer League.

Not only has the new league been rich in talent, it’s proved to be far closer than bookmakers would have had you believe before launch. For instance, only three games from 12 have been won by more than the odd goal. Moreover, only one team has not yet recorded a victory – surprisingly early picks Melbourne Victory – and just one has won twice (the unlikely frontrunners Adelaide United).

Off the pitch, the FFA declared an early victory as crowd figures topped 70,000 across the four venues for the opening round alone, a weekend in which the domestic record for attendance at a non-finals league match was broken twice in the space of two hours – first at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane where 21,000 Queenslanders made history, then at Aussie Stadium in Sydney where the turnout exceeded 25,000. More importantly, fixtures are still averaging upwards of 12,000 supporters with the biggest pullers Sydney, Queensland and Melbourne having played only once at home so far.

The Road To Germany – Part 2

Outside the A-League, fate continues to deal a good hand to the Australian football authorities. The Socceroos breezed past the challenge of the Solomon Islands despite some hairy moments in the away leg in Honiara. Having already subjected the Melanesians to a seven-goal tanking in Sydney in the first tie, complacency, humidity and tactical naivety all combined to anger new coach Guus Hiddink at the way his squad bumbled to a 2-1 victory.

Nevertheless – and as expected – the Socceroos have booked their place as Oceania’s challengers in November’s double-header against the fifth-placed South American qualifiers. Nothing new there but what did make a refreshing change was FIFA’s decision – albeit via the gamble of drawing lots – to award Australia the benefit of playing the final decisive leg at home.

The Socceroos’ likely opponents are either current fifth-placed side Uruguay – their 2001 World Cup nemesis – or sixth-placed Colombia, neither of which would be straightforward assignments despite the advantage of being able to defend stoutly away and strike at home.

Poker and Sbobet Guide

We have been discussing tournaments and related subjects such as buy-ins, satellites, places paid, and prize pools. Let’s continue the discussion with more information on subjects relating to tournaments.

Suppose you are playing in a tournament and you hear folks discussing bad beats (trust me, no one cares!), and you hear someone say that he busted out “on the bubble.” Just what is the bubble in an event? Well, in my opinion, it is the worst spot in which you can finish — one spot short of the money. Why do I think that it is the worst spot? You have played all day for absolutely no reward, other than the experience of playing.

I am not at all saying that learning time was ill spent, but from a monetary standpoint, you have spent maximum time and aggravation for no payday at all. You received the same return on your investment as if you had been the first one out of the tournament. Some folks feel that there is shame in being the first player out of an sport kazakhstan event. Personally, I would rather be the first one out and have the day to spend as I please, than to play all day, get so close, and become so disappointed. If you are the first one out, you never really had a chance to get your hopes up anyway!

Perhaps that is a defeatist attitude, but it is my story and I am sticking to it. I would rather have the time to play side action (which normally is very good during a tournament), where I have a chance to win my buy-in back and make money, rather than play all day and finish just short of the money.

Recently, I received a question inquiring about time penalties. The writer wanted to know the circumstances under which a penalty would be “awarded.” For many years, there were few rules regarding proper conduct in poker rooms and for many players, bad behavior was the norm. Not so anymore, I am pleased to say.

In the past several years, cardroom Sbobet managers, recreational and professional players, as well as poker room staff, have really put forth an effort to end the insanity that once prevailed in some tournaments. Players who misbehave at the poker table are now treated like the ill-mannered children that they are, and are given “time-outs” in certain instances. Perhaps the first warning may be just a verbal “don’t do it again,” whatever “it” may be. It also could be a 10-20 minute suspension from the event.

In such an instance, the player’s chips would remain in action and he would be blinded or anted off as if he were present. When this happens, generally a timer is placed near the player’s chips with a count down of the time remaining until he may resume play. I have seen it happen when a player misbehaved, knew that he was out of line, and as the tournament director was walking up to him with a timer, he just got up and walked out of the room without a word being spoken. Players know when and if they have acted badly.

If a tournament director determines that a player’s behavior is so egregious that he should not be allowed to continue playing, he is disqualified and his chips and interest in the prize pool are forfeited. The addition of time-out penalties, as well as the authority to reprimand players whose conduct is inappropriate, has made the tournament director’s job easier and the playing experience more pleasant for the players. Very few players enjoyed playing in an atmosphere where dealers and/or players were being abused. As a result of instituting the penalty process, tournament poker is a much more pleasant venue than it was years ago.

I am directing the Oasis Open, a tournament in Mesquite, Nevada, from May 17-21 at the Oasis Hotel and Casino. Mesquite is about 80 miles north of Las Vegas and is a great getaway for golfers and spa enthusiasts. The buy-ins for this event range from $50-$120, and there will be side action and satellites available. A special $15 room rate is being offered to players and food comps will be Joo casino liberal. If you play in all five events, your room will be comped during the tournament. I hope you can attend, and please stop by and say hello.



Seven UFABET Jackpot Winners Push Intercasino Prize Total Past US$1,000,000 In Record Time  

Late April big winners set aggressive Internet progressive jackpot pace in the first quarter of 2002.

May 3, 2002. (Strovolos, Cyprus)– For casino players looking to cash-in on a new trend of Internet-only progressive jackpots, the place to play so far in 2002 is InterCasino.

InterCasino (www.intercasino.com) awarded an unprecedented US$1,086,813.20 to seven winners in less than four months, thanks to a late-April flurry of jackpot winners. The seven winners to-date in 2002 have already more than doubled the mark of three US$100,000 winners at InterCasino throughout all of 2001.

The regularity of the progressive winners is a testament to the growing popularity of the games and InterCasino’s reputation as the most trusted name in the industry. The more the games are played, the larger the jackpots grow, culminating in players setting off progressives on a frequent basis. The international scope of virtual casino progressive jackpots are in contrast to their bricks-and-mortar counterparts, where progressive jackpots often take months and even years before they are hit.

More players mean more winners – winners who didn’t spend a fortune for their chance at the big time. InterCasino are finding jackpots hit by players at their first day playing in the casino.

The latest winner minted by InterCasino in 2002 is a player with the online handle ‘USA’. ‘USA’, an InterCasino regular, claimed US$117,949.40 on April 30 at a Spice Island Stud Poker table.

Spice Island Poker carries a Jackpot Mania (www.jackpotmania.com) progressive and can be played at casinos throughout the Internet. It carries a minimum default prize of US$100,000.

In contrast to ‘USA’, new player ‘Jesse’ hit a US$150,042.36 jackpot on April 21 less than three hours after opening an account. ‘Jesse’ won the jackpot on the slot machine Rags to Riches – another Jackpot Mania progressive with a US$100,000 default – with less that US$18 left to play.

Another remarkable 2002 winner is ‘Barb’, who turned a US$100 random prize from UFABET InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley earlier in the day into two massive wins in one day. Within hours, ‘Billie’ won US$11,518.00 on a multi-player Let It Ride four-of-a-kind. After a break from the casino, she would press her luck into the win of a lifetime, a US$180,770.68 jackpot on a Spice Island Royal Flush and a one-day total of over US$192,000.

