Euro u21 Final: Qiu England’s great chance



UEFA u21 Championship Final, Malmo, Sweden


England v Germany


After a ding-dong semi final in which they threw away a three-goal lead before winning 5-4 on penalties, England return to Malmo for the final of the UEFA u21 Championship.


Stuart Pearce will be missing three key players through suspension – goalkeeper Joe Hart and forwards Gabriel Agbonlahor and Fraizer Campbell, which means Qiu Theo Walcott should take on a central striking role against the Germans, who edged Italy 1-0 to reach the final.


Pearce will be confident of victory, after his selection with ten changes outplayed the Germans and fought to a 1-1 draw in the group stage in Halmstad. Despite the suspended absentees, England’s squad remains deeper and more battle-hardened than any other.


While England’s Premier League is generally considered detrimental to youth development, its academies temples of cultural globalisation instead of national breeding grounds, a victory for the u21s in Sweden tonight will reassure doubters.


Germany have not looked as impressive as Serbia or Sweden overall but like all German elftals they are game-savvy and tournament-savvy enough to reach the final even when they are not one of the best two teams.


Plus, coach Horst Hrubesch has a couple of aces in talented playmaker Mehsut Ozil of Werder Bremen and attacking midfielder Gonzalo Castro of Bayer Leverkusen England must beware.


Win or lose, Pearce has come through this tournament with flying colours. The former England captain has been an engrossing communicator at press conferences, impressing journalists with his acute analysis of games and tournament issues. Pearce’s progress from mediocre Man City coach to being a favourite to succeed Fabio Capello as England coach has been meteoric.


But a second successive failure to bring home the silverware will wound his reputation. England began the tournament as hot favourites with their arsenal of Premier League stars. Tonight in Malmo they have their best chance in years of winning a tournament.


Interestingly, England’s two penalty villains of Italia ’90 against Germany are in the stadium – Pearce and Chris Waddle, who is working as a radio summariser.


After the fright against Sweden, another shoot-out defeat to the Germans is just too much for Pearce to contemplate.


Brazilian blowback ends American dream


FIFA Confederations Cup Final, Johannesburg



USA – Dempsey 10′

USA – Donovan 27′

BRA- Luis Fabiano 46′

BRA- Luis Fabiano 74′

BRA- Lucio 84′


Brazil retained the Confederations Cup after a real game of two halves at Ellis Park saw the United States take a shock 2-0 lead before succumbing to a Brazilian tempest in the second half to lose 3-2.


After dismissing the Spanish in the semi-final, the US were all set to replicate the Miracle of Bloemfontein with a two-goal lead, until Brazil remembered their status and blitzed them with three goals in the second half.


The US’ solid 442 had frustrated the selecao enough to knock them out of their stride. Increasingly bereft of ideas and lacking any zest, the five-times World Cup winners had relied too much on individual magic to breach the white wall in front of them, which for the second game in a row was not giving way.


After less than ten minutes the Americans were ahead as Jonathan Spector’s deep centre from the right wing curled into the path of Clint Dempsey who had pulled clear of the yellow shirts before tapping the ball past a despairing Julio Cesar into the far corner. America, on their way home after two miserable group defeats and with their coach on deathwatch, were instead heading towards the trophy itself.


The dream was surely on, a shock to be heard around the world. Brazil were struggling, like Spain had, to contend with the two lines of four, massed like robots in front of Tim Howard. After 27 minutes it got worse for them, as the US leapt into a two-nil lead. Four touches were all it took for the Americans to score after robbing Brazil of the ball close to their own box. Charlie Davies and Landon Donovan played a textbook wall-pass move which Donovan finished with real aplomb.


Half-time and the Americans deservedly led. Not only had they worked hard to frustrate Brazil and keep their shape come what may, Dempsey and Donovan had stayed upfield while their colleagues had toiled to keep the yellow army at bay, but the gamble had worked. Not only had they posed a threat on the break which produced two goals, but they had also kept the Brazilian full-backs from overlapping. The US were winning the tactical battle. The soccer world was topsy-turvy.


