Poker and Sbobet Guide

We have been discussing tournaments and related subjects such as buy-ins, satellites, places paid, and prize pools. Let’s continue the discussion with more information on subjects relating to tournaments.

Suppose you are playing in a tournament and you hear folks discussing bad beats (trust me, no one cares!), and you hear someone say that he busted out “on the bubble.” Just what is the bubble in an event? Well, in my opinion, it is the worst spot in which you can finish — one spot short of the money. Why do I think that it is the worst spot? You have played all day for absolutely no reward, other than the experience of playing.

I am not at all saying that learning time was ill spent, but from a monetary standpoint, you have spent maximum time and aggravation for no payday at all. You received the same return on your investment as if you had been the first one out of the tournament. Some folks feel that there is shame in being the first player out of an event. Personally, I would rather be the first one out and have the day to spend as I please, than to play all day, get so close, and become so disappointed. If you are the first one out, you never really had a chance to get your hopes up anyway!

Perhaps that is a defeatist attitude, but it is my story and I am sticking to it. I would rather have the time to play side action (which normally is very good during a tournament), where I have a chance to win my buy-in back and make money, rather than play all day and finish just short of the money.

Recently, I received a question inquiring about time penalties. The writer wanted to know the circumstances under which a penalty would be “awarded.” For many years, there were few rules regarding proper conduct in poker rooms and for many players, bad behavior was the norm. Not so anymore, I am pleased to say.

In the past several years, cardroom Sbobet managers, recreational and professional players, as well as poker room staff, have really put forth an effort to end the insanity that once prevailed in some tournaments. Players who misbehave at the poker table are now treated like the ill-mannered children that they are, and are given “time-outs” in certain instances. Perhaps the first warning may be just a verbal “don’t do it again,” whatever “it” may be. It also could be a 10-20 minute suspension from the event.

In such an instance, the player’s chips would remain in action and he would be blinded or anted off as if he were present. When this happens, generally a timer is placed near the player’s chips with a count down of the time remaining until he may resume play. I have seen it happen when a player misbehaved, knew that he was out of line, and as the tournament director was walking up to him with a timer, he just got up and walked out of the room without a word being spoken. Players know when and if they have acted badly.

If a tournament director determines that a player’s behavior is so egregious that he should not be allowed to continue playing, he is disqualified and his chips and interest in the prize pool are forfeited. The addition of time-out penalties, as well as the authority to reprimand players whose conduct is inappropriate, has made the tournament director’s job easier and the playing experience more pleasant for the players. Very few players enjoyed playing in an atmosphere where dealers and/or players were being abused. As a result of instituting the penalty process, tournament poker is a much more pleasant venue than it was years ago.

I am directing the Oasis Open, a tournament in Mesquite, Nevada, from May 17-21 at the Oasis Hotel and Casino. Mesquite is about 80 miles north of Las Vegas and is a great getaway for golfers and spa enthusiasts. The buy-ins for this event range from $50-$120, and there will be side action and satellites available. A special $15 room rate is being offered to players and food comps will be liberal. If you play in all five events, your room will be comped during the tournament. I hope you can attend, and please stop by and say hello.



Seven UFABET Jackpot Winners Push Intercasino Prize Total Past US$1,000,000 In Record Time  

Late April big winners set aggressive Internet progressive jackpot pace in the first quarter of 2002.

May 3, 2002. (Strovolos, Cyprus)– For casino players looking to cash-in on a new trend of Internet-only progressive jackpots, the place to play so far in 2002 is InterCasino.

InterCasino ( awarded an unprecedented US$1,086,813.20 to seven winners in less than four months, thanks to a late-April flurry of jackpot winners. The seven winners to-date in 2002 have already more than doubled the mark of three US$100,000 winners at InterCasino throughout all of 2001.

The regularity of the progressive winners is a testament to the growing popularity of the games and InterCasino’s reputation as the most trusted name in the industry. The more the games are played, the larger the jackpots grow, culminating in players setting off progressives on a frequent basis. The international scope of virtual casino progressive jackpots are in contrast to their bricks-and-mortar counterparts, where progressive jackpots often take months and even years before they are hit.

More players mean more winners – winners who didn’t spend a fortune for their chance at the big time. InterCasino are finding jackpots hit by players at their first day playing in the casino.

The latest winner minted by InterCasino in 2002 is a player with the online handle ‘USA’. ‘USA’, an InterCasino regular, claimed US$117,949.40 on April 30 at a Spice Island Stud Poker table.

Spice Island Poker carries a Jackpot Mania ( progressive and can be played at casinos throughout the Internet. It carries a minimum default prize of US$100,000.

In contrast to ‘USA’, new player ‘Jesse’ hit a US$150,042.36 jackpot on April 21 less than three hours after opening an account. ‘Jesse’ won the jackpot on the slot machine Rags to Riches – another Jackpot Mania progressive with a US$100,000 default – with less that US$18 left to play.

Another remarkable 2002 winner is ‘Barb’, who turned a US$100 random prize from UFABET InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley earlier in the day into two massive wins in one day. Within hours, ‘Billie’ won US$11,518.00 on a multi-player Let It Ride four-of-a-kind. After a break from the casino, she would press her luck into the win of a lifetime, a US$180,770.68 jackpot on a Spice Island Royal Flush and a one-day total of over US$192,000.

Hartley can often be found on the virtual floor of InterCasino handing out random cash prizes to players under the alias ‘RyanH’. Players use the free cash both as a way to take a shot at a progressive and for help in cutting down the house edge.

Other 2002 winners include ‘billie’, who captured a Rags to Riches progressive worth US$102,263.88 March 28, moments after its jackpot had been reset to US$100,000; ‘mgpg33’, who hit a jackpot totaling US$118,700.24 on the same machine after playing in the casino less than three weeks; ‘jas3516’, who hit for US$189,433.44 on Feb 2, also on Rags to Riches, three hours after registering an account; and ‘jwhite’, a US$227,653.20 winner on Spice Island Poker Jan 29.

Big winners at InterCasino in 2001 include ‘moosed’ (US$176,647.19), ‘flagg04’ (US$152,488.36) and ‘stash’ (US$111,820.80).

InterCasino was voted “Casino of the Year 2001” by several gaming industry magazines, yet more accolades on top of a reputation that has established it as the oldest, largest and most respected casino on the Internet.

Jackpot Mania links progressive jackpots from Internet casinos around the globe and is the world-leading provider of high-paying online games. runs real-time tallies displaying each growing jackpot as games are played simultaneously across the Internet. It features eight games: including Spice Island Poker, Triple Olives US$0.25/$1.00 slots, Rags to Riches US$1.00 slot and Super Jackpot US$0.25/$1.00 Video Poker, Video Keno and Video Slots.

Jackpot Mania also is home to the world record for largest progressive jackpot ever won at an online casino. On September 3, 2001, ‘BOBO’ claimed US$414,119.00 at The Sands of the Caribbean® Online Casino ( on Rags to Riches.

About Jackpot Mania

Jackpot Mania is a cross-casino portal that links high-paying progressive jackpots from some of the world’s most popular brand name Internet casinos, powered by CryptoLogic software. CryptoLogic Inc. is a leading software development company serving the fast-growing Internet gaming market. CryptoLogic’s common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange as CRY and on Nasdaq as CRYP. WagerLogic, a wholly owned subsidiary of CryptoLogic, is responsible for the licensing of its gaming software and services to customers around the world.




A-League of crypto gambling: New Football Off To A Flyer



Marc Fox reports on the impact of Dwight Yorke, Kevin Muscat, Archie Thompson, Alex Brosque and Richard Kitzbichler: harbingers of football’s rebirth down under.


Thanks in no small part to the five imports named above, Australian football’s governing body has seen all its dreams come true in the opening weeks of the inaugural A-League. If six months ago, you had foretold the start of the fledgling competition would see not just sparkling debuts but goals from each of these players, your prophesy would have been laughed out of town.


However, from the moment Adelaide United’s veteran striker Carl Veart headed home the first-ever A-League goal at the Newcastle Jets – springing the first of a host of surprise results during three rounds of action – the competition’s leading men have continued to step up and meet the challenge of chartering new football’s voyage to a more credible future.