Hartley can often be found on the virtual floor of InterCasino handing out random cash prizes to players under the alias ‘RyanH’. Players use the free cash both as a way to take a shot at a progressive and for help in cutting down the house edge.

Other 2002 winners include ‘billie’, who captured a Rags to Riches progressive worth US$102,263.88 March 28, moments after its jackpot had been reset to US$100,000; ‘mgpg33’, who hit a jackpot totaling US$118,700.24 on the same machine after playing in the casino less than three weeks; ‘jas3516’, who hit for US$189,433.44 on Feb 2, also on Rags to Riches, three hours after registering an account; and ‘jwhite’, a US$227,653.20 winner on Spice Island Poker Jan 29.

Big winners at InterCasino in 2001 include ‘moosed’ (US$176,647.19), ‘flagg04’ (US$152,488.36) and ‘stash’ (US$111,820.80).

InterCasino was voted “Casino of the Year 2001” by several gaming industry magazines, yet more accolades on top of a reputation that has established it as the oldest, largest and most respected casino on the Internet.

Jackpot Mania links progressive jackpots from Internet casinos around the globe and is the world-leading provider of high-paying online games. JackpotMania.com runs real-time tallies displaying each growing jackpot as games are played simultaneously across the Internet. It features eight games: including Spice Island Poker, Triple Olives US$0.25/$1.00 slots, Rags to Riches US$1.00 slot and Super Jackpot US$0.25/$1.00 Video Poker, Video Keno and Video Slots.

Jackpot Mania also is home to the world record for largest progressive jackpot ever won at an online casino. On September 3, 2001, ‘BOBO’ claimed US$414,119.00 at The Sands of the Caribbean® Online Casino (www.carsands.com) on Rags to Riches.

About Jackpot Mania

Jackpot Mania is a cross-casino portal that links high-paying progressive jackpots from some of the world’s most popular brand name Internet casinos, powered by CryptoLogic software. CryptoLogic Inc. is a leading software development company serving the fast-growing Internet gaming market. CryptoLogic’s common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange as CRY and on Nasdaq as CRYP. WagerLogic, a wholly owned subsidiary of CryptoLogic, is responsible for the licensing of its gaming software and services to customers around the world.




3 Best Ways To Secure Spotify Plays


The way, the format used on the agency most appropriate for encouraging new records. Two months after the launch, a Spotify editor included it . If you’ve spent any time at the audio business, then you’d have understood that getting on the best is not a simple job. Also in certain instances Spotify takes some time to disperse the follower count for many customers, then we’ll supply you the evidence (screenshot) of upgraded count and order conclusion. You can now take advantage of this screenshot and discuss it of your media platforms that are social. Sometimes you are unable to score a greater number of plays on platforms such as Spotify while you face a lot of competition. And that there’ll be an exponential increase in the amount of plays you’ve got. And while we’re speaking about these programs, it is all amount plays.Why so?

But once again, once you’re beginning, it is quite vital that you maintain the earnings and concentrate on making your base. He describes that autonomy and alignment implies that leaders concentrate on what problem work out how to resolve it. It’s not rocket science, but since it turns music lovers out head to the profile, that is famous amongst those folks. Look, it is understood that there are millions of subscribers and they adore listening to songs. There’s little doubt on every artist challenged himself to score Spotify playswith? And that is the reason for getting on the very top, it is going to be crucial that you locate an expert to assist you with buy spotify plays to evaluate additional plays, amidst the problems. 1) For scoring lots of Spotify plays, then it is going to be crucial that you upload music at no cost, once you’re starting off.

For bids, refund is appropriate if the client don’t find any alteration in performs count for a couple of months. For followers, then the payoff will be appropriate in the event the order isn’t sent from our conclusion within the turnaround time. We provide orders slowly over a time period (drip-feed) rather than prompt Spotify followers to introduce a pure development of your new and safeguard the security of your Spotify account. Followers and all your fans have media reports, and with no flaws you ought to proceed to them. Then moving forward, for scoring much more Spotify performs it is important to get in touch with your followers.



Fax Server Solutions, Providers & Combine EtherFAX Network


The purchase price is a enormous barrier, and no company would be ready to cover that. Downtime or A host failure ends in loss of information and negatively impacting the small organization. The cloud servers are all contemporary and will handle visitor points. Scalable – SMTP cloud is also scalable. You could pay for a domain that is separate, but they’ll charge you through the nose to this. Besides that, they cost a one-time installment fee for sites, which will be approximately $10,000. Installation and the setup of this program was executed with two individual programs from Double-Take: you for your own document and you for Exchange/SQL. It’s hosted as SaaS based program which runs as support for SMEs as applications. You need to submit a program which will be evaluated by the staff before return to you. In this manner, the cost program will be contingent on what’s most effective for that website.

It provides you 10GB storage, and the program has become easily the most cost-effective and can handle up to followers each month. Apart from of the normal features like one-click installation, improved rates, and panels, this program provides innovative features like integration using Facebook Instant Articles along with Google AMP. EasyWP supplies a WP setup that is one-click, and you don’t need to manage the control panel and settings that are complicated. Each of these functionalities and amazing characteristics are overkill for an ordinary site owner, server providers everything that a web developer would want. You need the best web hosting solution that manages the level of traffic on your own website to maintain the site accelerate to fulfill your customer’s expectations. GROUPBY. This home is of interest to your supplier that supports the degree. It’s only a VIP alternative for WordPress users who takes them.

They market services in three tiers, which would be EasyWP Turbo, the EasyWP Starter, and also EasyWP Supersonic. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) matches now are very popular and are a mixture of proprietary and private servers, together with League of Legends and also Dota 2 with the largest talk of servers. Nevertheless this hosting service functions best for websites that are high which are already popular and require the advanced tools to stay ahead of the match. Email will still continue to play a function for decades as options exist but you can lower the usage radically.…

Why Are Instagram Bots Safe?


Individuals have interests in these things that are updated if it’s founded on information instruction or another thing. Yes, the majority of those Instagram users out there might just dream of one thing and that’s to become understood in the program also popular. These networks are available to customers from throughout the Earth, and, thus, followers’ assemblage is both heterogeneous and international. In conclusion, we could declare that Instagram impressions support is all about the amount of occasions while the reaches are all about the number of special users, people have seen that your content. It is essential to remember that if Instagram analytics info could be helpful, you need to approach this information if you are analyzing it following a giveaway. In addition, while it’s currently doing so, it actively growing your involvement with the community and commenting is enjoying.

Throughout the week of this competition, CATPARTY created 10 articles to Instagram. I said before in the article that CATPARTY’s giveaway’s objective was supposed to boost the amount of followers CATPARTY has on buy instagram story views – some revenue could be gravy, however, fostering sales was not the major objective. CATPARTY attracted approximately 140 brand new followers throughout the contest, so we are able to compute that every new follower charge only eight pennies to obtain – not too shabby in any respect, particularly once you consider that every one of those followers is real and accurate (like followers Instagram profiles may pay to obtain ), also has the capacity to develop into a paying client farther down the street. Amazon’s buy of Foods has been an endeavor to obtain a client that is best one that could efficiently store and sell perishable goods that weren’t suitable for Amazon model, for its grocery shipping operation.