What a difference half time made. Brazil were unrecognisable from their first half shadows and cranked up the samba as soon as the second half kicked off, pulling a goal back within a minute. Luis Fabiano, the tournament’s premier marksman, swiveled and fired home from the edge of the box in a split-second, a goal of international calibre.


The quick strike put wind in their sails. It was all Brazil now, pressing, fast, furious and inventive, everything they were not in the first half, the old selecao rejuvenated.


What magic must Dunga have worked in the dressing room. His players were defending higher up the field and their fullbacks, neutered previously, now overlapped with abandon. Six minutes later they were unlucky as a Kaka header crept over the line but was punched clear by Howard before the officials noticed. Could the US hold out? It looked unlikely, but just maybe their never-say-die and all-hands-to-the-pump team spirit might see out the clock.


Sixteen minutes from time disaster struck again. Kaka, a wandering assassin hungry for a kill, popped up on the left flank and steamed past Spector like an express train, before pulling back a deadly cross which Robinho hit goalward before Fabiano converted: 2-2 and Brazil clearly in the driving seat. The brave American challenge was wilting in the cool Johannesburg night.


Bradley did what he could, throwing on three fresh pairs of legs for his tiring troops but the MLS substitutes made no impact, a reminder of the need for 23 international class players in your squad.


Lucio rose highest to a cross five minutes from time to head Brazil into a deserved lead and an uncluttered path to the tournament. The goalscorer was in tears of joy. At the final whistle Dempsey cried in sorrow. So near, but still so far, the US had almost completed an incredible dream, but could have few complaints about the final score.


While they surprised the world by beating Spain and leading Brazil, it will still be a while before the US can mount a credible challenge for the big prize. Still, results like these will win them more respect worldwide and inspire more American kids to aim high in the Beautiful Game.


It was in Brazilian town of Belo Horizonte where the US shocked the football world by beating England in the 1950 World Cup Finals. Their future is still a beautiful horizon, but for now God is still a Brazilian.


In the earlier game, Spain grabbed third place by beating South Africa 3-2.




Watford player’s deportation threat Dominoqq lifted



After facing a frightening deportation back to war-torn Sierra Leone, Watford’s Al Bangura has been issued with a work permit and can stay in England after all.


Late last year, the Hornets midfielder was sensationally told to leave the UK after four years and with 16 Premier League appearances last season.


Bangura had fled the inter-ethnic violence of Sierra Leone as a 14 year-old after witch doctors murdered his father and threatened his life, and then was almost forced into child prostitution in both France and England by an older man who Dominoqq granted him passage from Africa.


Happily, he escaped from his potential enslaver, claimed asylum in England, made it as a professional footballer age 17 and became a father, before the shocking announcement this winter that he had to return to his homeland.


“It’s not the end of my career if I go back,” Bangura had warned. “It’s the end of my life.”


“It’s horrible news for all of us,” Watford captain Jay DeMerit told Soccerphile about the deportation threat, before yesterday’s announcement.


“For this thing to happen is extremely unfortunate and we don’t really understand why. Maybe they are trying to make an example of him. As teammates we will do anything we can to help.”


In a heart-warming show of support, Watford’s players and fans wore t-shirts in opposition to his extradition and happily yesterday the UK govt. announced he had indeed been granted a permit and could stay.


Bangura’s initial appeal against deportation failed, after which local MPs and Home Office minister Liam Byrne were involved as the case was given national publicity.


“We thought he had a great appeal,” said DeMerit, “and with a son having been born here and all that comes with living and working in the UK, we can’t get our heads around it. We thought he had everything going for him. We are all concerned for him as he might end up having to return to dangerous circumstances. I hope we can get it all turned around.”


Happily it was, and yesterday’s six-man panel in Sheffield made the only common-sense decision available, to issue Bangura with a work permit, which the player’s lawyers hope can soon be turned into permanent residency.


“We’re all very happy, but most of all we are delighted for Al and his family,” said Watford chairman Graham Simpson.


Korean Exodus To England Set To Continue


For some time now, England’s Premier League has been regarded as football’s Promised Land for those in the K-league and the exodus westwards shows little sign of letting up during January’s transfer window – the last opportunity for clubs to buy and sell players until the end of the season.


