Was David Williams an Adult Actor?

Someone from Neverwin เเทงหวยออนไลน์ found bunch of thumbnail sized images of an amateur adult actor who looks exactly like David Williams. I know it’s hard to believe, and I kind of don’t want it to be true(although it is really funny), but the two are almost identical! If you want to read the thread it’s the one titled, “From the Gavin Griffin school of…”. It’s not family or work safe though.
For anybody reading this who doesn’t know about poker or watch ESPN, David Williams placed second in the 2004 world series of poker where he won $3.5 million. Since that he’s been famous face in the poker world.
So back to the subject – Did David Williams have a short career in adult films? Is that really him? Micon from NWP ordered the DVD so I guess we’ll find out in a few days. I’m about 90% confident that it is, but I don’t want to say anything for sure. I’ll let you draw your own opinions.
Blogger WSOP satellite
Do you have a blog? Do you play poker? Do you want to go to the WSOP? Do you have $28+$2 in your Pokerstars account? Do you want an iPod and other free stuff?
I forgot where I was going with this… Oh yeah, if you answered yes to all of those questions then you’re invited to the DADI#5 (donkeys always draw invitational number five) tournament, where the winner will receive a $1,500 WSOP seat!
Along with 1st place receiving a WSOP seat, there will also be a bunch of other great prizes thrown in.
2nd place: iPod Nano from Poker on a Mac
3rd place: 10,000 PSO points from none other than Poker Source Online
4th place: 5,000 PSO points
Whoever busts Wil Wheaton gets naming rights for a future WWdn event
Whoever busts HighOnPokr wins two decks of Copag cards.
Unfortunately I won’t be playing in this one because you have to be 21 for the WSOP, but I’ll be routing for any Poker Bus member to win! So far I’ve placed 2nd and 5th in dadi events, so expect an easy field of players 😉
Visit TripJax’s blog for the latest in DADI tournament news.
Can’t get any BJs!
I was watching this guy play roulette the other day at CasinoRoom. When I first opened the table he had around $3000 and was making the maximum $50 bet on #32 along with some smaller bets. If the little ball landed on 32, he’d win around $1,700
This guy was dominating the game! Within 10 minutes he was up to more then $6,000 and starting making huge bets focusing all around #32 (his favorite number). He was putting $50 on #32 and $50 on both the four corners and the four edges surrounding #32. Another 15 minutes go by and he was up like $16,000! He said he started with $100 earlier that day.
So that was enough motivation for me to deposit $100 into CasinoRoom. I really wanted to attempt a huge winning streak, but I just couldn’t. And it’s not because I’m unlucky, I just can’t draw myself to take risks with a negative expected value. Most people have to force themselves to quit, but I’m trying to keep myself from quitting. I think the 2+2 poker forums brainwashed me.
I did make one $25 bet in blackjack that I won. I’m pretty excited with that. I ended up depositing $100 to CasinoRoom at 4pm and cashing out $120 an 5pm today. Hamburgers are on me!…