Yorke, Thompson and young gun Brosque each struck in the opening weekend, the former Manchester United striker opening his Sydney FC account 44 minutes into his debut against Melbourne Victory. New dad Thompson, himself fulfilling all his personal ambitions including two goals in the World Cup playoff against the Solomon Islands, equalised in the second-half to force shared honours.


Meanwhile, Queensland’s Brosque held his nerve ten minutes from time in his first A-League outing to snatch the points from New Zealand. In round two, Muscat and Kitzbichler – one a returning hero, the other an Austrian international – each scored for Melbourne in its 2-2 draw with Perth.


That is not to demean the impact local crypto gambling talent has made in the heavily-budgeted never-seen-before A-League show. Bobby Despotovski (Perth), Nick Carle and Ante Milicic (both Newcastle), Noel Spencer and Tom Pondeljak (both Central Coast), Jonti Richter (Queensland), Ross Aloisi (Adelaide) and Zenon Caravella (New Zealand) all deserve a special mention from the group of players to have stepped up from the old National Soccer League.


Not only has the new league been rich in talent, it’s proved to be far closer than bookmakers would have had you believe before launch. For instance, only three games from 12 have been won by more than the odd goal. Moreover, only one team has not yet recorded a victory – surprisingly early picks Melbourne Victory – and just one has won twice (the unlikely frontrunners Adelaide United).


Off the pitch, the FFA declared an early victory as crowd figures topped 70,000 across the four venues for the opening round alone, a weekend in which the domestic record for attendance at a non-finals league match was broken twice in the space of two hours – first at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane where 21,000 Queenslanders made history, then at Aussie Stadium in Sydney where the turnout exceeded 25,000. More importantly, fixtures are still averaging upwards of 12,000 supporters with the biggest pullers Sydney, Queensland and Melbourne having played only once at home so far.


The Road To Germany – Part 2


Outside the A-League, fate continues to deal a good hand to the Australian football authorities. The Socceroos breezed past the challenge of the Solomon Islands despite some hairy moments in the away leg in Honiara. Having already subjected the Melanesians to a seven-goal tanking in Sydney in the first tie, complacency, humidity and tactical naivety all combined to anger new coach Guus Hiddink at the way his squad bumbled to a 2-1 victory.


Nevertheless – and as expected – the Socceroos have booked their place as Oceania’s challengers in November’s double-header against the fifth-placed South American qualifiers. Nothing new there but what did make a refreshing change was FIFA’s decision – albeit via the gamble of drawing lots – to award Australia the benefit of playing the final decisive leg at home.


The Socceroos’ likely opponents are either current fifth-placed side Uruguay – their 2001 World Cup nemesis – or sixth-placed Colombia, neither of which would be straightforward assignments despite the advantage of being able to defend stoutly away and strike at home.…

3 Best Ways To Secure Spotify Plays


The way, the format used on the agency most appropriate for encouraging new records. Two months after the launch, a Spotify editor included it . If you’ve spent any time at the audio business, then you’d have understood that getting on the best is not a simple job. Also in certain instances Spotify takes some time to disperse the follower count for many customers, then we’ll supply you the evidence (screenshot) of upgraded count and order conclusion. You can now take advantage of this screenshot and discuss it of your media platforms that are social. Sometimes you are unable to score a greater number of plays on platforms such as Spotify while you face a lot of competition. And that there’ll be an exponential increase in the amount of plays you’ve got. And while we’re speaking about these programs, it is all amount plays.Why so?

But once again, once you’re beginning, it is quite vital that you maintain the earnings and concentrate on making your base. He describes that autonomy and alignment implies that leaders concentrate on what problem work out how to resolve it. It’s not rocket science, but since it turns music lovers out head to the profile, that is famous amongst those folks. Look, it is understood that there are millions of subscribers and they adore listening to songs. There’s little doubt on every artist challenged himself to score Spotify playswith? And that is the reason for getting on the very top, it is going to be crucial that you locate an expert to assist you with buy spotify plays to evaluate additional plays, amidst the problems. 1) For scoring lots of Spotify plays, then it is going to be crucial that you upload music at no cost, once you’re starting off.

For bids, refund is appropriate if the client don’t find any alteration in performs count for a couple of months. For followers, then the payoff will be appropriate in the event the order isn’t sent from our conclusion within the turnaround time. We provide orders slowly over a time period (drip-feed) rather than prompt Spotify followers to introduce a pure development of your new and safeguard the security of your Spotify account. Followers and all your fans have media reports, and with no flaws you ought to proceed to them. Then moving forward, for scoring much more Spotify performs it is important to get in touch with your followers.



Fax Server Solutions, Providers & Combine EtherFAX Network


The purchase price is a enormous barrier, and no company would be ready to cover that. Downtime or A host failure ends in loss of information and negatively impacting the small organization. The cloud servers are all contemporary and will handle visitor points. Scalable – SMTP cloud is also scalable. You could pay for a domain that is separate, but they’ll charge you through the nose to this. Besides that, they cost a one-time installment fee for sites, which will be approximately $10,000. Installation and the setup of this program was executed with two individual programs from Double-Take: you for your own document and you for Exchange/SQL. It’s hosted as SaaS based program which runs as support for SMEs as applications. You need to submit a program which will be evaluated by the staff before return to you. In this manner, the cost program will be contingent on what’s most effective for that website.

It provides you 10GB storage, and the program has become easily the most cost-effective and can handle up to followers each month. Apart from of the normal features like one-click installation, improved rates, and panels, this program provides innovative features like integration using Facebook Instant Articles along with Google AMP. EasyWP supplies a WP setup that is one-click, and you don’t need to manage the control panel and settings that are complicated. Each of these functionalities and amazing characteristics are overkill for an ordinary site owner, server providers everything that a web developer would want. You need the best web hosting solution that manages the level of traffic on your own website to maintain the site accelerate to fulfill your customer’s expectations. GROUPBY. This home is of interest to your supplier that supports the degree. It’s only a VIP alternative for WordPress users who takes them.

They market services in three tiers, which would be EasyWP Turbo, the EasyWP Starter, and also EasyWP Supersonic. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) matches now are very popular and are a mixture of proprietary and private servers, together with League of Legends and also Dota 2 with the largest talk of servers. Nevertheless this hosting service functions best for websites that are high which are already popular and require the advanced tools to stay ahead of the match. Email will still continue to play a function for decades as options exist but you can lower the usage radically.…

Why Are Instagram Bots Safe?


Individuals have interests in these things that are updated if it’s founded on information instruction or another thing. Yes, the majority of those Instagram users out there might just dream of one thing and that’s to become understood in the program also popular. These networks are available to customers from throughout the Earth, and, thus, followers’ assemblage is both heterogeneous and international. In conclusion, we could declare that Instagram impressions support is all about the amount of occasions while the reaches are all about the number of special users, people have seen that your content. It is essential to remember that if Instagram analytics info could be helpful, you need to approach this information if you are analyzing it following a giveaway. In addition, while it’s currently doing so, it actively growing your involvement with the community and commenting is enjoying.

Throughout the week of this competition, CATPARTY created 10 articles to Instagram. I said before in the article that CATPARTY’s giveaway’s objective was supposed to boost the amount of followers CATPARTY has on buy instagram story views – some revenue could be gravy, however, fostering sales was not the major objective. CATPARTY attracted approximately 140 brand new followers throughout the contest, so we are able to compute that every new follower charge only eight pennies to obtain – not too shabby in any respect, particularly once you consider that every one of those followers is real and accurate (like followers Instagram profiles may pay to obtain ), also has the capacity to develop into a paying client farther down the street. Amazon’s buy of Foods has been an endeavor to obtain a client that is best one that could efficiently store and sell perishable goods that weren’t suitable for Amazon model, for its grocery shipping operation.