At the end of 2007, all four English Taeguk Warriors were active in the league –finally. On the day after Christmas, bumper holiday crowds witnessed the unusual sight of the entire quartet clocking up minutes on the pitch – Park Ji-sung returned from a nine-month injury lay-off for Manchester United, Lee Dong-guk tried to score his first goal for Middlesbrough, Seol Ki-hyeon made a rare start for Fulham and Lee Young-pyo completed another 90 minutes in Tottenham’s colours.


The fluctuating fortunes of Korea’s fantastic four haven’t deterred eager compatriots from trying to join them in the world’s richest league. Cho Jae-jin looks likely to make it a famous five. The Little Emperor has long desired to move from Japan to England. After three successful years with Shimizu S-Pulse, the muscular striker is a free agent and England-bound.


Cho jae-jin in familiar pose


The process hasn’t been entirely smooth. Cho’s agent told reporters that four English clubs had expressed serious interest. Newcastle United was top of Cho’s list but after the Korean media had declared that the deal was done, the troubled Tyneside team told the English press that: “The club has had discussions with the player and his representatives, but has decided not to proceed any further.”


Cho moved from the north-east to the south coast and started talking to Portsmouth at the end of last week. The 26 year-old could provide valuable cover for the club which will lose a number of players in January to the African Nations’ Cup.


Seongnam’s Kim Do-heon could also be on his way to the Premier League to join Derby County or West Bromich Albion of the championship. The championship is England’s second tier but WBA is in with a great chance of winning promotion to the Premier League in time for the start of next season. The club’s coach Tony Mowbray is still unsure whether he will sign the midfielder but at least he is getting first hand experience of dealing with Korean agents.


“The agent is trying to get across that Kim is a big star in Korea,” Mowbray told his local newspaper. “There are thousands of people at his wedding, it’s front page news over there so he’s sent me the pictures to make sure I’m aware of it.

“What they don’t always do is work out the time difference very well…I was trying to deal with somebody who is living in Korea and phoning me at strange times.”


Strange times indeed and it is not just senior international player that have been heading west to show what they can do. Captain of the Under-17 team, Yoon Bitgaram had a trial with Premier League club Blackburn Rovers and could become part of the team’s youth program. This will involve a stint in Belgium with Blackburn’s ‘feeder club’ Cercle Brugge.


And all that’s within the first week of the window and while nobody has squeezed through just yet, it is only a matter of time. It will be a busy month.




Casino Situs Slot Gambling Etiquette



Here are 10 things you should avoid doing at a Casino:


1) Don’t try to buy in or cash out while a game is in play. Wait until between hands after the dealer has paid out any bets from the previous round. Ask for change and place your cash or chips on the table, rather then handing them directly to the dealer.


2) Don’t make a mess out of your chips. When making a bet, do not splash all your chips out on the table; gently place your ships on the table in a stack. When betting with chips of mixed denominations, stack your chips so that the highest denomination is on the bottom and the lowest is on top. Doing so makes it easier for dealers to count your chips, give proper change, and keep an eye out for cheaters that may be trying to “top off” a bet.


3) Don’t drink too much. We are all out to have a good time, but know your limit so you aren’t having fun at the expense of others. Drunk people tends to slow games down, make annoying conversation, and kill the overall mood at a table.


4) Limit yourself to one machine at a time when a particular bank of machines is busy. Playing multiple machines at the same time does not improve ones odds, so if it is busy, leave room for someone else to play. For table games, do not take up extra chairs or space around a particular table so that there is room for others to play.


5) Don’t forget to tip your dealer, EVEN IF YOU LOSE. Most situs slot dealers, like many other service based industries, make minimum wage + tips. My general philosophy is to tip 2/3 based on service, and 1/3 based on my winnings (if any).  Not tipping a dealer because you lost is the equivalent of not tipping a perfectly good waitress/waiter because you didn’t like the flavor of the soup that you ordered.


6) If you smoke cigarettes, try to be respectful of others around you. Extinguish an dispose of your butts in an ashtray, and exhale smoke upward rather than towards the other players and dealers around you.