Back for One More – Toto HK

Hi everybody. It seems that I’ve neglected this blog once again. Sorry. I had grand aspirations, but it just didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Actually I had grand aspirations for a lot of things, but in the past few months my life has completely flip-turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a…oh wait, that’s not me, that’s something totally different. But the point is, the last few months for me have been the worst of my life, both personally and professionally.
In January, I had my first losing month in over a year. February and March were winning months, but not by much. I did have some success, traveling to Caesars Indiana and Atlantic City and cashing in a couple tournaments. Nothing huge, but it’s nice to have my name out there again. With the government cracking down hard on online gaming, I felt like playing more live would be the way to go. The online environment has changed completely. It has become much more difficult to get money in and out. As convenient as Neteller was to use, other third party financial instituations are just as inconvenient. The first time I went broke and had to make a deposit through ePassporte, I had to wait almost two weeks before my measly $300 could go through. Being that it’s difficult to get money in and out, logically, the bad players who need to get money into the sites most often won’t be playing as much or at all. So the margins are much smaller and I wasn’t making nearly as much as I was used to. Or maybe I just suck now, who knows.
So anyway, I wanted to play more live Toto HK since online wasn’t working out so well. I’ve traveled with moderate success, and I also started getting into some Raleigh area poker clubs. Overall, I’m a winner there, but the action is so much slower. Playing three tables at a time online compared to one live, the action is probably eight times slower, which is extremely frustrating. However, it is much easier to spot who you can make your money from, and of course it’s much easier to get a sense of whether or not a guy is comfortable with his hand. Unfortunately, overall, I didn’t feel like live poker was a profitable venture for me either (or profitable enough to make a living anyway). By the way, the last time I played live was Thursday – check out what happened just a few hours after I left.
So I’m back to square one in life. I took a chance, and it was quite profitable for awhile, but in the end just didn’t work out. Wow, that was a very depressing sentence to write. I’m not exactly sure where I go from here. The past year and a half I’ve contributed nothing, so I’ve thought about doing the complete opposite of that by joining the peace corps. But I have debts to pay, including unsecured debt that isn’t even in my name (which wouldn’t exactly be fair to the named debtor). Regardless, I think we all need to improve on helping the less fortunate. I’ve thought about getting out of here, maybe moving to Vegas or Denver or Phoenix or LA or San Francisco. But there’s no reason to do that other than an adventure – it’s not like I have a job lined up in any of those places. I do have friends in every one of those places, so maybe. I’ll probably just head back to the job market around here. It’s a scary thought given that I’ve been out of work for a year and a half. I hope there’s no newfangled Microsoft program that everyone uses now that I’ve never heard of. Or maybe there’s a new standard way to answer phones now and if I say it wrong I’ll be fired right away (”Good afternoon, this is Jason. How can I help you?” “What the hell did you just say? Get out of here!”). Yikes, I’m scared already. I’m not really sure what kind of job I want. I would like to be selective, but I’ll probably have to take what I can get. It will be nice to have a regular paycheck and not have to worry about coming back with less money than I started with. And although poker was fun because it was so challenging and created so much flexibility, it’s also mentally exhausting. And in the end, I don’t want to be defined as a poker player. It can be very unhealthy at times, and it will be good for me to get away. So if any of the three of you who read this have a job for me, please let me know – I’m supersmrt. I would like to keep writing, and I’ve kicked around the idea in my head of writing a book loosely based on my poker adventures. I’m not sure if I have the skills for that, but it’s certainly worth a try.
Well, this might be the last time I write in this blog. Or maybe I’ll post some exerpts of my book on here. If it is the last time, thanks for reading everyone!…

3 Extremely Useful Methods to Recognizing a Read

Goal: to know the cards of your opponent.
If you can obtain that information (through legal and accepted means!), you are bandar slot pulsa on your way to making a lot of money. The study of reading your opponent is a never ending endeavor, because making your reads is going to be different with every opponent. It’s a moving target: it depends on the player, on the mood of that player, on the table, on the location, and a hundred other variables.
At the same time, recognizing reads is very possible! Your brain is processing millions of pieces of information all day long, and the trick is to analyze and synthesize that information, not to create new information. I like to avoid using the term “making reads” and prefer the term “recognizing reads.” This is because your brain already has the information. You just need to extract it.
Here are 3 of my favorite exercises to help players tap into the host of information the brain is just waiting to give away:
Host a running commentary in your head. As the hand plays out, comment on everything. Literally everything. “Player so-and-so raises 3 times the pot. Next player pushes all-in. Playing like he has kings.” This is information your brain is already storing. The difference here is that by commenting to yourself on it, constantly, all of that information is then flowing through the conscious mind. This creates an enormous opportunity for you: by bringing this information into the conscious mind, it can be analyzed and acted upon with reason, rather than subconscious feelings.
After a fold, watch the players playing. How is he touching his chips? How is he touching is face? Why is he doing both of those things in this particular way? A particularly useful tactic is to pick just one player, and watch him for the duration of the hand from pre-flop to the showdown. Each street is a different situation, and in one hand, you can gain a fairly successful understanding of your opponent. These reads are going to be more accurate than the reads you make during a hand, since you do not have anything at stake.
After a fold, watch players socializing. What body parts does he use to be expressive in conversation? Hand waving? Well if it’s hand waving, guess what part of his body is going to be the most expressive when he has something valuable to hide (monster hand) or something toxic to hide (bluffing hand)? Also look for facial expressions: is his mouth what’s communicating most of the emotion in his conversation? Well, if so, guess what part of his body will be most expressive when he is feeling emotions during the card game?
You know all those subconscious feelings or gut instincts you get, that are telling you how to act with a fundamental conviction? This doesn’t come from nowhere: it comes from your subconscious brain processing loads of information to great for the conscious brain, and coming back with an answer, i.e. an instructive feeling. As a bandar slot pulsa player, perhaps the most lucrative thing you will ever do, is learn to tap into that, and learn to bring portions of it up into the conscious mind.…