In BuzzDayz we’ve got two priorities – top quality and client satisfaction. Having said that, this information may signify interest in admissions on Day Two of the contest – invaluable insight for future ventures. Instagram’s marketing engine will subsequently optimize for advertisement recall elevator, an indicator of the number of folks remember watching your ads. But if you would like a lot of followers and also have a little excess money in your pocket book , then to get $990 it is possible to get 100,000 Instagram followers. Businesses in addition to those who wish to market their own profile” Purchase Instagram followers” to receive a fast increase in their Instagram handle.…

The Audio Movie Sneak Peek For Associates


Thus, you don’t need to spend effort and time on getting enjoys for per month. Bigbrangram additionally boasts articles that you can take a few days away from producing content if you require when you want it to to-everything will appear on your feed scheduling capabilities Apart from offering unfollow, follow along with such as bots. Take a selfie of article a image of something being done by yourself. Create a picture or pick any picture from your cellphone gallery. As the song has come out in Australia, the audio movie sneak peek for associates hasn’t been released yet but there are on Twitter. You need to stand out rather than be food enthusiast another literary lifestyle blogger or world traveller. I am positive that you may have seen walls that are different on roads or occasions. Noticed even a gorgeous background, or a wall art? So, the next time, be sure to take a photo of a background that is beautiful.

Anything little that you just did not decorate your office, cabinet, house, kitchen etc.. Simply have a photo of DIY and discuss it with buy insta story views. Perhaps you have did a DIY job? Hashtags have turned into a means to catagorize articles on social networking platforms. When utilizing this site, keep in mind that: you’re your very own social networking supervisor and take all of the responsibilities for your activities while using this site; consequently, InstaImpressions isn’t accountable for any actions as a consequence of working with this site nor utilizing the services/solutions/techniques/etc.. Employing automation, Pods and other questionable approaches might get you but your viewers will soon be shallow. You may see how readily your accounts will soon be rising. But lately the programs are in the information because of negative effects in mental health of people, information privacy and the society. Not just for Instagram but we provide you all this material for additional social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

The issue is that “moving social” is not very as simple as it seems. That means you can purchase confirmed Instagram accounts. Bot accounts are harmful since they leave. Followers like to understand what you can do daily, and who they are currently following. What’s the 1 suggestion you’d love to devote to your own followers? To locate tags popular on your specialty, utilize generators such as HashtagsForLife, TagBlender, or even AllHashtag.…

Adventure Safari – See the big five safari animals in Africa!

On particular Cull / non-decoration packs, a reduction will be considered in case hunter/ seekers’ group harvest 10 to 15 or more animals each day as it sets hunting pressure onto the herds. We’ve got the packages and luxury accommodation to attract your travelling fantasies if you are planning your visit to Tanzania to find the Serengeti. Other none, decoration or game decoration, which aren’t in our bundles, might be searched per price listing. When you’re finished searching, you might choose to see local Addo Elephant Park for a day and search for the elephants and lions. Have an excellent day! We return to PE at around 11 am in your moment. Sable Alley at Botswana offers sky beds. However, we travelled through the rainy period and did not get a chance. In addition, he includes access to tens of thousands of acres that guarantees you will have access.

Any creature not exported from South Africa VAT tax has to be charged on any lien’s prices and on the animal’s fees. Exporting 1 part or a few of the creatures you search will indicate no VAT taxation has to be billed. Each search which I took for this outfitter was so great! This famous African outfitter is located at the Eastern Cape of South Africa see the big five safari animals in Africa. This outfitter donates a lot of his cash generated from the searches to help enhance the lifestyles of South Africa’s native peoples. Any help appreciated! Now, that’s huge: and its awesome watching it using Mara balloon or upon the ground Safaris. Among the very best safaris would be to take into the rivers of Chobe to a boat cruise to observe the dinosaurs lining the riverbanks. Summer is the ideal time to go to the lagoon, since most birds have only arrived, exhausted, by their travel.

Have you got your children to carry their backpack great wildebeest migration, or would you take their things? My Merrell Moab Ventilators are loved by me, and I’ve been going strong inside them! This is a type of travelling. You will find waterbucks, zebras, hippopotamuses, bushpigs, and impalas, amongst others. There are limitations on what you’re permitted to bring to you to the Tanzanian safari excursion. While hyenas are famous for their scavenging, they not cowardly, publicly stealing foods from lions and functioning in packs to frighten off cats a carcass. Besides the legendary version of Gikuyu migration and settlement background, there are an additional two variations. Actually, over 80 per cent of these animals ‘ qualified for entrance to the SCI record book!…

Hemp oil benefits list

You can find very little risk connected with intoxication via hemp essential oil as most forms of CBD Hemp Oil come from food-grain strains of hemp. Typically the authors of a investigation in the journal Weed together with Cannabinoid Research note that food-grain strains involving hemp should contain fewer than 0. A few per-cent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is usually the compound that causes often the unsuspecting “high” regarding marijuana.

Hemp oil is not much like cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Manufacturing CBD engine oil uses typically the stalks, renders, and flowers of this hemp plant, which contain a new higher concentration of central business district, a further potentially beneficial element in the plant.

Hemp seed starting oil comes through the small seeds involving the Cannabis sativa herb. The seeds do not necessarily incorporate the same degrees of compounds because the plant itself, but they have a rich profile connected with nutrients, fatty acids, plus helpful bioactive compounds.

Full-spectrum hemp oil that as well consists of plant matter might include other useful chemical substances, which can help with specific health issues, such as irritation.

The abundance involving greasy acids may make the olive oil an excellent selection for nourishing the skin and protecting that by inflammation, oxidation, along with other factors of aging.

The writers of a 2014 overview remember that the topical application of hemp seed engine oil strengthens your skin layer and creates it better able to be able to endure contamination. The creators likewise suggest that hemp seed oil may end up being a very helpful remedy with regard to a range of skin area difficulties, as well as:

The fat acid content of hemp seed engine oil may also be good for typically the brain, which usually requires plenty of nutritious extra fat to be able to operate adequately. Hemp seed starting oil is also loaded in different compounds the fact that may help protect mental performance.

A good recent study inside the death found that a new hemp seed extract that contain these types of active compounds was equipped to help protect the brain versus irritation. The authors observe that hemp seed oil has poly phenols, which may play a good role in protecting dapoxetine.

Although these initial results look promising, experts must carry out studies around mankind to confirm these benefits of this oil.


What to know about CBD topical

CBD topical will be one of the most recent gang of CBD goods to be able to join various other popular methods of ingestion. Natural skin care, creams and gels, balms, sprays, and even natural oils that designed to be absorbed through the epidermis present more focused, localized benefits. Relevant CBD products are frequently chosen simply by those which want the therapeutic benefits of CBD without getting to vapid it or maybe consume that orally.