7) Don’t forget to use hand signals. Casinos are loud and noisy places and it may be hard for a dealer to hear what you want to do. Hand signals are easy to interpret, and can be reviewed by video footage if there is a question about a particular play.


8) For games in which cards are dealt face up, don’t touch them. In games which you are allowed to touch the cards, only do so with one hand. Touching the cards with multiple hands is a signal to the casinos that you may be trying to cheat by bending or “marking” specific cards in the a deck.


9) Don’t berate a player for the way the played their hand. Blackjack players are particularly notorious for doing so, thinking that “unnecessary hitting” throws off the game by disrupting the order that cards are dealt. While this may be true, unconventional Togel Singapore plays are just as likely to positively influence a game as they are to negatively influence it. Besides, players who blame others for their losses should not be gambling in the first place.


10) Resist the urge to give unsolicited advice. Not everyone is interested in playing “basic strategy” and they have every right to play their own game, even if it may not be an optimal strategy. Let people make their own fun.



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Beckham, The Best Togel Hope Yet For Soccer In The USA



A string of extraordinary players have attempted to make soccer big in the USA. Among them the King (Pele), the Kaiser (Beckenbauer) and the Prophet (Johan Cruyff), but it is David Beckham that may turn out the be the most telling signing a US team has ever made and crucial for the development of soccer in the USA. Many international stars have attempted to help the game take root in the USA but its popularity has always remained largely limited to the Hispanic or Italian communities.


Beckham is a different Togel deal. He is not only the greatest soccer-pop star in history, but he is also an Anglosaxon. Here’s a wild guess: WASPs are going to go crazy for the former England captain and soccer will finally become a mainstream sport in the country of baseball and American football.


Previous Big Moves to the USA


Player Team

George Best (N. Ireland) Los Angeles AztecsPele (Brazil) NY CosmosFranz Beckenbauer (Germany) NY CosmosGiorgio Chinaglia (Italy) NY CosmosJohan Neeskens (Holland) NY CosmosJohan Cruyff (Holland) Washington DiplomatsGerd Müller (Germany) Fort Lauderdale StrikersCarlos Valderrama (Colombia) Tampa Bay MutinyMo Johnston (Scotland) Kansas City WizardsRoberto Donadoni (Italy) NY MetrostarsLotthar Matthäus (Germany) NY MetrostarsHristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria) Chicago Fire


Sebastian Deisler Calls It A Day


The German international Sebastian Deisler has announced the end of his career at 27, dejected because of the multiple injuries that have prevented him from meeting the expectations either at Bayern or in the national team. Deisler has undergone five knee surgeries and has also been hospitalized twice for severe bouts of depression.”It hasn’t been a sudden decision but something that has matured over time”, said Deisler at a press conference in Munich. Deisler has recovered well from his last injury and returned to the pitch last autumn, but claims he has “lost faith in his knee”.”I do not play soccer with joy any more, and I cannot do things half-heartedly. That would not help anybody.”Bayern’s general manager, Uli Höness, deplored Deisler’s decision, calling it “inexplicable”. In a nice gesture, the club has said it would freeze the player’s contract so that Deisler could return when or if he felt ready.


Terry’s Contract Boosted To Keep The Squad Quiet


Marcello Lippi decided to take a year off after winning the World Cup in July, but will announce his future plans in April. Jose Mourinho’s probable departure at the end of the season has opened the door to the speculations that Lippi may be the next Chelsea coach. Other candidates reportedly are Juande Ramos of Sevilla and Didier Deschamps of Juventus.

In the meantime, Chelsea’s captain John Terry has had his annual salary raised to 14 million euros until 2012, probably to persuade him to quell any unrest that may flare up because of Mourinho’s farewell. It is thought that Didier Drogba, Claude Makelele, Michael Essien and Frank Lampard may consider leaving alongside Mourinho, so Terry’s influence over his mates may prove essential in keeping the squad together.


Mauricio Macri Wants To Lead Argentina


Boca Juniors’ chairman Mauricio Macri leads the most successful South-American team, but his ambitions exceed the soccer field by far.”I plan to run for President of Argentina. I am working very hard to reach that goal”, said the soccer mogul, who is also a member of the Propuesta Republicana (Republican Proposal) political party.