In BuzzDayz we’ve got two priorities – top quality and client satisfaction. Having said that, this information may signify interest in admissions on Day Two of the contest – invaluable insight for future ventures. Instagram’s marketing engine will subsequently optimize for advertisement recall elevator, an indicator of the number of folks remember watching your ads. But if you would like a lot of followers and also have a little excess money in your pocket book , then to get $990 it is possible to get 100,000 Instagram followers. Businesses in addition to those who wish to market their own profile” Purchase Instagram followers” to receive a fast increase in their Instagram handle.…

The Audio Movie Sneak Peek For Associates


Thus, you don’t need to spend effort and time on getting enjoys for per month. Bigbrangram additionally boasts articles that you can take a few days away from producing content if you require when you want it to to-everything will appear on your feed scheduling capabilities Apart from offering unfollow, follow along with such as bots. Take a selfie of article a image of something being done by yourself. Create a picture or pick any picture from your cellphone gallery. As the song has come out in Australia, the audio movie sneak peek for associates hasn’t been released yet but there are on Twitter. You need to stand out rather than be food enthusiast another literary lifestyle blogger or world traveller. I am positive that you may have seen walls that are different on roads or occasions. Noticed even a gorgeous background, or a wall art? So, the next time, be sure to take a photo of a background that is beautiful.

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The issue is that “moving social” is not very as simple as it seems. That means you can purchase confirmed Instagram accounts. Bot accounts are harmful since they leave. Followers like to understand what you can do daily, and who they are currently following. What’s the 1 suggestion you’d love to devote to your own followers? To locate tags popular on your specialty, utilize generators such as HashtagsForLife, TagBlender, or even AllHashtag.…

Adventure Safari – See the big five safari animals in Africa!

On particular Cull / non-decoration packs, a reduction will be considered in case hunter/ seekers’ group harvest 10 to 15 or more animals each day as it sets hunting pressure onto the herds. We’ve got the packages and luxury accommodation to attract your travelling fantasies if you are planning your visit to Tanzania to find the Serengeti. Other none, decoration or game decoration, which aren’t in our bundles, might be searched per price listing. When you’re finished searching, you might choose to see local Addo Elephant Park for a day and search for the elephants and lions. Have an excellent day! We return to PE at around 11 am in your moment. Sable Alley at Botswana offers sky beds. However, we travelled through the rainy period and did not get a chance. In addition, he includes access to tens of thousands of acres that guarantees you will have access.

Any creature not exported from South Africa VAT tax has to be charged on any lien’s prices and on the animal’s fees. Exporting 1 part or a few of the creatures you search will indicate no VAT taxation has to be billed. Each search which I took for this outfitter was so great! This famous African outfitter is located at the Eastern Cape of South Africa see the big five safari animals in Africa. This outfitter donates a lot of his cash generated from the searches to help enhance the lifestyles of South Africa’s native peoples. Any help appreciated! Now, that’s huge: and its awesome watching it using Mara balloon or upon the ground Safaris. Among the very best safaris would be to take into the rivers of Chobe to a boat cruise to observe the dinosaurs lining the riverbanks. Summer is the ideal time to go to the lagoon, since most birds have only arrived, exhausted, by their travel.

Have you got your children to carry their backpack great wildebeest migration, or would you take their things? My Merrell Moab Ventilators are loved by me, and I’ve been going strong inside them! This is a type of travelling. You will find waterbucks, zebras, hippopotamuses, bushpigs, and impalas, amongst others. There are limitations on what you’re permitted to bring to you to the Tanzanian safari excursion. While hyenas are famous for their scavenging, they not cowardly, publicly stealing foods from lions and functioning in packs to frighten off cats a carcass. Besides the legendary version of Gikuyu migration and settlement background, there are an additional two variations. Actually, over 80 per cent of these animals ‘ qualified for entrance to the SCI record book!…

Hemp oil benefits list

You can find very little risk connected with intoxication via hemp essential oil as most forms of CBD Hemp Oil come from food-grain strains of hemp. Typically the authors of a investigation in the journal Weed together with Cannabinoid Research note that food-grain strains involving hemp should contain fewer than 0. A few per-cent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is usually the compound that causes often the unsuspecting “high” regarding marijuana.

Hemp oil is not much like cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Manufacturing CBD engine oil uses typically the stalks, renders, and flowers of this hemp plant, which contain a new higher concentration of central business district, a further potentially beneficial element in the plant.

Hemp seed starting oil comes through the small seeds involving the Cannabis sativa herb. The seeds do not necessarily incorporate the same degrees of compounds because the plant itself, but they have a rich profile connected with nutrients, fatty acids, plus helpful bioactive compounds.

Full-spectrum hemp oil that as well consists of plant matter might include other useful chemical substances, which can help with specific health issues, such as irritation.

The abundance involving greasy acids may make the olive oil an excellent selection for nourishing the skin and protecting that by inflammation, oxidation, along with other factors of aging.

The writers of a 2014 overview remember that the topical application of hemp seed engine oil strengthens your skin layer and creates it better able to be able to endure contamination. The creators likewise suggest that hemp seed oil may end up being a very helpful remedy with regard to a range of skin area difficulties, as well as:

The fat acid content of hemp seed engine oil may also be good for typically the brain, which usually requires plenty of nutritious extra fat to be able to operate adequately. Hemp seed starting oil is also loaded in different compounds the fact that may help protect mental performance.

A good recent study inside the death found that a new hemp seed extract that contain these types of active compounds was equipped to help protect the brain versus irritation. The authors observe that hemp seed oil has poly phenols, which may play a good role in protecting dapoxetine.

Although these initial results look promising, experts must carry out studies around mankind to confirm these benefits of this oil.


What to know about CBD topical

CBD topical will be one of the most recent gang of CBD goods to be able to join various other popular methods of ingestion. Natural skin care, creams and gels, balms, sprays, and even natural oils that designed to be absorbed through the epidermis present more focused, localized benefits. Relevant CBD products are frequently chosen simply by those which want the therapeutic benefits of CBD without getting to vapid it or maybe consume that orally.

What are Topical?

Topical are CBD-infused creams, lotions, oils, sprays, plus balms that are employed directly on your skin in order to present concentrated treatment associated with pain, soreness, break outs, together with irritation. Other transversal apps such as patches happen to be also available.

Many topical focus not only with offering CBDs, but furthermore on harnessing specific terpenes together along with other ingredients the fact that help with pain comfort and provide numbing. Several of these normal chemicals include capsaicin plus necessary oils like wintergreen and even clove. Soothing scents many of these as organic lavender are usually added as well, together with wealthy emollients which include beeswax, shea butter, together with olive, coconut and jojoba oils.

How must CBD Topical Work?

CBD topical job by being consumed straight through the skin and binding to CB2 receptors in the area. These CB2 pain are identified during the body and so are linked to inflammatory replies. CBD also binds for you to the receptor, even more reducing problems and irritation and offering a number associated with additional beneficial well being side effects. They are all produced using brought in CBD Hemp Oil and hemp seed essential oil, displaying a whole range of junk, potent, and antioxidant attributes down with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, giving loaded dampness and soothing treatment method to get a wide variety of situations.


Crown/AGT Deal Brings another Big Player into the Mix of Trusted Online Casino Singapore




Traditionally a land-based slot machine manufacturer, Ainsworth Game Technology (AGT) announced Wednesday that it has agreed to provide Kerry Packer’s new online casino with a suite of casino games.


Under the terms of the deal AGT will provide, which launched earlier this month, with exclusive games for the site. The partnership marks AGT’s first venture into the online gaming arena.


Published reports in the Australian press after the deal predicted AGT would use the PBL deal as a springboard for further involvement in the interactive sector, but a company spokesperson said those are off base.


John Houston, AGT’s marketing manager, said the agreement is more about continuing an established land-based relationship the company already has with Packer’s Publishing & Broadcasting Ltd. group, which operates Crown Casino, one of Melbourne’s biggest land-based operations.


“This is more about us just carrying on with the service we provide to them with our land-based machines,” he said. “We aren’t ready to actively pursue the Internet as a market for our product.”


While AGT will develop games that will be exclusive to, PBL is free to source games from any supplier. The table and slot games now offered by were developed in-house at PBL.


AGT is one of Len Ainsworth’s companies. Ainsworth has been able to amass a sizable chunk of the Australian gaming market with his video poker and slot machines, which are immensely popular in Australian casinos and in Trusted Online Casino Singapore


Ainsworth’s association with the Packers dates back to the mid 1990s, when he still held a stake in Aristocrat Leisure, the poker machine manufacturer he founded in 1952.


Kerry Packer approached Ainsworth about buying out Aristocrat just before it went public in 1996. Ainsworth turned down the offer and instead passed his Aristocrat holding to his family the following year.