What are Topical?

Topical are CBD-infused creams, lotions, oils, sprays, plus balms that are employed directly on your skin in order to present concentrated treatment associated with pain, soreness, break outs, together with irritation. Other transversal apps such as patches happen to be also available.

Many topical focus not only with offering CBDs, but furthermore on harnessing specific terpenes together along with other ingredients the fact that help with pain comfort and provide numbing. Several of these normal chemicals include capsaicin plus necessary oils like wintergreen and even clove. Soothing scents many of these as organic lavender are usually added as well, together with wealthy emollients which include beeswax, shea butter, together with olive, coconut and jojoba oils.

How must CBD Topical Work?

CBD topical job by being consumed straight through the skin and binding to CB2 receptors in the area. These CB2 pain are identified during the body and so are linked to inflammatory replies. CBD also binds for you to the receptor, even more reducing problems and irritation and offering a number associated with additional beneficial well being side effects. They are all produced using brought in CBD Hemp Oil and hemp seed essential oil, displaying a whole range of junk, potent, and antioxidant attributes down with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, giving loaded dampness and soothing treatment method to get a wide variety of situations.


Was David Williams an Adult Actor?

Someone from Neverwin เเทงหวยออนไลน์ found bunch of thumbnail sized images of an amateur adult actor who looks exactly like David Williams. I know it’s hard to believe, and I kind of don’t want it to be true(although it is really funny), but the two are almost identical! If you want to read the thread it’s the one titled, “From the Gavin Griffin school of…”. It’s not family or work safe though.
For anybody reading this who doesn’t know about poker or watch ESPN, David Williams placed second in the 2004 world series of poker where he won $3.5 million. Since that he’s been famous face in the poker world.
So back to the subject – Did David Williams have a short career in adult films? Is that really him? Micon from NWP ordered the DVD so I guess we’ll find out in a few days. I’m about 90% confident that it is, but I don’t want to say anything for sure. I’ll let you draw your own opinions.
Blogger WSOP satellite
Do you have a blog? Do you play poker? Do you want to go to the WSOP? Do you have $28+$2 in your Pokerstars account? Do you want an iPod and other free stuff?
I forgot where I was going with this… Oh yeah, if you answered yes to all of those questions then you’re invited to the DADI#5 (donkeys always draw invitational number five) tournament, where the winner will receive a $1,500 WSOP seat!
Along with 1st place receiving a WSOP seat, there will also be a bunch of other great prizes thrown in.
2nd place: iPod Nano from Poker on a Mac
3rd place: 10,000 PSO points from none other than Poker Source Online
4th place: 5,000 PSO points
Whoever busts Wil Wheaton gets naming rights for a future WWdn event
Whoever busts HighOnPokr wins two decks of Copag cards.
Unfortunately I won’t be playing in this one because you have to be 21 for the WSOP, but I’ll be routing for any Poker Bus member to win! So far I’ve placed 2nd and 5th in dadi events, so expect an easy field of players 😉
Visit TripJax’s blog for the latest in DADI tournament news.
Can’t get any BJs!
I was watching this guy play roulette the other day at CasinoRoom. When I first opened the table he had around $3000 and was making the maximum $50 bet on #32 along with some smaller bets. If the little ball landed on 32, he’d win around $1,700
This guy was dominating the game! Within 10 minutes he was up to more then $6,000 and starting making huge bets focusing all around #32 (his favorite number). He was putting $50 on #32 and $50 on both the four corners and the four edges surrounding #32. Another 15 minutes go by and he was up like $16,000! He said he started with $100 earlier that day.
So that was enough motivation for me to deposit $100 into CasinoRoom. I really wanted to attempt a huge winning streak, but I just couldn’t. And it’s not because I’m unlucky, I just can’t draw myself to take risks with a negative expected value. Most people have to force themselves to quit, but I’m trying to keep myself from quitting. I think the 2+2 poker forums brainwashed me.
I did make one $25 bet in blackjack that I won. I’m pretty excited with that. I ended up depositing $100 to CasinoRoom at 4pm and cashing out $120 an 5pm today. Hamburgers are on me!…

Back for One More – Toto HK

Hi everybody. It seems that I’ve neglected this blog once again. Sorry. I had grand aspirations, but it just didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Actually I had grand aspirations for a lot of things, but in the past few months my life has completely flip-turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a…oh wait, that’s not me, that’s something totally different. But the point is, the last few months for me have been the worst of my life, both personally and professionally.
In January, I had my first losing month in over a year. February and March were winning months, but not by much. I did have some success, traveling to Caesars Indiana and Atlantic City and cashing in a couple tournaments. Nothing huge, but it’s nice to have my name out there again. With the government cracking down hard on online gaming, I felt like playing more live would be the way to go. The online environment has changed completely. It has become much more difficult to get money in and out. As convenient as Neteller was to use, other third party financial instituations are just as inconvenient. The first time I went broke and had to make a deposit through ePassporte, I had to wait almost two weeks before my measly $300 could go through. Being that it’s difficult to get money in and out, logically, the bad players who need to get money into the sites most often won’t be playing as much or at all. So the margins are much smaller and I wasn’t making nearly as much as I was used to. Or maybe I just suck now, who knows.
So anyway, I wanted to play more live Toto HK since online wasn’t working out so well. I’ve traveled with moderate success, and I also started getting into some Raleigh area poker clubs. Overall, I’m a winner there, but the action is so much slower. Playing three tables at a time online compared to one live, the action is probably eight times slower, which is extremely frustrating. However, it is much easier to spot who you can make your money from, and of course it’s much easier to get a sense of whether or not a guy is comfortable with his hand. Unfortunately, overall, I didn’t feel like live poker was a profitable venture for me either (or profitable enough to make a living anyway). By the way, the last time I played live was Thursday – check out what happened just a few hours after I left.
So I’m back to square one in life. I took a chance, and it was quite profitable for awhile, but in the end just didn’t work out. Wow, that was a very depressing sentence to write. I’m not exactly sure where I go from here. The past year and a half I’ve contributed nothing, so I’ve thought about doing the complete opposite of that by joining the peace corps. But I have debts to pay, including unsecured debt that isn’t even in my name (which wouldn’t exactly be fair to the named debtor). Regardless, I think we all need to improve on helping the less fortunate. I’ve thought about getting out of here, maybe moving to Vegas or Denver or Phoenix or LA or San Francisco. But there’s no reason to do that other than an adventure – it’s not like I have a job lined up in any of those places. I do have friends in every one of those places, so maybe. I’ll probably just head back to the job market around here. It’s a scary thought given that I’ve been out of work for a year and a half. I hope there’s no newfangled Microsoft program that everyone uses now that I’ve never heard of. Or maybe there’s a new standard way to answer phones now and if I say it wrong I’ll be fired right away (”Good afternoon, this is Jason. How can I help you?” “What the hell did you just say? Get out of here!”). Yikes, I’m scared already. I’m not really sure what kind of job I want. I would like to be selective, but I’ll probably have to take what I can get. It will be nice to have a regular paycheck and not have to worry about coming back with less money than I started with. And although poker was fun because it was so challenging and created so much flexibility, it’s also mentally exhausting. And in the end, I don’t want to be defined as a poker player. It can be very unhealthy at times, and it will be good for me to get away. So if any of the three of you who read this have a job for me, please let me know – I’m supersmrt. I would like to keep writing, and I’ve kicked around the idea in my head of writing a book loosely based on my poker adventures. I’m not sure if I have the skills for that, but it’s certainly worth a try.
Well, this might be the last time I write in this blog. Or maybe I’ll post some exerpts of my book on here. If it is the last time, thanks for reading everyone!…