However, Macri may be forced to fight for the presidency without a former significant ally and friend. Diego Armando Maradona has taken objection at the fact that Macri presented Boca shirts to George W. Bush’s daughters Barbara and Jenna during their visit last month to Bombonera Stadium in Buenos Aires. A staunch left wing supporter, Maradona deeply despises Bush and has said he had distanced himself from his former boss at Boca.


The Worst Of The Worst Who are Serie A Antiheroes?


Currently the most popular column in the Italian daily Gazzetta dello Sport is “Ci torni in mente” (May we remember him), dedicated to the worst foreign imports to have played in the Italian Serie A over the past 25 years.

Featuring prominently among the couple of dozen selected is the former Rangers’ hero Mark Hateley, for whom goals did not come so easy at AC Milan in the mid-eighties. Anfield’s eighties’ idol Ian Rush enjoys a similar status with Juventus fans thanks to his less-than-famous 1987/88 season at Stadio Communale.Another mega-celebrity included is 1991 Golden Boot winner Darko Pancev, who had scored goals aplenty for Yugoslavia, Red Star and Vardar Skopje, but not at Inter Milan.

Let’s have a look at the selected antiheroes from Italian clubs:

Inter: Darko Pancev (Macedonia), Vampeta (Brazil) Milan: Mark Hateley (Scotland), Winston Bogarde (Holland), Bruno N’Gotty (France) Juventus: Alexandar Zavarov (Ukraine), Ian Rush (Wales), Zoran Mirkoviæ (Serbia) Lazio: Pedro Troglio and Gustavo Dezotti (Argentina), Amarildo Sousa (Brazil) Roma: Renato Gaucho (Brazil), Omari Tetradze (Georgia) Genoa: Kazuyoshi Miura (Japan) Como: Claudio Borghi (Argentina)


Madjer – “It Was Shameless Robbery”


Hans-Peter Briegel’s confession to the Emirates newspaper Al Ittihad that the game between West Germany and Austria (1-0) at the 1982 World Cup had been arranged so that both teams could progress at Algeria’s expense made Rabah Madjer green with rage yet again. “Briegel said what we have known all along”, the former Algeria and Porto great told Spanish daily AS. “What’s going to happen now? Nothing, because Algeria has no weight in world soccer. We were robbed then and we will never have another chance at reaching the second round of a World Cup”, said the author of the famous back-heeled goal against Bayern in the 1987 European Cup finals.

On that day in Gijón, for both West Germany and Austria to go through, the Germans had to win by one or two goals. Any other score would have eliminated one of them. Germany went 1-0 ahead in the 10th minute, after which there was very little play on both sides. Madjer blames the Austrians more, because of supposedly having surrendered in advance. “It is scandalous how Schachner, Krankl, Pezzey and others played, but it seems to me that they had orders from their FA. Afterwards I met Krankl on several occasions and he appologized for having played badly, but he never admitted to having thrown the game.”

One of the famous Austrians from that period, Walter Schachner, partially confirmed Briegel’s words.”I don’t know whether there was an agreement, but in the second half the coaching tandem Latzke and Schmid was angry at me because I worked hard to score. (…) During the game, whenever I would come accross Briegel, he would always aks me, ‘why are you running so much, take it easy’. Later, when I saw the game on video, it looked as though my mates failed to feed me the ball on some occasions when I was in a good position”, Schachner told Diario AS.

On the other hand, German internationals Uli Stielike and Paul Breitner commented that Briegel must have had too much to drink if he had really said that Germany’s win had been arranged.…

A-League of crypto gambling: New Football Off To A Flyer



Marc Fox reports on the impact of Dwight Yorke, Kevin Muscat, Archie Thompson, Alex Brosque and Richard Kitzbichler: harbingers of football’s rebirth down under.


Thanks in no small part to the five imports named above, Australian football’s governing body has seen all its dreams come true in the opening weeks of the inaugural A-League. If six months ago, you had foretold the start of the fledgling competition would see not just sparkling debuts but goals from each of these players, your prophesy would have been laughed out of town.