Ainsworth returned to the poker machine industry in 1999, when he established AGT, of which he owns 56.5 percent. A December float of the company raised $50 million.


Analysts also predict the Crown deal may be angled more toward Ainsworth getting his land-based games into the Crown casino property. Boasting 2,500 poker machines, Crown Casino represents an attractive market into which AGT could sell its flagship Ambassador machine.


“The biggest upside is establishing a relationship with Crown,” UBS Warburg gaming analyst Anthony Aboud told the Sydney Morning Herald. “They’re hoping on the other side of the ledger they’ll get a good order flow from Crown.”


PBL Gaming chief Andrew MacDonald feels the agreement with Ainsworth is critical in improving the quality of play on


“The next stage of the rollout is to further develop and expand our range of table games and slots, and the agreement with Ainsworth Game Technology will move things along significantly,” he said.


MacDonald said had received an “encouraging response” from gaming players since the Web site went live on Jan. 3.


To comply with the Australian government’s ban on Internet casinos, PBL established its Internet casino in Vanuatu and bars Australians from accessing the site. It doesn’t take wagers from American or players located in New Zealand either; instead the site targets Asian players.


Although company officials are saying AGT doesn’t plan to pursue the online gaming industry right away Jim O’Mahony, the company’s CEO, acknowledged in a press release that the deal does lay the foundation for a strategic approach.


“This agreement allows us to enter the international Internet gaming market,” he said. “Our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology will provide with a variety of games offering revolutionary graphics and increased player entertainment.”


He added that, with the Web site’s operations based in Vanuatu, AGT remains in line with government regulations.


“The agreement allows us to expand our range of games but will not conflict with its existing customer base,” he said.




Mengambil bir dan duduk di depan layar lebar untuk menonton olahraga favorit Anda adalah salah satu cara paling santai untuk menghabiskan waktu luang Anda. Meskipun itu sudah terdengar cukup sempurna , ada cara untuk meningkatkan skenario – dengan menikmati beberapa judi online  olahraga. Membuat judi online  pada sepak bola , hoki , dan permainan favorit Anda yang lain memberi Anda lebih banyak alasan untuk menonton olahraga sebanyak mungkin (sambil berpotensi menghasilkan banyak uang).

Tapi acara apa yang harus Anda pertaruhkan? Kami telah mengumpulkan beberapa waktu paling populer untuk judi online. olahraga (yaitu, acara olahraga terbesar di A.S.) untuk membantu Anda mengetahui kapan Anda akan mendapat untung paling banyak. Langsung beraksi dan coba judi online  Anda selama acara besar ini.


Turnament NCAA

Selama beberapa minggu dalam setahun , mata semua orang beralih ke lapangan untuk menyemangati Turnamen Bola Basket Putra Divisi I NCAA pada bulan Maret – turnamen bola basket paling terkenal di dunia. Dan karena itu , ini juga menjadi salah satu judi online  olahraga teratas untuk dicoba hari ini.

Untuk kejuaraan 2019 , Asosiasi Perjudian Amerika (AGA) memperkirakan bahwa orang Amerika menghabiskan $8 ,5 miliar untuk judi online  olahraga. Tidak hanya itu , sekitar satu dari lima orang dewasa akhirnya memasang judi online . Sebagian besar uang itu berasal dari bertaruh pada tanda kurung , dengan 40 juta orang bertaruh sejumlah $ 4,6 miliar dengan harapan bahwa salah satu dari 149 juta tanda kurung mereka benar.

Ingatlah bahwa tidak semua judi online  ini legal. AGA memperkirakan bahwa 2,4 juta orang membuat judi online  ilegal dengan bandar , sementara 5 ,2 juta lagi bertaruh online melalui situs lepas pantai ilegal. Namun , jika Anda bersedia melakukan hal – hal dengan cara yang benar , seperti memasang judi online  di sportsbook legal , Anda akan menghasilkan banyak uang jika Anda memilih braket yang benar.

Pertandingan Kejuaraan NFL

Seharusnya tidak mengejutkan bahwa pertandingan sepak bola terbesar tahun ini menempati peringkat sebagai salah satu waktu paling populer untuk memasang judi online  olahraga. Ini adalah acara olahraga yang paling banyak ditonton di dunia , jadi tentu saja orang akan membuang sejumlah uang dengan harapan tim favorit mereka menang.

Faktanya bermain judi slot online yang menarik hanya di Palace303 karena banyak bonusnya dan mudah menang dan banyak orang bertaruhan ratusan juta rupiah untuk bermain judi slot online. Meskipun ini adalah angka yang cukup besar, perlu diingat bahwa mereka memperkirakan bahwa 97 persen dari angka ini akan dilakukan di bawah meja – pikirkan kumpulan kantor  , bandar judi online  lokal ilegal , atau buku olahraga lepas pantai. Bahkan dengan semua judi online  yang kurang legal ini , masih ada sejumlah besar judi online  yang ditempatkan di tempat yang sah. Selama Pertandingan Besar pada tahun 2017 saja , Nevada melihat total judi online  $ 138,48 juta.

Seri Kejuaraan NBA

Salah satu acara olahraga terbesar lainnya di AS adalah kejuaraan NBA. Selama seri tujuh pertandingan ini , para pemain bola basket terbaik dunia bertarung untuk melihat siapa yang akan membawa pulang Trofi Kejuaraan NBA Larry O’Brien. Jika Anda beruntung , Anda dapat bergabung dengan jutaan orang yang mendapat untung dari game ini.

Menurut nomor Sportsbook Nevada dari 2017 , orang bertaruh lebih dari $ 1 ,4 miliar untuk bola basket (termasuk perguruan tinggi dan profesional). Meskipun itu tidak terdengar seperti jumlah yang besar dibandingkan dengan beberapa acara lain dalam daftar ini , masih ada banyak uang yang bisa didapat dengan memasukkan uang tunai ke tim favorit Anda. Seri kejuaraan NBA adalah waktu yang ideal untuk memulai jika Anda adalah penggemar bola basket yang baru mengenal judi online  olahraga.

Seri Kejuaraan MLB

Kejuaraan besar MLB adalah waktu lain untuk memasukkan judi online  Anda. Seri kejuaraan tujuh pertandingan ini menawarkan banyak peluang bagi pemain untuk memasang judi online . Meskipun tidak ada angka pasti yang tersedia untuk jumlah judi online  yang ditempatkan selama acara ini , sportsbooks di Nevada pada tahun 2017 melihat total $ 1 ,1 miliar dalam judi online  pada bisbol profesional. Sementara beberapa di antaranya mungkin terjadi sepanjang musim , sebagian besar kemungkinan terjadi pada pertandingan terakhir karena ini adalah yang paling banyak ditonton.

Jika Anda mengikuti seri kejuaraan 2019 , Anda mungkin pernah mendengar tentang bagaimana Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale memasang judi online  $3 ,5 juta pada Astros untuk memenangkan semuanya – salah satu judi online  terbesar yang pernah diambil oleh bandar judi online  AS. Sial baginya , Astros akhirnya kalah – meskipun jika mereka menang , dia akan mendapatkan $7 ,7 juta bersih.

Namun , selain judi online olahraga bola basket , ada banyak sekali berbagai bidang olahraga yang memiliki banyak penggemar untuk dijudikan. Seperti , pacuan kuda , adu tinju , golf , dan masih banyak lagi. Berikut di bawah ini merupakan tips untuk memenangkan permainan judi online dalam olahraga sesuai bidang yang diselenggarakan :


Kuda adalah makhluk yang agung , dan kecantikan mereka adalah bagian besar dari apa yang membuat menyaksikan mereka berlomba di trek begitu mengasyikkan. Kecepatan dan kekuatan mereka adalah pemandangan yang memuaskan baik Anda bersorak untuk kuda favorit Anda dari tribun atau di sofa Anda.

Tetapi bagaimana jika Anda bisa membuat jantung Anda berdetak lebih kencang? Pernahkah Anda mempertimbangkan judi online  pacuan kuda untuk meningkatkan kegembiraan?