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

As we approach the one-year anniversary of online poker’s Black Friday, it is worth noting just how strong online tournaments are today. While the US government effectively shut out their citizens from playing online, the rest of the world has certainly picked up the slack. Tournaments on sites like PokerStars, iPoker, and Bwin are still going strong, with six and seven-figure prize pools the norm. PokerStars continues to lead the online poker world; however, there are still many options for those looking to play on a handful of sites.
This past weekend proved as much, as Party Poker, iPoker, and Bwin all had majors with prize pools at the quarter-million dollar mark. These tournaments should only get stronger as we enter the summer months full of tournaments series and WSOP qualifying. As such, the online poker world will begin to gain even more traffic as players 먹튀사이트 hope to earn seats in events like the 2012 SCOOP, or even packages to the 2012 World Series of Poker. Be on the look-out for satellite systems that provide nice overlay for these bigger events. If you play your cards right, you could qualify quite cheaply for multi-million dollar events. For now, there aren’t any major series, just the standard Sunday major tournaments. Below are results from the six biggest events of the past weekend:
Party Poker Sunday $200k Guaranteed
1,276 Entrants; $255,200 prize pool
1. DanSik123 $53,592
2. Spewtardish $30,624
3. Poversohler $18,502
4. unstoffable $14,674
5. code_version $12,122
6. LMonte25 $9,570
7. push_me_dura $7,273
8. muha84 $4,848
9. SEEDEEZNUTZ1 $3,700
10. mindfreaking $2,552
iPoker Sunday $200k Guaranteed
1,041 Entrants; $208,200 prize pool
1. SteNfrisk123 $35,394
2. ORR $26,025
3. ravenjetbyrne $19,758
4. 1mpud1cus $14,157
5. kkkoy $10,305
6. bergerooo $8,223
7. aajjhh $6,141
8. hownorez $4,059
9. Pescecana $2,248
10. ignasuso $1,832
Bwin Sunday $250k Guaranteed
1,305 Entrants; $250,000 prize pool
1. U R Donkey $39,214
2. AnaBar_x $26,755
3. Raz_23 $19,402
4. MrValue22 $14,296
5. billkits $10,569
6. QuietGoneGin $7,842
7. Sahar55 $6,331
8. YoungWall $4,942
9. nitforlife $3,849
10. takisxa $3,022
PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $500k Guaranteed
3,297 Entrants; $659,400 prize pool
*5-way chop
1. Palmero92 $72,989
2. jerry ping $56,110
3. leopeluca $53,958
4. BWFCLEE $66,600
5. Xplogo $51,358
6. eom2000 $21,430
7. Tomascibak $14,836
8. wpr101 $8,242
9. Kingoooo $5,275
PokerStars Sunday Million Guaranteed
8,225 Entrants; $1,645,000 prize pool
*6-way chop
1. Guesty001 $123,196
2. Aftret $118,484
3. janfryed $151,739
4. lollasen $110,159
5. 1_conor_b_1 $129,874
6. tilt21sted $115,678
7. QUINN520 $32,900
8. CrissD6713 $18,917
9. molik44 $12,748
PokerStars Sunday500 $300k Guaranteed
917 Entrants; $458,500 prize pool
*3-way chop
1. zitinio $70,022
2. micide $58,526
3. AKBigFish $56,822
4. Mik3ma $33,012
5. 10IsTheYear $22,925
6. H.Oussal $18,340
7. PokerNoob999 $13,755
8. bullstopper $9,170
9. pyszalek $5,502…