However, from the moment Adelaide United’s veteran striker Carl Veart headed home the first-ever A-League goal at the Newcastle Jets – springing the first of a host of surprise results during three rounds of action – the competition’s leading men have continued to step up and meet the challenge of chartering new football’s voyage to a more credible future.


Yorke, Thompson and young gun Brosque each struck in the opening weekend, the former Manchester United striker opening his Sydney FC account 44 minutes into his debut against Melbourne Victory. New dad Thompson, himself fulfilling all his personal ambitions including two goals in the World Cup playoff against the Solomon Islands, equalised in the second-half to force shared honours.


Meanwhile, Queensland’s Brosque held his nerve ten minutes from time in his first A-League outing to snatch the points from New Zealand. In round two, Muscat and Kitzbichler – one a returning hero, the other an Austrian international – each scored for Melbourne in its 2-2 draw with Perth.


That is not to demean the impact local crypto gambling talent has made in the heavily-budgeted never-seen-before A-League show. Bobby Despotovski (Perth), Nick Carle and Ante Milicic (both Newcastle), Noel Spencer and Tom Pondeljak (both Central Coast), Jonti Richter (Queensland), Ross Aloisi (Adelaide) and Zenon Caravella (New Zealand) all deserve a special mention from the group of players to have stepped up from the old National Soccer League.


Not only has the new league been rich in talent, it’s proved to be far closer than bookmakers would have had you believe before launch. For instance, only three games from 12 have been won by more than the odd goal. Moreover, only one team has not yet recorded a victory – surprisingly early picks Melbourne Victory – and just one has won twice (the unlikely frontrunners Adelaide United).


Off the pitch, the FFA declared an early victory as crowd figures topped 70,000 across the four venues for the opening round alone, a weekend in which the domestic record for attendance at a non-finals league match was broken twice in the space of two hours – first at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane where 21,000 Queenslanders made history, then at Aussie Stadium in Sydney where the turnout exceeded 25,000. More importantly, fixtures are still averaging upwards of 12,000 supporters with the biggest pullers Sydney, Queensland and Melbourne having played only once at home so far.


The Road To Germany – Part 2


Outside the A-League, fate continues to deal a good hand to the Australian football authorities. The Socceroos breezed past the challenge of the Solomon Islands despite some hairy moments in the away leg in Honiara. Having already subjected the Melanesians to a seven-goal tanking in Sydney in the first tie, complacency, humidity and tactical naivety all combined to anger new coach Guus Hiddink at the way his squad bumbled to a 2-1 victory.


Nevertheless – and as expected – the Socceroos have booked their place as Oceania’s challengers in November’s double-header against the fifth-placed South American qualifiers. Nothing new there but what did make a refreshing change was FIFA’s decision – albeit via the gamble of drawing lots – to award Australia the benefit of playing the final decisive leg at home.


The Socceroos’ likely opponents are either current fifth-placed side Uruguay – their 2001 World Cup nemesis – or sixth-placed Colombia, neither of which would be straightforward assignments despite the advantage of being able to defend stoutly away and strike at home.…

Online Togel Bingo Hall Sites



Many online bingo hall sites offer players the opportunity to post member profiles with pictures. Although this is never mandatory, many online bingo fans think member profiles are one of the most fun things about a site. Online bingo is a social game and the profiles are the first thing that other players-all potential friends- see about one another.


So, how do you make a profile that will make your fellow players want to get

to know you? It’s much easier than you think! Just follow these simple tips, and you will be an online bingo social butterfly in no time!


1) Create a user name that reflects who you really are. Crazy about cats or dogs? Why not throw that in there somewhere? Are you a mom or dad?

Try a username that reflects that! In short, let your username give other players some important clues about your personality and interests.


2) Many internet bingo site members post pictures along with their profiles.

If you choose to post your picture, remember that this is the first thing other players will see, so put some effort into it! Choose a picture that is flattering and, most importantly, one in which you are smiling! You want other players to know what a friendly person you are!


Camera shy? Put up a picture or a cartoon that reflects your personality, whether it’s Fred Flintstone of a photograph of the Paris skyline.