Mempelajari cara bertaruh pada pacuan kuda dapat membawa Anda dari pinggir lapangan dan menempatkan Anda di pelana. Dengan berbagai jenis judi online  kuda untuk dipilih , Anda dapat mengambil alih dan menjadikan olahraga favorit Anda lebih menyenangkan untuk ditonton. Lanjutkan membaca untuk mempelajari tentang istilah judi online  kuda paling populer dan banyak lagi.


Hal pertama yang pertama – Anda perlu memahami peluang pacuan kuda. Ini terdaftar sebagai pecahan yang menunjukkan kepada Anda berapa banyak yang harus Anda keluarkan untuk mendapat untung.

Misalnya , jika Kuda 1 memiliki peluang 20/1 , Anda akan memenangkan $21 jika Anda bertaruh $1 (keuntungan $20 ditambah pengembalian judi online  Anda). Di sisi lain , jika Horse 2 memiliki odds 6/5 , Anda hanya akan mendapatkan keuntungan $6 jika Anda bertaruh $5 , karena mereka memiliki peluang menang yang lebih baik.

Anda juga memerlukan beberapa informasi penting saat memasang judi online  , terutama karena ada banyak balapan yang terjadi sekaligus. Selalu catat pacuan kuda , nomor balapan , dan nomor kuda , serta berapa banyak yang ingin Anda pertaruhkan dan jenis judi online nya.


Judi online  Dasar

Ada beberapa jenis judi online  kuda , tetapi tiga yang utama adalah menang , tempat , dan pertunjukan:

Dalam judi online  menang , Anda memilih kuda yang menang. Karena lebih sulit untuk memperbaikinya , ini akan memberi Anda keuntungan paling banyak.

Dalam judi online  tempat , kuda harus finis di urutan pertama atau kedua (tidak masalah yang mana). Potensi penghasilan di sini masih bagus , tetapi tidak setinggi judi online  yang menang.

Akhirnya , judi online  pertunjukan adalah ketika kuda selesai di urutan pertama , kedua , atau ketiga (sekali lagi , penempatan tidak masalah). Ini akan memberi Anda sedikit uang , tetapi ini adalah opsi yang lebih aman.

Tidak dapat memutuskan judi online  mana yang ingin Anda ambil? Anda juga dapat melewati papan , yaitu ketika Anda menempatkan tiga judi online  menang , tempat , dan pertunjukan yang sama. Jika kuda Anda menang lebih dulu , Anda akan memenangkan semua judi online . Jika mereka mendapatkan yang kedua , Anda akan memenangkan pertunjukan dan memasang judi online . Dan jika mereka mendapatkan yang ketiga , Anda akan memenangkan judi online  pertunjukan.

Judi online  Tingkat Lanjut

Ada juga lebih banyak judi online  kombinasi kuda yang bisa Anda tempatkan. Salah satunya adalah judi online  yang tepat , yang mengharuskan Anda untuk memilih kuda tempat pertama dan kedua dalam urutan yang benar.

Untuk membuat segalanya lebih sulit , cobalah judi online  trifecta , yaitu ketika Anda memilih urutan yang tepat dari tiga kuda teratas. Jika Anda merasa sangat percaya diri , pilihlah superfecta , yang merupakan empat kuda teratas dengan urutan penyelesaian yang tepat.

Pembayaran untuk semua judi online  ini didasarkan pada sistem pari – mutuel , di mana semua uang untuk jenis judi online  tertentu dikumpulkan ke dalam pool dan kemudian dibagi di antara para pemenang.

Judi online  Multi – Balapan

Jika Anda benar – benar merasa beruntung , Anda dapat meningkatkannya dengan judi online  multi – ras. Ini mengharuskan Anda untuk memilih pemenang dalam banyak balapan berturut – turut , biasanya mulai dari dua hingga enam berturut – turut. Itu tidak berarti Anda harus membatasi diri pada satu pilihan untuk setiap balapan; merasa bebas untuk memilih beberapa kuda untuk menjadi pemenang (ini hanya akan meningkatkan biaya judi online  Anda). Ingatlah bahwa jika bahkan satu kuda kalah , Anda akan kehilangan judi online  Anda.


UFC adalah salah satu pertunjukan seni bela diri campuran yang paling menarik , karena secara harfiah berarti Kompetisi Pertarungan Tertinggi. Jadwal UFC telah berlangsung cukup stabil , yang merupakan hal hebat bagi petaruh olahraga yang ingin melakukan beberapa aksi sepanjang tahun. Menunggu KO epik adalah satu hal , tetapi ada cara untuk lebih terlibat dalam pertarungan. Apakah Anda ingin masuk ke energi umum dari pertandingan atau root untuk petarung individu , ini adalah kesempatan sempurna untuk mencoba bertaruh pada pertarungan — judi online  UFC , khususnya.

Tidak tahu cara bertaruh pada pertarungan UFC? Jangan khawatir. Kami membantu Anda. Ada banyak pilihan , mulai dari menempatkan uang Anda pada petarung hingga bertaruh pada metode kemenangan selama ronde. Tetapi sebelum Anda memasang judi online  besar , yang terbaik adalah mengetahui dasar – dasarnya. Kami telah mengumpulkan beberapa tip judi online  UFC terbaik sehingga Anda dapat memenangkan kompetisi. Baik Anda berada di Vegas atau melakukannya secara online , berikut adalah tip judi online  pertarungan UFC terbaik.


Olahraga pertarungan mengadu dua petarung dalam cincin berbentuk segi delapan untuk bertarung , dan judi online  UFC yang paling populer adalah bertaruh pada petarung mana yang akan diangkat tangannya setelah pertarungan. Dengan judi online  moneyline UFC , berarti yang harus Anda lakukan adalah memilih petarung yang tepat untuk menang dan Anda akan menguangkannya.

Seperti semua judi online  , semakin lama peluangnya — artinya angka yang lebih tinggi di sebelah nama mereka — semakin banyak uang yang dapat Anda hasilkan. Untungnya , Anda tidak perlu membatasi diri hanya untuk memilih pemenang saat Anda bertaruh UFC. Tiga judi online  paling umum yang dapat dibuat seseorang pada pertarungan UFC adalah Pemenang Pertarungan , Judi online  Putaran , dan Metode Kemenangan.


Pemenang Pertarungan

Judi online  UFC paling sederhana adalah bertaruh pada petarung mana yang akan menang. Dengan judi online  moneyline UFC , Anda memilih petarung yang Anda yakini memiliki peluang terbesar untuk memenangkan pertandingan. Ketika peluangnya genap untuk dua lawan yang berimbang , itu dikenal sebagai pick ’em.

Metode Kemenangan

Mirip dengan moneyline dan judi online  bulat , dalam jenis judi online  UFC ini , peluang ditetapkan oleh bandar berdasarkan hasil prediksi pertarungan. Sebuah pertarungan dapat diakhiri dengan keputusan (split/bulatan/mayoritas) , draw , KO/TKO , atau submission.

Judi Parlay

Saat memasang judi online  pada pertarungan UFC , judi online  parlay akan menghasilkan pengembalian yang lebih tinggi. Kelemahan dari judi online  parlay adalah jika satu pertarungan dipilih dengan salah , Anda kehilangan seluruh judi online  Anda. Cara terbaik untuk menangani parlay adalah dengan meneliti petarung , melihat lebih dekat pada acara tersebut , dan pergi dengan pertarungan yang Anda rasa percaya diri. Semakin sedikit pertandingan yang Anda mainkan , semakin besar peluang Anda untuk memilih pemenang dengan benar.

Judi Prop

Kami tidak akan memberi Anda kiat judi online  pertarungan terbaik jika kami tidak berbicara tentang judi online  prop. Tersedia di semua olahraga , tidak berbeda dengan judi online  UFC. Ini adalah judi online  menyenangkan yang membuat permainan lebih menyenangkan. Dalam pertarungan UFC , Anda dapat bertaruh pada petarung mana yang akan berdarah pertama , atau Anda dapat bertaruh pada berapa banyak KO yang akan terjadi dalam satu malam. Anda juga dapat memasang judi online  prop UFC pada Fight of the Night , yang …

Three Vital Keys To ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล Success In Poker

I came into the game back in ’99, at 51 years of age. Having never played poker, and after watching the movie Rounders, I realized I had to do much more than I had ever dreamed of to comprehend all the facets of this very complex game. Yet through it all, I realized that acquiring knowledge, a “feel,” as well as exercising solid judgement, would propel me toward reaching my goals much more quickly.