The sbo Smell of Lose

I felt like a rum and coke. I’m a beer man really, but the sbo mood was perfect for a sweet-tart syrup. The wife had the weary look, eyes extra wide, hair frazzled, and her attempts to smile made it seem like an extended frown had snapped backward from strain. The travel is usually the worst part.
It was about 11:00 when the 757 touched down in Vegas. There’s a tram ride to the main terminal and an long escalator to the sbo baggage claim. I called Otis from there.
“Don’t tell me you’re already here!” he screamed.
“I’m there in an hour,” I belched. But in Vegas, time has no meaning.
We took the airport shuttle to The PLAZA, which means we took it to 5 other hotels first. It was midnight when we strode through the automatic double doors. They slid open easily and revealed the long line inside. That was the last part of our stay there when anything went as planned.
Oooops. Sorry. I like that show too!
There was a line at check in, but that’s always expected. I used the time to call Al. He was at the MGM, with most of the other people I couldn’t wait to see, and as soon as I finished the call I was ready to check in.
I gave the man my name and he started typing.
He asked if I wanted a king or queen sized bed. I said I reserved a king. He frowned and continued typing. The wife’s eyes grew even larger and a storm was fast approaching.
“Sir, I only have a room with two queen bed,” he said.
“So why ask me which I prefer?” I wondered aloud.
More typing.
He then turned to the pretty woman to his left, who also started typing. It seems a queen size room would have to do, at least for tonight. But there WAS a silver lining….
“Here’s a key to room 1707,” he said, “its a king sized room for tomorrow. And here’s a key to room 1703, a queen sizd room for tonight”
I took both sets of keys and headed upstairs. The elevator took me to the 17th floor, which my wife noticed, had the same boiled cabbage smell we noticed in the lobby. At room 1703 the key worked and the door opened, to a room where the bed was unmade…
…and the TV was on.
…and someone else’s luggage sat on the floor.
…and someone else was suprised to see us there.
Apparantly the clerk got the room numbers confused. It seems this is tomorrow’s room and the key still works tonight. I think they were watching “SPORTSCENTER”, and I DO like that show.
So, more cabbage, we went down a few doors to room 1707. That key didn’t work. You know the type, of course, that little card that only works with just the right touch. I placed it, pushed it, rammed it, and eventually KICKED IT, right into the door itself.
That last bit provoked a good deal of suprise on the face of an non-English speaking Asian woman who was asleep inside that room. I’m a good sized man, about 6 foot 5 and FAT. The poor woman was scared to death.
And I was seriously PISSED as I marched back to the lobby.
“You gave me 2 sets of keys,” I said, “one works and one doesn’t BUT BOTH are to rooms with people already in them!”
He started typing.
It seems he wasn’t SUPPOSED to give me 2 sets of keys after all. And it seems he MEANT to write 1907 on the second set, that was our room tonight.
On the 19th level of cabbage stew we finally found our room. Which, in Vegas, in June was 114 degrees. The air conditioner didn’t work. They promised to fix it tomorrow.
The next night
After wandering the desert, I hit the vending machine for a bottle of water. The machiene didn’t work. I went to the stairway at the end of the hall thinking a nice corned beef would be nice, and opened the door to the stairwell, which of course, led directly OUTSIDE.
I’d comment on a warm blast of desert air here but remeber the hall was hot too. Instead we walked onto a narrow balcony 19 floors above the “experience” below, a dizzying and mildly nauseating “experience” indeed.
On 18 I found the water I needed and went to the cabbage-a-vator instead. On board was a woman with a bucket of ice. She stepped off onto that floor and said the ice machiene was broken, which keeps the streak of bad luck alive in every floor so far.
In out next trip report
Well, its all positive from here. Even the expericenes at the PLAZA get better, but only because of the company we kept. I have plenty of wild tales to tell, but first we start with this warning :
After cab fare to the strip it is not a price bargain. And, of course, it is the worst. hotel. EVER.…

Hollywood slothoki Taking Over


The last time we saw Ben Affleck playing poker, he was rolling over to Willie Garson (you know, the gay friend on Sex in the City) in the inaugural edition of Celebrity Poker. Not exactly the best way to demonstrate your poker acumen.

Apparently the star of such blockbusters as Gigli and Jersey Girl does better when he plays with his own money. On Sunday, Affleck won the California State slothoki Championship. This wasn’t just some little Hollywood home game. Affleck won $356,400 and a spot in next year’s World Poker Tour Championship.

Poker pro Stan Goldstein finished second and the head of Castle Rock Entertainment, Chuck Pacheco, finished казино third. It’s clear Matt Damon’s lesser half has a little talent when it comes to this game. You don’t just luck into a win like this.

By the way, Spiderman apparently doesn’t have the same skill as Daredevil. Tobey Maguire also played in this tourney but got knocked out on the first day.

This all brings me to my favorite celebrity poker player (and fellow poker blogger), Wil Wheaton. Yesterday, Wil announced he’ll be playing in the World Poker Tour’s second edition of the Hollywood Home Game. The winner gets a buy in to the World Poker Tour Championship. Wil doesn’t mention who the other celebrities are, but my money is on him! If he plays like he did during his “lying in odessa” series (a must read!!), I’m sure he’ll be fine.

And who knows? Maybe when the World Poker Tour Championship gets rolling next year, we’ll see Wil and Ben facing off at the final table. Now wouldn’t that be fun!

UPDATE: Wil reports the game has been played, but he can’t talk about it. In comments here, he did divulge he couldn’t drop the HAMMER. Maybe next time.

I think I may refuse to write about the actual tourney since I didn’t spend much time actually playing (see BadBlood’s account of the carnage on his write up).

party.jpgSo, while I was out directing the mess outside, I got word that the final table had finally sat down (and thanks to Greenwood Phil for his organizational help). Thirty-three players had been reduced to eight, all vying to make it to the top five and win a little money. Asses had turned to diamonds. I’m sure somebody was cursing me for renting cheap fiberglass chairs. The beer had begun to disappear. I started snapping pictures. Somewhere, there is videotape. Hopefully we can bring you that soon.

badblood.jpgI was very happy to see two of the three poker bloggers in attendance make the cut into the money. You never know what to expect when you invite someone you’ve never met before. You’re not sure if you’ll get a raving lunatic or a crying drunk.I got lucky this time. After meeting Badblood in Iggy’s Blog Invitational, we discovered we lived in the same city. Turns out Badblood is a solid player and a helluva nice guy to boot. I hope to play with him again when I’m playing a little better and don’t have 80 people waiting on their party host to tap the keg.