3) Put some soul into your profile! Have any interesting hobbies, like a prize rose collection or a rare book library? Put them in! The more interesting a person you seem, the more fellow players will want to start a conversation.


4) Most importantly of all, have fun with your profile. This is a chance for you to get creative, and a perfect opportunity to present yourself in the best light possible!


Connecticut Casinos


Gambling in the state of Connecticut has some interesting history with Togel. The Mashantucket Pequot Tribe had to sue the state to allow them to open up a


casino.  They brought their case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won their right. The tribe ended up building Foxwoods which is the largest casino in the world. In 1994 the state also granted the Mohegan tribe permission to build a casino on their reservation. The casinos are open 24 hours and the gambling age is 18 for Bingo and 21 for casino games.


Foxwoods Resort Casino

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Description: Foxwoods is the largest resort casino in the world.  New expansion plans will ensure that Foxwoods keeps that claim to fame.  Foxwoods hosts 40,000 guests in their casino every day!  The gaming floor boasts 340,000 square feet of gaming fun.  There are over 400 table games that offer 17 various games to gamble.


Mohegan Sun Casino

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To set the stage for good money management it is important to clarify streaks. All table games are nothing more than mathematics and streaks and the best way to explain streaks is with this example. If you flip a coin 500 times theoretically it will land on heads 250 times and tails 250 times, but in the process it may land on heads 7 times in a row, than tails 5. Heads 10, tails 8, etc. The same is true in blackjack, seldom do you win one then lose one throughout the night. Rather you win 5 in a row, lose 3 in a row, lose 4 in a row, win 6 in a row, etc. Now, how does this process relate to good money management? Your objective at the tables is to maximize your betting when the streaks are your way and minimize them when the streaks are with the house. The only solution is a consistent progressive betting strategy.


Let me give you an example of the simplest form of a progressive bet and the advantage of using it. Two players at the same table bet $25. Player 1 wins, pulls back his winning each time and bets another $25. Player 2 wins and each time he adds another $25 to his bet each time he wins. Both players win 5 hands in a row and lose the 6th hand. Togel Player 1 nets $100, player 2 nets $250. Player 1 fails to realize that after the second bet (or win) player 2 is risking no more money than player 1 by raising his bet $25 dollars at a time. Player 1 loses $25 on he sixth bet and player 2 loses $50 on the sixth bet even though he has progressed to a bet of $150. Obviously you can see the financial pay off of this simple strategy.


Let’s take it another step. Player 1 and player 2 have doubles on their 4th bet and both make them. Player 1 wins $50, player 2 wins $200, again with no more risk after the second bet. Remember player 2 is progressing but also is pulling back more money in winnings each time he wins. So when it is time to double or split his hand the money is there from his winnings, without going to his pocket. Now we are talking a huge financial advantage.


The key to any progressive strategy is not to be so aggressive that you risk too much too early of your own money in finding a winning streak. Also in a progressive betting system, when you lose a hand you go back to the original bet, and add no chips until you win. Here is another example: let’s go back to player 2. He loses 5 in a row betting $25, net loss $125, then wins 5 in a row, $250, or a profit of $125. Simply the strategy is to bet the minimum when it is the houses streak and keep adding to the bet when the streak is in your favor. Players who bet only a single unit fail to realize that when they hit a cold streak, without a progressive strategy, it is almost impossible to get even or leave the casino a winner.


Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when playing a progressive betting system.


  1. Always keep adding chips as long as our streak runs. I see players progress for awhile than pull their bet back and bet the minimum even though their still winning. They are scared or out of their comfort zone. Starting with $25 they may get to $125, $150, or $175 and they panic. Actually, after the second bet you are risking no more then betting one unit at a time.


  1. If you lose 3 or 4 in a row at any table, move to another table. Your objective is to find the streaks going your way. My 25 years of blackjack experience has proven that you will get a great advantage over the house and other players by using this technique.


Progressive strategies will vary, I feel mine is second to none and you can find it in my book or video.


Find a progressive strategy that you are comfortable with and play it consistently. You’ll enhance your play and win more money.


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