Many say the key to success in this game is discipline, but I for one disagree most adamantly. This should prove itself as we go along. Discipline arises from the solid foundation of the key elements I am about to discuss, due to the fact that you raise your awareness immensely. The three vital points for success as you aspire to climb the ranks are these:

1) The State of Solid Poker Knowledge

This is acquired through deep study of the best literature available and inquiring as to the “whys” and “whens” and “hows” of such concepts, strategies and or tactics.

Having quality knowledgeable players to fall back on is one major advantage over most players when you’re in doubt; it’s such a valuable asset. Read the forums, ask questions, and above all else find out who the better players are in the forum for your given type of poker. As well, go back to your books and see if there are related topics.

By thorough comprehension of position, odds, betting, raising, semi-bluffing, etc., you put yourself above the “seat-of-his-pants” middle limit player. They get by much more on gut and experience than intelligent analysis and maximizing or minimizing a given situation.

There’s much debate as to the percentage of high level players out there, and I must agree with the experts that the percentage is quite low, which favours those with the arsenal to conquer. I believe once you get beyond the 20-40 level you’ll be in against the very good thinkers in the game today.

Good poker skills make the basic decisions easier and simpler with greater end results at the close of the ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล session, week, month or year. In any situation you will have greater confidence and discipline in how to deal with all circumstances.

I actually sit down with my books, chips and a deck of cards to role-play an example given in the book so that it’s reinforced in in my memory. Additionally, I have a huge marker board on one wall that I use when I read to jot down key points and then dissect them all into memory.

Finally I use a tape player to record key points for reinforcement and play them when I`m at work, walking or during any leisure activity.

Reading is for me not the best tool to become an improved player. For me, visual aids increase my comprehension.

No one should fear the poker literature out today for improving the game beyond positive returns for your play. Quite frankly, many of these very books that propel one to excel sit and collect dust on most bookshelves. They usually don’t put enough focus into the study of said material. This is good for us solid, studious players.

2 ) Exercising Good, Consistent Judgement in your Poker Decisions

Your quality of play involves solid judgement. All the knowledge in the world is nothing without sound judgement. Being the most disciplined and knowledgeable player alive doesn’t compensate for poor judgement. Experience is the absolute route to winning play through constant decision making in the heat of battle.

You’re at the river and between two players holding the nuts. You know the guy ahead is a calling station and the player behind is super aggressive. But you don’t want to lose the first guy cause you`ll gain extra bets if he checks, which is certain. Then you check as well and then when the aggressive player bets and the first guy calls you pop the pot. Now you`ve gained extra bets rather than 2 if you had bet and the aggressor raised, making the first player fold.

As you see, every step is thought out and a strategy and or tactic utilized that optimizes my win, depending on the situation I am facing. There were and are many steps that went into the decision and without knowledge and sound judgement, I could likely have missed bets. We all know that all plays are not agreed upon by everyone. But you make each decision on review to the best of your ability and that’s the key.

3) Fine Tuning your Feel

Absolutely every great player must excel in this category. This is one of the most vital keys that make great players rise above the good players. It’s that sense of knowing even though your’re getting humongous pot odds and you’ve got one bet to call, and you’re sitting there with the nut flush and get raised on the end in stud and you’re getting 20-1 on your call. The better player knows innately he’s beat by the full house.

The best players in the world fold without hesitation when they feel they`re beat. That one last bet to call is one saved earned bet that accumulates into hundreds of dollars — even thousands over the years.

Even players with many years under their belt haven`t developed their feel. I believe it’s a focus issue. Awareness is subject to being focused and or sensitive to a situation. So work on your card sense and you`ll have a solid, well-rounded poker arsenal. I also wish to state that in my opinion short games offer the ideal situation to develop feel and or card sense.

So there you have it in a nutshell. For those aspiring players, I think this will prove most insightful:

Remember to analyse after each session where you went right, as well as wrong, and WHY.

I hope you found my first endeavour at writing on this deeply complex game interesting.



Situs Judi Online Playboy Enters the Casino Business – Again




Adult entertainment giant Playboy is getting back into the casino business after two decades on the sidelines. That’s right. Hef and the Bunnies have launched their own online casino operation at


Casinos aren’t a new venture for Playboy. The company ran several casinos in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s as part of the chain of international Playboy clubs. The London casino, which opened in 1966, was especially popular with the jet set crowd and OPEC oil merchants.


The London casino’s biggest competitor was Ladbrokes, an established U.K. gaming house that had dominated the scene until Playboy’s arrival. After a bitter battle between the two companies that saw Ladbrokes report irregularities at the Playboy club to the British gaming commission, the Playboy casino in London shut down in 1981. Most of the other Playboy clubs followed suit shortly after.


Playboy stayed out of the casino business for the next 20 years and concentrated on building its publishing empire. But gambling and Playboy seemed to be synonymous, so the company tested the waters once again in 1999 with a brick-and-mortar casino venture in Greece. That went well, and Playboy decided to throw its hand into the online betting ring earlier this year.


The online casino shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The site has been going strong for several years, and two new sites, and, were launched earlier this year in an attempt to capitalize on the exploding online wagering industry.


But there’s more to this story than just a new Situs Judi Online casino launch. Guess who’s providing the software for the casino? That’s right, Ladbrokes. Playboy has partnered with its old nemesis to power the casino. Ladbrokes also provided software for the Playboy sportsbook that launched this past May.


According to a report in the London Times newspaper, the two companies had originally planned to launch a brick-and-mortar casino venture in London. But it appears that that project has been put on the back burner while they focus on the new launch.


Ladbrokes will be handling the casino operations and Playboy will do what it does best – marketing good times and attractive women. And the company is hoping that its long-standing history in the entertainment industry will attract bettors.


“The Playboy brand has always been associated with a glamorous and luxurious lifestyle, and our past casino business still resonates with our customers,” said Larry Lux, president of “With the strength of our brand comes the customer reach, international renown and credibility that will enable us to make a significant impact in the online wagering space.”


And if Playboy is lucky, the casino may also act as a lifesaver. The company’s online operations have been losing money lately and may be just what the company needs to put it in the black once again.


The casino itself traffics heavily on the bunny logo, but it also offers a good selection of high-quality Flash and download games. The best feature of the site has to be the Playboy Bunny slots, which feature magazine icon Little Annie Fanny. My only question is, Where do I sign up?



Happenings in Paris

I was in Paris, France, recently for the Grand Prix de Paris at the Aviation Club de France, which kicked off season three on the World Poker Tour. This event, which includes great tournament and side action combined with a vacation in Paris, draws a star-studded international field of many of the best poker players in the world.

Going to Paris is a fun time for me. I went a week prior to the championship event so that I could play some poker, which is something I don’t have much time to do anymore. I arrived on the day of the pot-limit Omaha tournament (a €3,000 buy-in event, which is about $3,600), ignored my jet lag, and signed up to play.

I managed to make it to the final table (eventually finishing sixth), but in getting to that final table, something happened that I hadn’t seen in more than 20 years of tournament poker. When things got down to two tables, it turned out that all of the players at one of the tables made it to the final table. This can be done because tables are balanced as players are eliminated. And what is really amazing is that with two tables left, the five shortest stacks were all at the table of players who made it to the final table!

That pot-limit Omaha tournament came down to Patrick Bruel from Paris and Ben Roberts from London, England. “Gentleman Ben” (a perfect handle if ever there was one) defeated Patrick to take the trophy. Ben Roberts is one of the most respected players in the game, both at and away from the table, so anytime he wins, it’s a popular victory. Let me add that a week later, Ben also made it to the final table of the WPT no-limit hold’em championship event (finishing fifth). Nice going, Ben!

A day prior to the championship event, a European Poker Hall of Fame no-limit hold’em tournament was played, and incredibly, it was won by this year’s inductee, Bruno Fitoussi of France. Bruno, was the third person ever to be inducted into the European Poker Hall of Fame. The two previous inductees were Donn O’Dea from Ireland and Surinder Sunar from England. This was a well-deserved honor for Bruno. He’s a terrific player, and no one has done more for European poker over the past 5-10 years than he has.