CJ.jpgLong-time friend and webhost for Up For Poker, CJ, played his A-game, proving once again to be one of the top players among us. He flew a long way and sat in some serious traffic to play in the tourney. He deserved his money win. That’s not to mention the other money winners, David M. and Team Scott Smith (for a picture of Team Scott Smith, scroll through the archive until you find a guy holding up four kings…he’s been winning a lot recently).

Still, not to be outdone, Boston J. Reilly outlasted the crowd, paying for his plane ticket and most of his wife’s plane ticket down to the Palmetto State. I miss those folks a lot and was damned happy to have them back in my home. Not a bad evening, eh?…

3 Extremely Useful Methods to Recognizing a Read

Goal: to know the cards of your opponent.
If you can obtain that information (through legal and accepted means!), you are bandar slot pulsa on your way to making a lot of money. The study of reading your opponent is a never ending endeavor, because making your reads is going to be different with every opponent. It’s a moving target: it depends on the player, on the mood of that player, on the table, on the location, and a hundred other variables.
At the same time, recognizing reads is very possible! Your brain is processing millions of pieces of information all day long, and the trick is to analyze and synthesize that information, not to create new information. I like to avoid using the term “making reads” and prefer the term “recognizing reads.” This is because your brain already has the information. You just need to extract it.
Here are 3 of my favorite exercises to help players tap into the host of information the brain is just waiting to give away:
Host a running commentary in your head. As the hand plays out, comment on everything. Literally everything. “Player so-and-so raises 3 times the pot. Next player pushes all-in. Playing like he has kings.” This is information your brain is already storing. The difference here is that by commenting to yourself on it, constantly, all of that information is then flowing through the conscious mind. This creates an enormous opportunity for you: by bringing this information into the conscious mind, it can be analyzed and acted upon with reason, rather than subconscious feelings.
After a fold, watch the players playing. How is he touching his chips? How is he touching is face? Why is he doing both of those things in this particular way? A particularly useful tactic is to pick just one player, and watch him for the duration of the hand from pre-flop to the showdown. Each street is a different situation, and in one hand, you can gain a fairly successful understanding of your opponent. These reads are going to be more accurate than the reads you make during a hand, since you do not have anything at stake.
After a fold, watch players socializing. What body parts does he use to be expressive in conversation? Hand waving? Well if it’s hand waving, guess what part of his body is going to be the most expressive when he has something valuable to hide (monster hand) or something toxic to hide (bluffing hand)? Also look for facial expressions: is his mouth what’s communicating most of the emotion in his conversation? Well, if so, guess what part of his body will be most expressive when he is feeling emotions during the card game?
You know all those subconscious feelings or gut instincts you get, that are telling you how to act with a fundamental conviction? This doesn’t come from nowhere: it comes from your subconscious brain processing loads of information to great for the conscious brain, and coming back with an answer, i.e. an instructive feeling. As a bandar slot pulsa player, perhaps the most lucrative thing you will ever do, is learn to tap into that, and learn to bring portions of it up into the conscious mind.…

Facebook – a new definition of insanity


Oh, my love/hate relationship with Facebook. I’ve been dumped by the wayside and just can’t get over it. Well, it’s not quite like that. But there was an article I found mentioned on G+ earlier todayHERE claiming: If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK

The Moz Blog had a great post about the cost of doing business these days in various outlets. The cost to reach 1,000 people via newspaper is $32; for cable TV it’s $7, and on Facebook it’s $0.25. So for around a $1 a day on Facebook ads, a brand has the potential to get in front of 4,000 people. That’s $30 a month!

I commented on the original post on G+

a page with only 2,000 likes will pay at minimum about $10/day to promote a post to all of their fans. other than that, a decent article.

Here’s some screenshot evidence of that statement:

This was for my Seven Summits Body page – promoting a simple post, nothing complicated mind you. I went ahead with the $20 level that is highlighted there. For some strange reason it took about 4 hours to approve the ad. Based on previous bad experiences with FB ads, if it takes more than about an hour to approve I will not be happy at all.

Notice that I selected people who LIKED MY PAGE. These are people that have actually asked to get update notices from my page, and  in the past used to get them FOR FREE. So as in the cited “happy article” I should expect to pay a dollar a day to get my own fans to see my own posts that they asked to see. No more than $30 a month.

But the dropdown didn’t have a “4000 Fans for $1.00” option.

Sorry Moz Blog – whatever it is you’re selling isn’t founded on a visible obvious reality. If you can get my posts to 120,000 Fans per month for $30 hook me up! I kid you not. Because Facebook won’t do it.

This screenshot shows the reality after letting the ad run for a few hours after it was finally approved.

People who LIKED my page and requested notifications: $71.11 CPM

Their Friends – who get the Friends-of-Friends notifications: $12.74 CPM

I canceled the ad at this point. There was no point in letting it run. It was obvious that there was no way I could get in the middle of that 2600-6700 target audience for that $20. I would have blown through that by the time I got to 300 Fans who LIKED my page and asked for updates.

Facebook has hinted that they want to clean up the Newsfeed and stop serving ads that don’t pay above a certain level, so they want to make it a lot more expensive and not show posts from Pages that don’t meet some secret acid test of engagement. I see a lot of ads in my newsfeed that appear to be using the shotgun approach since I am clearly not in any demographic that would buy their product.

As an example I got a slew of ads for a dog obedience class and I have never ever claimed in any post to have or like or tolerate dogs in any way. I have no idea what category they put me in to get that ad.

What to do what to do.

Obviously, small mom and pop and other businesses with a tight margin will not be able to pay that kind of fee. Yes, $72 CPM is only 7.2 pennies per “view” and at a 6% click-through to your page, it’s only $1.20 per click. Not bad for filling your funnel. If 6% of those click out to your landing page then those cost $20 each. If 6% of those click your Buy Now link on the landing page then those cost $333. If you have a $1000 or higher product then that might not be a bad ROI at all.

I’m just playing with math and using some average numbers I skimmed from some “how to plan your campaign best and worst case scenarios”. I’m sure some marketing gurus can make all those numbers a LOT closer to 100%.


Just previous to all of these changes I ran a campaign very similar to this one from the same page for $30 that got 18,000 views and 600 clicks to the landing page. I would love to have seen that same result from this most recent $20 test. That’s $1.67 CPM by the way and if the Moz article was written during that same time from a few months ago, it was probably true then.