obiedman wins 신규 꽁머니 XIV Event #22: $2,500 + $120 Super Stack NLHE

Another day gone by, another 신규 꽁머니 event in the books! This time it was the FTOPS XIV Event #22: $2,500 + $120 Super Stack NLHE. 938 hopefuls showed up of which only 90 cashed; just 6 of them took home prizes well into the 6 figures!
The final table went down as follows:
9th: just a few hands after the start of the final table. Standard preflop race, with Supa4Real calling a massive overbet pf allin and sucking out.
GG Rabbit_hunterSA, your rabbit was hunted in 9th place. For you efforts during the tourney you will collect $39,865! Congrats!
Meanwhile, the sole remaining pro Gary Jones doubled up twice with sets vs overpairs on low flops versus Supa4Real, both times 44 vs QQ on 4xx flop.
Gary is now in contention…
8th: preflop shove and call. The best hand preflop prevails for once.
DanOBrien (do I know that name from somewhere?) is sent packing in 8th place, and is also instantly $54,873 richer. Congrats!
7th: another shortie pf allin, flip favors the big stack this time. Gary Jones sure has been lucky on this final table!
Ah, well, Ahvall, you will get your chance at another final table. This time, 7th place for $70,350 will have to do. Congrats!
6th: that flop was a dagger to the heart of TheAlligatorNo1. All-in preflop means you still have some hope, but that flop takes hope out of you like the Grim reaper takes the life out of people.
Timvd20, aided by a lucky flop, make that an extremely lucky flop, knocks poor TheAlligatorNo1 out in 6th. The first 6-figure payday, that $105,525 prize will help him forget all about that flop in no time.
5th: first time since that early hand that I’ve seen Supa4Real win a preflop coinflip. Nice timing though.
the_real_magic could not have imagined that that spade king would hit. Black magic if you ask me. Anyway, 5th for $146,562.50 will have to do this time. Congrats!
4th: another coinflip. Gary Jones openshoves 9BB with a raggedy ace, and gets called by the new big stack, Timvd20, with pocket fours. Best hand preflop holds up, and Gary Jones the eccentric English Pro is out in 4th.
The last remaining pro is knocked out in 4th place, earning himself $193,462.50 for his efforts. Congrats!
The payouts got serious at this point, but still no talk of a [possible deal by the remaining players.
The title looked to be on its way to the Netherlands, with both remaining chipleaders being from that country while the shorty, obiedman, was from the United States. Some questionable plays by Supa4Real though surrendered the chiplead to Timvd20, and he and obiedman were now in a dead heat in stack size.
3rd: and surprise surprise, another preflop allin.
First time that American Airlines showed up though. And Timvd20, once the dominant top chip at this final table, is now out in 3rd with a $252,097.50 prize for his efforts tonight.
Supa4Real enters heads-up play as the chipleader. But once the HU began, he started running unbelievably bad.
This hand was simply one in a series of hands in which obiedman would show up with the ubernuts and vbet poor Supa4Real who every time held a good payoff hand.

And then we have the final hand. Unsurprisingly, Supa4Real was dominated. The money went in on the flop.
And Supa4Real took home a none too shabby prize of $340,025 for his efforts tonight. The yellow shirt, however, went to obiedman, who ran like a Kenyan heads up on his way to a prize of $539,350, and endless bragging rights.
Congratulations to all who played, and remember that if today wasn’t your lucky day, there will always be better days down the road.…

The House Edge

The casino is called the house. Naturally, the odds in all the games are in the house’s favor. The mathematical average that the house expects to win on each bet is called the house edge. Let’s use slot machines as an example: Let’s say that a slot machine is programmed to pay back 90 coins on average for every 100 coins you put in. Since the machine is going to keep 10 out of 100 coins (on average), the house edge is 10%. So the tricks to try to come out ahead when gambling are to:

play the games with the smallest house edge, and
learn the best strategy for those games. For example, Blackjack has a small potential house edge (0.5%), but you only get the edge to be that small if you know how to play Blackjack properly. If you’re just winging it, the house edge will probably be closer to about 3-5%.
By the way, this is one reason why Vegas casinos don’t cheat — they don’t have to. They already have the advantage on every game, so there’s no point. Most players have no idea how to play table games properly, so they’re giving the casino an even higher edge anyway. Casinos make most of their money on table games from those players. But even when players become experts at their games, the edge insures that the house still has a small advantage even over them. [Exceptions include Blackjack and certain Video Poker machines.] By the way, the other main reason why Vegas casinos don’t cheat is that gambling in Nevada is highly regulated, and no casino would risk losing its license by breaking the rules — especially since most major Strip casinos are now part of the “legitimate” business world and traded on Wall Street.
Why play when there’s a house edge?
You might wonder, “Why play at all if the house has the advantage?” That’s a good question. You’re likely to lose when you gamble, which is an excellent argument for not gambling.

But of course, even if the odds are against you, it’s possible to win. Anything can happen in the short term. The odds are against your สล็อตออนไลน์ได้เงินจริง getting heads twice in a row from two coin flips, but it could happen. Let’s say you’re playing Baccarat with a 1% house edge (normally it’s 1.06%, but we’re rounding). Your expectation from playing 200 hands at $5 is to lose $10.60. So why play Baccarat? Because it’s unlikely that after 200 hands you would have lost exactly $10.60. After millions of hands, you can expect to lose 1.06%, but after only 200, anything’s possible. You could be winning or losing 30% or more. In the short term, anything can happen, and usually does. You’ve probably heard the term standard deviation, and that’s what it refers to. (About.com has a good article about standard deviation, including how to calculate it for a particular game.)

Of course, the other reason why people play even though there’s a house edge is that it’s fun.

Why is a low house edge important?
You might wonder, “If you’re just hoping to win in the short term, then why bother looking for the games with the lowest house edge?” The answer is that:

(1) The smaller the house edge, the more likely you are to win.
(2) The house edge constantly grinds away at your money, and the higher the edge, the less time your money will last. Running out of money while you still want to play isn’t fun.

(3) The longer your money lasts, the longer you’ll play, and the more opportunity you have to win.

Let’s say you play a slot machine with an edge of 10%, and that it keeps exactly 10% of the batch of coins you feed it every time (although we know that in real life, it would take 10% only in the long term, with anything being possible in the short term). After running 100 coins through it, you’ll have 90 coins left. If you run those 90 coins through it, you’ll have 81 coins left. The next rounds will leave you with 73, 66, 59, and 53 coins. This continuous reduction effect is called the grind.

Now let’s say that you’re playing a slot machine with only a 2% edge. (And pretend again that this is a magical slot machine that takes 2% of each and every batch, with no short-term deviation.) After running your 100 coins through you’re left with 98. Run those 98 through and you’re left with 96. The next rounds will leave you with 94, 92, 90, and 89 coins. You’ve got a lot more money left than you did with the 10% edge machine.

The lesson here is that the house edge affects the amount you gamble, not the amount you bring to the casino. You might think, “Okay, I’m bringing $500 to play slots. With a 5% house edge, I’ll lose $25.” Wrong. That’s true if you only play your $500 once. If you keep playing, the machines can grind all your money away. The same is true of table games. Say you sit down at a Blackjack table and buy $500, planning to bet $25/hand. The house edge doesn’t cut into your $500, it cuts into however much you lay on the table, which will probably be more than $500. If you’re playing $25 a hand, 100 hands per hour, and you gamble for eight hours without losing it all, then in that eight hours you’ve gambled $20,000! After betting your $500 the first time (say, 20 hands at $25/hand, which takes maybe 15 minutes), you’ll probably have most of that $500 left, and you’ll bet it again and again. The house edge will slowly grind it away, and if you play long enough, you’ll be left with nothing.

The best ways to reduce your exposure to the house edge are:

1. Play the games with the smallest house edge. (Losing 1% on $20 bets is a smaller loss than losing 5% on $5 bets.)
2. Make small bets.
3. Play at a relaxed pace. The larger casinos train their dealers to deal, deal, deal, because the faster the games go, the more money they make. If a game is going too fast for you, bet less or try a smaller casino or a downtown casino where the play is more relaxed.
House Edge of various games
Here’s a chart showing the house edge for the most popular games. This assumes that you’re playing skillfully — for example, if you’re just guessing at Blackjack rather than using established Basic Strategy, the house edge will be several percent instead of 0.5%. Likewise, if you make the sucker bets in Craps, the house edge will be massive instead of a mere 0.8%. It’s important to note that even if you don’t play table games perfectly, you can still play with WAY better odds than you can get on a slot machine. For more on this, see our Crash Course in Table Games.