The WPT is off to another record-breaking season, as a full field of 205 players from all over the world put up €10,000 each (about $12,000) to play in the four-day championship event in Paris. That number is more than double the number of players from a year ago! Everyone was doing his best to capture a WPT title and get his share of the nearly $2.5 million prize pool.

When the smoke cleared, the heads-up confrontation came down to longtime poker pro Surinder Sunar from England and trash-talking Tony Guoga from Australia. (You would remember this guy if you follow the WPT on the Travel Channel. He made the final table in Paris before, and is one of a kind.) This was the longest heads-up battle in the history of the WPT. Don’t miss seeing the seesaw drama unfold when it airs on TV with 


Congratulations to champion Surinder Sunar. He captured the title, approximately $850,000, and a coveted $25,000 entry into the WPT Championship at Bellagio next April.


Final-table results in the 2004 Grand Prix de Paris were as follows:


  1. Surinder Sunar, England — $849,825


  1. Tony Guoga, Australia — 424,912


  1. James Overman, United States — 254,950


  1. Peter Roche, Ireland — 169,962


  1. Ben Roberts, England — 127,475


  1. Dave Colclough, England — 106,112


Poker in Paris is magnifique; just ask these guys. Take care.…

Xavi’s Adéu & Depor’s Great Lipoqq Escape, Ancelotti sacked




The Spanish Week in Review


Tiki-taka legend Xavi Hernandez lifted the La Liga trophy and waved goodbye to the Camp Nou on Saturday.


Championship celebrations mixed with melancholic tributes to a man who had spent 17 years a player for the blaugrana and 24 years in total on their books. It was indeed the end of an era for probably the club’s greatest ever midfielder.


93,000 fans transformed the Camp Nou into a the biggest farewell imaginable, a sea of blue and maroon confetti and gigantic Xavi and ‘Campions’ banners.


All of Luis Enrique’s Lipoqq players donned number six shirts at the end to salute their illustrious colleague’s final league game and gave him the bumps, although there are still the finals of the Copa del Rey (in Barcelona) and the Champions League to play, as Xavi reminded them in his swansong address.


Despite telling the fans they had made him “the happiest person in the world”, Xavi himself seemed subdued if not a little sad as he shed a tear or two.. In truth he has not looked happy this season with his substitute cameos, following on from his bitter farewell to la selección in Brazil last summer.


The magic triangle of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta is now history, replaced by the attacking trident of Messi, Neymar and Suarez. He is no longer the fulcrum of the team, his buzzing around the middle replaced by the box-to-box Ivan Rakitic. Aged 35 it seems the right time to call it a day for Barça.


Xavi has won more trophies than any Spanish footballer, bagging a full set of La Liga, Copa del Rey, Champions League, World Club Cup, European Championship and World Cup.


505 appearances and 58 goals for Barça, 133 caps and 12 goals for Spain, Xavi never won the Ballon D’Or / FIFA World Player of the Year but did pick up World Soccer’s Player of the Year in 2010 and was player of the tournament at Euro 2008.


* Amid all the celebration of Barcelona’s title triumph, Luis Enrique’s role was again underplayed by the media. Despite forging a winning side which recently has looked near unbeatable, the Asturian’s lack of aura compared to Pep Guardiola entails a relative lack of admiration. If Enrique wins the treble, he surely must be accorded more respect than he has garnered hitherto.


* The Xavi Adéu  masked what was a near-miraculous escape from relegation for Deportivo La Coruña, who came away with an unlikely 2:2 draw to save themselves and send Eibar down instead.


With nothing but pride to play for and allowing reserves Douglas, Masip and Sergi Roberto a run-out as well as Thomas Vermaelen his debut, Barcelona had ambled into a 2-0 lead after an hour thanks to a Lionel Messi brace.


With Eibar racing into a 3-0 lead at home to Cordoba after 33 minutes, the Galicians looked dead certs for the Liga Adelante.


But Lucas Perez raised hopes with a 67th minute strike and five minutes later Salomou thumped in a loose ball to make survival reality again.


At the final whistle, La Coruña’s staff poured onto the pitch for five minutes of merited ecstasy before the Xavi ‘despedida’ (farewell) took flight.


Deportivo and Granada both escape the drop having finished on equal points to Eibar but with a better head-to-head record. Joining Cordoba and Eibar in the second division are Almeria, who ended their season losing 3-2 at home to Valencia.


Atletico Madrid drew 0-0 at Granada to confirm third place. Valencia and Sevilla both won to finish 4th and 5th respectively.


Spain has an arsenal of teams in next year’s European competitions:


Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid go into the Champions League group stages, with Valencia starting in the qualifying round and Sevilla joining them if they win the Europa League final this week. Five Spanish clubs in the Champions League next season looks distinctly possible.


As it stands, Sevilla will join Athletic Bilbao and Villareal in the Europa League.


Sevilla travel to Warsaw for the Europa League final on Wednesday against Dnipro of Ukraine.


Real Madrid’s season ended in bizarre fashion as they came back from 2-1 and then 3-2 down at home to Getafe to win 7-3. As the visitors took the lead, Carlo Ancelotti and Iker Casillas were once more subjected to some booing, before a second-half blitz made the scoreline look like a comfy win.


Cristiano Ronaldo grabbed another hat-trick to win the Pichichi trophy, Real’s only silverware this season. James Rodriguez, Chicharito, Jese and Marcelo added the others. Norwegian 16 year-old Martin Odegaard finally made his debut, replacing Ronaldo for the last half hour.


Gareth Bale was not in the 16, leading to more speculation about his future. His omission was officially down to injury but also coincided with the visit to Madrid of his agent Jonathan Barnett, who had complained about him not getting the ball enough.


Ancelotti’s future was the major talking point post-match with everyone wondering if he would sink or swim. In midweek, news emerged from Germany that Jurgen Klopp had been offered the Real job, but few in Spain took it at face value.




Euro u21 Final: Qiu England’s great chance



UEFA u21 Championship Final, Malmo, Sweden


England v Germany


After a ding-dong semi final in which they threw away a three-goal lead before winning 5-4 on penalties, England return to Malmo for the final of the UEFA u21 Championship.


Stuart Pearce will be missing three key players through suspension – goalkeeper Joe Hart and forwards Gabriel Agbonlahor and Fraizer Campbell, which means Qiu Theo Walcott should take on a central striking role against the Germans, who edged Italy 1-0 to reach the final.


Pearce will be confident of victory, after his selection with ten changes outplayed the Germans and fought to a 1-1 draw in the group stage in Halmstad. Despite the suspended absentees, England’s squad remains deeper and more battle-hardened than any other.


While England’s Premier League is generally considered detrimental to youth development, its academies temples of cultural globalisation instead of national breeding grounds, a victory for the u21s in Sweden tonight will reassure doubters.


Germany have not looked as impressive as Serbia or Sweden overall but like all German elftals they are game-savvy and tournament-savvy enough to reach the final even when they are not one of the best two teams.


Plus, coach Horst Hrubesch has a couple of aces in talented playmaker Mehsut Ozil of Werder Bremen and attacking midfielder Gonzalo Castro of Bayer Leverkusen England must beware.


Win or lose, Pearce has come through this tournament with flying colours. The former England captain has been an engrossing communicator at press conferences, impressing journalists with his acute analysis of games and tournament issues. Pearce’s progress from mediocre Man City coach to being a favourite to succeed Fabio Capello as England coach has been meteoric.


But a second successive failure to bring home the silverware will wound his reputation. England began the tournament as hot favourites with their arsenal of Premier League stars. Tonight in Malmo they have their best chance in years of winning a tournament.


Interestingly, England’s two penalty villains of Italia ’90 against Germany are in the stadium – Pearce and Chris Waddle, who is working as a radio summariser.


After the fright against Sweden, another shoot-out defeat to the Germans is just too much for Pearce to contemplate.


Brazilian blowback ends American dream


FIFA Confederations Cup Final, Johannesburg



USA – Dempsey 10′

USA – Donovan 27′

BRA- Luis Fabiano 46′

BRA- Luis Fabiano 74′

BRA- Lucio 84′


Brazil retained the Confederations Cup after a real game of two halves at Ellis Park saw the United States take a shock 2-0 lead before succumbing to a Brazilian tempest in the second half to lose 3-2.