I’ve had to cancel all of my ads since the changes for the same reason as I cancelled this one. I can’t support that level of CPM with any of my products. I know I’m not alone on that. But I don’t think FB really cares about the small fry anymore.…

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

As we approach the one-year anniversary of online poker’s Black Friday, it is worth noting just how strong online tournaments are today. While the US government effectively shut out their citizens from playing online, the rest of the world has certainly picked up the slack. Tournaments on sites like PokerStars, iPoker, and Bwin are still going strong, with six and seven-figure prize pools the norm. PokerStars continues to lead the online poker world; however, there are still many options for those looking to play on a handful of sites.
This past weekend proved as much, as Party Poker, iPoker, and Bwin all had majors with prize pools at the quarter-million dollar mark. These tournaments should only get stronger as we enter the summer months full of tournaments series and WSOP qualifying. As such, the online poker world will begin to gain even more traffic as players 먹튀사이트 hope to earn seats in events like the 2012 SCOOP, or even packages to the 2012 World Series of Poker. Be on the look-out for satellite systems that provide nice overlay for these bigger events. If you play your cards right, you could qualify quite cheaply for multi-million dollar events. For now, there aren’t any major series, just the standard Sunday major tournaments. Below are results from the six biggest events of the past weekend:
Party Poker Sunday $200k Guaranteed
1,276 Entrants; $255,200 prize pool
1. DanSik123 $53,592
2. Spewtardish $30,624
3. Poversohler $18,502
4. unstoffable $14,674
5. code_version $12,122
6. LMonte25 $9,570
7. push_me_dura $7,273
8. muha84 $4,848
9. SEEDEEZNUTZ1 $3,700
10. mindfreaking $2,552
iPoker Sunday $200k Guaranteed
1,041 Entrants; $208,200 prize pool
1. SteNfrisk123 $35,394
2. ORR $26,025
3. ravenjetbyrne $19,758
4. 1mpud1cus $14,157
5. kkkoy $10,305
6. bergerooo $8,223
7. aajjhh $6,141
8. hownorez $4,059
9. Pescecana $2,248
10. ignasuso $1,832
Bwin Sunday $250k Guaranteed
1,305 Entrants; $250,000 prize pool
1. U R Donkey $39,214
2. AnaBar_x $26,755
3. Raz_23 $19,402
4. MrValue22 $14,296
5. billkits $10,569
6. QuietGoneGin $7,842
7. Sahar55 $6,331
8. YoungWall $4,942
9. nitforlife $3,849
10. takisxa $3,022
PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $500k Guaranteed
3,297 Entrants; $659,400 prize pool
*5-way chop
1. Palmero92 $72,989
2. jerry ping $56,110
3. leopeluca $53,958
4. BWFCLEE $66,600
5. Xplogo $51,358
6. eom2000 $21,430
7. Tomascibak $14,836
8. wpr101 $8,242
9. Kingoooo $5,275
PokerStars Sunday Million Guaranteed
8,225 Entrants; $1,645,000 prize pool
*6-way chop
1. Guesty001 $123,196
2. Aftret $118,484
3. janfryed $151,739
4. lollasen $110,159
5. 1_conor_b_1 $129,874
6. tilt21sted $115,678
7. QUINN520 $32,900
8. CrissD6713 $18,917
9. molik44 $12,748
PokerStars Sunday500 $300k Guaranteed
917 Entrants; $458,500 prize pool
*3-way chop
1. zitinio $70,022
2. micide $58,526
3. AKBigFish $56,822
4. Mik3ma $33,012
5. 10IsTheYear $22,925
6. H.Oussal $18,340
7. PokerNoob999 $13,755
8. bullstopper $9,170
9. pyszalek $5,502…

10 Tips to Shop for Auto Insurance Under A Tight Budget

You don’t have much to choose when you’re shopping to seek coverage for your new car or you haven’t been paying much attention to your budget car insurance cost. None of us wish to spend more for being covered adequately. A huge chunk of our society is still spending more towards car insurance as they don’t find the time to shop. Be it about switching insurers or doing a comparison, we tend to avoid spending much time on it. However, a number of insurance shoppers tend to save much in terms of premiums simply by doing comparison shopping every year. It might not be fun, but doing your research is truly worthwhile when you achieve lucrative auto insurance discounts with a few notable companies.
Consider a few points to make your shopping experience less stressful:
Image credit: Brassica Transfer Agent
Determine your state minimum
Begin by figuring out the amount of coverage you actually require for identifying the right insurance. The place wherein you reside might just require you to carry additional coverage on your car. You must read through the insurance explanations mentioned in your state mandates besides identifying the list of specific requirements for your state. Seek a comprehensive overview of policy requirements if you’re a new driver. You’re bound to catch up all information with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Make sure you understand all necessary insurance terms before you take the plunge.
Assess your financial stability
Image credit: Pixabay
Your current financial situation may not support your current insurance needs. You must continue to maintain your optimum needs until the time your finances improve and allow you to extend your coverage benefits. You’re bound to receive more protection for your assets once your limits are increased. You must discuss all of these possibilities by sitting face-to-face with your insurance agent.
Find time to apply
It hardly takes about 10 minutes to fill out a form and seek a quote with any insurance site. You must prepare yourself to answer the follow-up calls and emails. Fine-tuning an insurance quote is possible, although some insurers may require you to chat with their insurance representatives. This whole process might consume up to 30 minutes.
Check out your current policy
Check out the insurance declaration page just to be sure of your coverage limitations. These figures are worth considering while seeking quotes just to ensure cost effectiveness while comparing apples-to-apples. Your liability limits must earn a quick boost, especially when you don’t carry adequate insurance. Your liability coverage limit has to match your net worth in order to yield considerable protection in the event of a lawsuit.
Review your driving record
Your driving license might show us through your recent driving record. You must be aware of the number of tickets you have of late. You may visit the state dept. of motor vehicles in order to catch up with the latest speeding ticket that you have on record. Prior to seeking quotes, you must improve your driving record by checking out the occurrence of points or tickets that you’ve earned. A bad driving record is all that can push up your insurance rates.
Determine your deductibles
Your savings are bound to get enhanced when you utilize your latest deductibles for shopping. Get your deductibles raised if possible. Premiums are bound to get lower when you choose higher deductibles – the amount that you agree to bear out of pocket. However, you’ll need to take a call on this especially if you’re living paycheck to paycheck.
Consider their history
It’s natural for you to look out for a great deal on auto insurance. But you would even choose to score a good settlement in the event of a crisis and that too without much hassle. Comparing insurers will show you more about their customer service and reputations. Info on the way all insurers stack up could be collected while going through the complaints registered about them. You may catch up with this information by visiting the state insurance department. Many private insurance research services will even provide you with surveys ranking insurers as per the satisfaction levels of their customers.
Inquire about discounts
You’ll need to explore all of your discount options while you shop around. Insurance providers yield a lot of discounts for drivers. These drivers are in certain occupations, carry certain affiliations, add security or safety equipment, or possess a good driving record. You may even avail much lower rates by opting for some “pay as you drive” plan. With a high-grade point average, you may become eligible for substantial discounts if you’re a young driver. You may even secure a better premium rate by signing up with the same insurance provider for both your auto and home insurance requirements.
Keep an eye
You won’t need to spend more time in a particular year if you don’t come across a real reason for change while shopping for insurance. Keep shopping once every year just to ensure you’re ahead of others in a dynamic car insurance market. Saving dollars worth thousands is a certain possibility when you do a bit of comparison shopping. You must put in some shopping efforts if you’re paying thousands of dollars more than others simply because of a poor credit rating or for carrying a ticket.
Review and finalize your insurance policy
Read through your policy clauses prior to narrowing down your choice of an insurance company. Few of the settlement clauses and rejections might be scattered all over the paperwork. That’s one reason why you ought to read and clarify all things carefully. Check if you come across repair terms like “aftermarket parts” and “new factory” mentioned in your policy. They deserve clarification before you sign up.
Your policy that’s still active with your last insurer needs to be canceled soon after you have the new policy in force. Carry the card in your wallet, so that you may produce it whenever a proof of insurance is demanded by your state authorities.…