House Edge (with skilled play)
Maximum Payoff per unit bet

1.5 to 1

Craps, 1x Odds

2 to 1

Video Poker

800 to 1


1 to 1


35 to 1

Slot Machines, flat top

5,000 to 1

Slot Machines, progressive

millions to 1

thousands to 1
State Lottery, typical

millions to 1

(Progressive slot machines are the kind with the really big jackpots.
We’ll cover those in the slot machines section later.)
Excitement Factor
Naturally, the more money you can win, the more interested and excited you’ll be. That’s why slot machines are so popular — you can win thousands (or millions) for a measly quarter or two.

Not so with table games. Bet $10 at Blackjack, and a win will bring you only $10 or $15. And a loss will wipe out your $10 — a much bigger loss than the 25¢ you lost on the slot.

Looking at it that way, it would seem that you should play slots instead of Blackjack, because the potential reward is greater, and the amount of money you’re risking is smaller. On just one play, sure, that would be true. But if you’re playing for a long period of time, and if you care how much money you lose while trying to hit the jackpot, then slots are much worse for long-term play compared to blackjack. If you’re playing for more than a couple of hours and you want to lose as little as possible, Blackjack (and most other table games), with the lower house edge, is a better bet.

Nobody would play slot machines if there weren’t that chance of the big payout. But the penalty for the chance to win that big payout is a high house edge. Take a look at the table again (above), and notice that there’s an almot direct correlation between the house edge and the amount you can win from one bet. The more you can win at once, the higher the house edge.

That doesn’t mean that low-edge table games are superior in every way, just that you’ll lose money a lot slower over the long term. The penalty for that low house edge and the ability to play for a longer period of time is that you forfeit the chance to win BIG, like you could with a slot machine or Keno. Many gambling authors will tell you never to play progressive slot machines or Keno since they both have a high house edge, but put that into perspective: If you’re comfortable losing, say, $50 while trying to win a huge slot jackpot (even though you know it’s about as hard as winning the lottery), who’s to say that it’s not your decision to try? And sure, Keno has a 25% or more house edge, but is losing a $1 Keno game really a big problem?

So unlike most authors, I won’t tell you to never play Keno or progressive slots. I’ll just explain exactly what you’re up against, and let you make your own decisions about how to gamble your money. If you don’t want to lose much, you should concentrate on the games with the smallest house edge, but playing occasionally on high edge games won’t be devastating as long as you understand the risks and you limit your play.

There does happen to be a middle ground, a compromise — a way to possibly win a lot more money at a table game while keeping the small house edge built into the table game, and that’s to make BIG bets at the table game. Most Blackjack players bet $1, $5, or $25 a hand, but there’s no reason you couldn’t bet a huge chunk of your bankroll at once (as long as you don’t exceed the table limit). Of course, this is risky, and you could wind up winning or losing a large amount of money very quickly, but although your risk is higher, you have a better shot of actually winning a lot of money than you do with slots or keno. (In fact, this idea is the heart of the Half-Bankroll strategy I discuss later on.)

You could do the same thing (betting big) with slot machines (there are $25 and $100 a spin versions), but you shouldn’t. If you’re going to be making really large bets, stick with a game with a low edge.…