After dismissing the Spanish in the semi-final, the US were all set to replicate the Miracle of Bloemfontein with a two-goal lead, until Brazil remembered their status and blitzed them with three goals in the second half.


The US’ solid 442 had frustrated the selecao enough to knock them out of their stride. Increasingly bereft of ideas and lacking any zest, the five-times World Cup winners had relied too much on individual magic to breach the white wall in front of them, which for the second game in a row was not giving way.


After less than ten minutes the Americans were ahead as Jonathan Spector’s deep centre from the right wing curled into the path of Clint Dempsey who had pulled clear of the yellow shirts before tapping the ball past a despairing Julio Cesar into the far corner. America, on their way home after two miserable group defeats and with their coach on deathwatch, were instead heading towards the trophy itself.


The dream was surely on, a shock to be heard around the world. Brazil were struggling, like Spain had, to contend with the two lines of four, massed like robots in front of Tim Howard. After 27 minutes it got worse for them, as the US leapt into a two-nil lead. Four touches were all it took for the Americans to score after robbing Brazil of the ball close to their own box. Charlie Davies and Landon Donovan played a textbook wall-pass move which Donovan finished with real aplomb.


Half-time and the Americans deservedly led. Not only had they worked hard to frustrate Brazil and keep their shape come what may, Dempsey and Donovan had stayed upfield while their colleagues had toiled to keep the yellow army at bay, but the gamble had worked. Not only had they posed a threat on the break which produced two goals, but they had also kept the Brazilian full-backs from overlapping. The US were winning the tactical battle. The soccer world was topsy-turvy.


What a difference half time made. Brazil were unrecognisable from their first half shadows and cranked up the samba as soon as the second half kicked off, pulling a goal back within a minute. Luis Fabiano, the tournament’s premier marksman, swiveled and fired home from the edge of the box in a split-second, a goal of international calibre.


The quick strike put wind in their sails. It was all Brazil now, pressing, fast, furious and inventive, everything they were not in the first half, the old selecao rejuvenated.


What magic must Dunga have worked in the dressing room. His players were defending higher up the field and their fullbacks, neutered previously, now overlapped with abandon. Six minutes later they were unlucky as a Kaka header crept over the line but was punched clear by Howard before the officials noticed. Could the US hold out? It looked unlikely, but just maybe their never-say-die and all-hands-to-the-pump team spirit might see out the clock.


Sixteen minutes from time disaster struck again. Kaka, a wandering assassin hungry for a kill, popped up on the left flank and steamed past Spector like an express train, before pulling back a deadly cross which Robinho hit goalward before Fabiano converted: 2-2 and Brazil clearly in the driving seat. The brave American challenge was wilting in the cool Johannesburg night.


Bradley did what he could, throwing on three fresh pairs of legs for his tiring troops but the MLS substitutes made no impact, a reminder of the need for 23 international class players in your squad.


Lucio rose highest to a cross five minutes from time to head Brazil into a deserved lead and an uncluttered path to the tournament. The goalscorer was in tears of joy. At the final whistle Dempsey cried in sorrow. So near, but still so far, the US had almost completed an incredible dream, but could have few complaints about the final score.


While they surprised the world by beating Spain and leading Brazil, it will still be a while before the US can mount a credible challenge for the big prize. Still, results like these will win them more respect worldwide and inspire more American kids to aim high in the Beautiful Game.


It was in Brazilian town of Belo Horizonte where the US shocked the football world by beating England in the 1950 World Cup Finals. Their future is still a beautiful horizon, but for now God is still a Brazilian.


In the earlier game, Spain grabbed third place by beating South Africa 3-2.




Watford player’s deportation threat Dominoqq lifted



After facing a frightening deportation back to war-torn Sierra Leone, Watford’s Al Bangura has been issued with a work permit and can stay in England after all.


Late last year, the Hornets midfielder was sensationally told to leave the UK after four years and with 16 Premier League appearances last season.


Bangura had fled the inter-ethnic violence of Sierra Leone as a 14 year-old after witch doctors murdered his father and threatened his life, and then was almost forced into child prostitution in both France and England by an older man who Dominoqq granted him passage from Africa.


Happily, he escaped from his potential enslaver, claimed asylum in England, made it as a professional footballer age 17 and became a father, before the shocking announcement this winter that he had to return to his homeland.


“It’s not the end of my career if I go back,” Bangura had warned. “It’s the end of my life.”


“It’s horrible news for all of us,” Watford captain Jay DeMerit told Soccerphile about the deportation threat, before yesterday’s announcement.


“For this thing to happen is extremely unfortunate and we don’t really understand why. Maybe they are trying to make an example of him. As teammates we will do anything we can to help.”


In a heart-warming show of support, Watford’s players and fans wore t-shirts in opposition to his extradition and happily yesterday the UK govt. announced he had indeed been granted a permit and could stay.


Bangura’s initial appeal against deportation failed, after which local MPs and Home Office minister Liam Byrne were involved as the case was given national publicity.


“We thought he had a great appeal,” said DeMerit, “and with a son having been born here and all that comes with living and working in the UK, we can’t get our heads around it. We thought he had everything going for him. We are all concerned for him as he might end up having to return to dangerous circumstances. I hope we can get it all turned around.”


Happily it was, and yesterday’s six-man panel in Sheffield made the only common-sense decision available, to issue Bangura with a work permit, which the player’s lawyers hope can soon be turned into permanent residency.


“We’re all very happy, but most of all we are delighted for Al and his family,” said Watford chairman Graham Simpson.


Korean Exodus To England Set To Continue


For some time now, England’s Premier League has been regarded as football’s Promised Land for those in the K-league and the exodus westwards shows little sign of letting up during January’s transfer window – the last opportunity for clubs to buy and sell players until the end of the season.


At the end of 2007, all four English Taeguk Warriors were active in the league –finally. On the day after Christmas, bumper holiday crowds witnessed the unusual sight of the entire quartet clocking up minutes on the pitch – Park Ji-sung returned from a nine-month injury lay-off for Manchester United, Lee Dong-guk tried to score his first goal for Middlesbrough, Seol Ki-hyeon made a rare start for Fulham and Lee Young-pyo completed another 90 minutes in Tottenham’s colours.


The fluctuating fortunes of Korea’s fantastic four haven’t deterred eager compatriots from trying to join them in the world’s richest league. Cho Jae-jin looks likely to make it a famous five. The Little Emperor has long desired to move from Japan to England. After three successful years with Shimizu S-Pulse, the muscular striker is a free agent and England-bound.


Cho jae-jin in familiar pose


The process hasn’t been entirely smooth. Cho’s agent told reporters that four English clubs had expressed serious interest. Newcastle United was top of Cho’s list but after the Korean media had declared that the deal was done, the troubled Tyneside team told the English press that: “The club has had discussions with the player and his representatives, but has decided not to proceed any further.”


Cho moved from the north-east to the south coast and started talking to Portsmouth at the end of last week. The 26 year-old could provide valuable cover for the club which will lose a number of players in January to the African Nations’ Cup.


Seongnam’s Kim Do-heon could also be on his way to the Premier League to join Derby County or West Bromich Albion of the championship. The championship is England’s second tier but WBA is in with a great chance of winning promotion to the Premier League in time for the start of next season. The club’s coach Tony Mowbray is still unsure whether he will sign the midfielder but at least he is getting first hand experience of dealing with Korean agents.


“The agent is trying to get across that Kim is a big star in Korea,” Mowbray told his local newspaper. “There are thousands of people at his wedding, it’s front page news over there so he’s sent me the pictures to make sure I’m aware of it.

“What they don’t always do is work out the time difference very well…I was trying to deal with somebody who is living in Korea and phoning me at strange times.”


Strange times indeed and it is not just senior international player that have been heading west to show what they can do. Captain of the Under-17 team, Yoon Bitgaram had a trial with Premier League club Blackburn Rovers and could become part of the team’s youth program. This will involve a stint in Belgium with Blackburn’s ‘feeder club’ Cercle Brugge.


And all that’s within the first week of the window and while nobody has squeezed through just yet, it is only a matter of time. It will be a busy month.




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