Breast Augmentation – Breast Implants – Breast Enlargement – Boston – Massachusetts

One of the valuable aspects of this website is the opportunity which you will have to view multiple (45 sets) before and after breast photos. To view additional photos and read more information, please use the links at the bottom of this page.

All pictures are unretouched photographs of patients operated on by Dr. Davidson. Individual results will vary. See About Our Photos.
Breast implant surgery or breast augmentation is designed to improve proportions and overall appearance. Dr. Davidson, one of New England’s most experienced cosmetic breast augmentation surgeons, uses the latest techniques to achieve the best possible result. Through a small incision, breast implants filled with salt water are inserted behind the breasts. The breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis and takes less than one hour for both breasts implants to be inserted.

In contrast to most plastic surgeons, Dr. Davidson does not cut or “release” the pectoral muscles where they attach to the breast bone or sternum. He stretches the muscle to provide room for the breast implants, thereby preserving muscle strength. Dr. Davidson’s personal technique for breast augmentation was published in a 1997 Aesthetic Surgery Journal. He was also asked to share his technique for breast augmentation with his colleagues by contributing the breast implant portion of the 1998 Aesthetic Video Journal Volume. This instructional video is a publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. To learn more about your interest on “what is the best filler for your face“, check here

At your consultation visit, you will have the opportunity to try on a variety of breast implant sizes in a bra; this gives you a preview of your approximate post-operative size. If your breasts are sagging or noticeably different from one another, the option of a breast lift or shaping procedure will also be discussed, in addition to the breast augmentation discussion.

Gynecomastia – Male Breast Reduction – Boston – Massachussetts

Gynecomastia is a condition in which excess breast tissue is present in boys or men. It comes from the Greek word meaning women’s breast ( female breasts). Gynecomastia occurring in teen aged boys is often a temporary problem which improves spontaneously. In others, this condition persists into or occurs during adult life. Many males having this condition request surgical correction. Prior to 1990, this usually required excising the excess tissue through a half circle incision at the lower edge of the areola.

Patient Example #1, Gynecomastia – Male Breast Reduction – Boston – Massachussetts

Gynecomastia – Male Breast Reduction – Boston – Massachussetts #1 post-op
This 45 yr. old male had Gynecomastia since age 14 . After surgery photo was taken 9 days post op.
Copyright Cosmetic Surgery Boston 2001 – Gynecomastia, Male Breast Reduction 1
The advent of ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL) and special cannulas (hollow tubes) has made it possible to remove both breast gland and fat through very small incisions, thereby eliminating the need for a half circle incision in most patients. Thus, scars are smaller, healing is faster, and the risk of contour irregularity is reduced. Dr. Davidson is well know in the scientific community for his original contributions in the treatment of gynecomastia, especially for a method of removing excess skin (when necessary) with minimal scars.…

obiedman wins 신규 꽁머니 XIV Event #22: $2,500 + $120 Super Stack NLHE

Another day gone by, another 신규 꽁머니 event in the books! This time it was the FTOPS XIV Event #22: $2,500 + $120 Super Stack NLHE. 938 hopefuls showed up of which only 90 cashed; just 6 of them took home prizes well into the 6 figures!
The final table went down as follows:
9th: just a few hands after the start of the final table. Standard preflop race, with Supa4Real calling a massive overbet pf allin and sucking out.
GG Rabbit_hunterSA, your rabbit was hunted in 9th place. For you efforts during the tourney you will collect $39,865! Congrats!
Meanwhile, the sole remaining pro Gary Jones doubled up twice with sets vs overpairs on low flops versus Supa4Real, both times 44 vs QQ on 4xx flop.
Gary is now in contention…
8th: preflop shove and call. The best hand preflop prevails for once.
DanOBrien (do I know that name from somewhere?) is sent packing in 8th place, and is also instantly $54,873 richer. Congrats!
7th: another shortie pf allin, flip favors the big stack this time. Gary Jones sure has been lucky on this final table!
Ah, well, Ahvall, you will get your chance at another final table. This time, 7th place for $70,350 will have to do. Congrats!
6th: that flop was a dagger to the heart of TheAlligatorNo1. All-in preflop means you still have some hope, but that flop takes hope out of you like the Grim reaper takes the life out of people.
Timvd20, aided by a lucky flop, make that an extremely lucky flop, knocks poor TheAlligatorNo1 out in 6th. The first 6-figure payday, that $105,525 prize will help him forget all about that flop in no time.
5th: first time since that early hand that I’ve seen Supa4Real win a preflop coinflip. Nice timing though.
the_real_magic could not have imagined that that spade king would hit. Black magic if you ask me. Anyway, 5th for $146,562.50 will have to do this time. Congrats!
4th: another coinflip. Gary Jones openshoves 9BB with a raggedy ace, and gets called by the new big stack, Timvd20, with pocket fours. Best hand preflop holds up, and Gary Jones the eccentric English Pro is out in 4th.
The last remaining pro is knocked out in 4th place, earning himself $193,462.50 for his efforts. Congrats!
The payouts got serious at this point, but still no talk of a [possible deal by the remaining players.
The title looked to be on its way to the Netherlands, with both remaining chipleaders being from that country while the shorty, obiedman, was from the United States. Some questionable plays by Supa4Real though surrendered the chiplead to Timvd20, and he and obiedman were now in a dead heat in stack size.
3rd: and surprise surprise, another preflop allin.
First time that American Airlines showed up though. And Timvd20, once the dominant top chip at this final table, is now out in 3rd with a $252,097.50 prize for his efforts tonight.
Supa4Real enters heads-up play as the chipleader. But once the HU began, he started running unbelievably bad.
This hand was simply one in a series of hands in which obiedman would show up with the ubernuts and vbet poor Supa4Real who every time held a good payoff hand.

And then we have the final hand. Unsurprisingly, Supa4Real was dominated. The money went in on the flop.
And Supa4Real took home a none too shabby prize of $340,025 for his efforts tonight. The yellow shirt, however, went to obiedman, who ran like a Kenyan heads up on his way to a prize of $539,350, and endless bragging rights.
Congratulations to all who played, and remember that if today wasn’t your lucky day, there will always be better days down the road.…

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