Full-Tilt-Poker Leaderboards – Current Leaders November 17th

As the Full Tilt Online Poker Series comes to a close, its time for another look at our November Leaderboard races. With only two weeks left, the races are starting to heat up.
If you’d like to follow the FTP Leaderboard results, FlopTurnRiver archives the results daily on the Full Tilt network page. You can find it here: Leaderboard-Calendar by scrolling down to the leaderboard section and choosing a day to view. Also, for today’s complete standings (top 250 in all three categories) click here: November 17th Leaderboard Results.
Current November 17th Top Ten MTT Leaders
1 sprstoner 10821.10
2 muoi1 7099.10
3 bethwolf22 5903.90
4 Pimpnuho 5538.60
5 pflippaD12 5504.20
6 kennl 5161.80
7 epokerounder 5067.70
8 inhidonks 5014.60
9 ThatsTheGame 4909.70
10 Matt238 4792.90
Sprstoner extends his lead on the Top Ten MTT Leaderboard with a win in the $80K guaranteed Sunday $163 Rebuy tournament worth $67,838 on 11/16. He has done well in this tournament in the past, with a crypto gambling earlier this month as well as a win in early October that paid over $58,000.
A specialist in multi-table Sit & Go tournaments, moui1 hangs on to 2nd place with consistent volume and results. Bethwolf22 rounds out the top three on the strength of a 17th place finish in FTOPS Event #24 this past Sunday that paid $2,310.

Also of note this week is Matt238′s recent ascent into the Top Ten. He finished 2nd to sprstoner in the $80K guaranteed Sunday $163 Rebuy tournament for a payout of $41,060, as well as placing 5th in FTOPS Event #19 for $25,765.

Current November 17th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1 Whitesnake1 17394.80
2 braminc 17126.50
3 PokerToronto 16699.40
4 Mack the Finger 13821.30
5 The Fiend 34 11932.50
6 good night baby 10943.70
7 HowBadDoIRun 10460.80
8 DDBeast 10377.80
9 jdpc27 10131.80
10 locks18 10104.30
The High Limit SNG Leaderboard race is shaping up to be a good one, with whitesnake1 taking the lead this week. He moved up from 3rd place last week, surpassing braminc, who holds down the #2 spot. PokerToronto, who has won the title the last two months, remains within striking distance in third place.
A couple of new names surfaced in the Top Ten this week. The Fiend 34 breaks into the Top Ten in 5th place this week, moving up from 20th place when we last reported. Good night baby also cracks the Top Ten with a big move, having not been in the Top 250 as of last week. We’ll see if he can maintain his momentum and make a move on the leaders next week.
Current November 17th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit
1 vertoprah 8042.00
2 fylhbzy 7590.30
3 nitrino 7205.00
4 Pippiloma 6843.80
5 Peristeria 6041.20
6 Randinho 5930.40
7 a4lord 5826.00
8 Ichodersoone 5438.10
9 respiratorz 5337.60
10 DHRTNSTKFKD 5096.80
Vertoprah maintains his lead in the Low Limit SNG Leaderboard race, holding steady over fylhbzy in second. Nitrino put in a solid week, moving up from 7th place last week to take over the #3 spot as this month’s race develops.
Pippiloma also put in a good week, passing up Peristeria and Randino to close in on fourth, well within striking distance of the leaders. Ichodersoone moves into the Top Ten for the first time this week, jumping from 23rd last week into 8th place in this week’s standings.
We’ll check back in a eek to see how these races are shaping up. Stay tuned!…

Canadian Slot Player Wins $5.6 Million  

Doris Wendt, sixty-eight, a retired nurse’s aid, dropped three coins into the slot at Casino Niagara in Niagara Falls, Ont. and hit the granddaddy of all slots payoffs— $5.6 million dollars. Casino spokesman Jay Meilstrup noted, “This is the kind of excitement Casino Niagara is becoming famous for.” Wendt’s comment on winning the momentous prize was, “I must have won something and this Valentines Day is a lot better than last year.” The government agreed and awarded the lucky lady her slot winnings.

Merrill Lynch Suggests Gaming Stocks

Merrill Lynch analyst David Anders is on record as recommending gaming stocks as a means to hedge against the declining Dow Jones average. “Because Casinos are mostly cash businesses and results are closely tracked by state gaming regulators there is little controversy concerning the validity of casino revenue.” In other words, David suggests we buy, buy, buy!

Macao Winners Announced

On February 8, the Chinese government announced the winners of the bidding for the lucrative Macao Gambling contracts. Major contenders and eventual winners were Macao Tourism and Amusement Company, Wynn Resorts (Macao) Ltd., and Galaxy Casino Co. Ltd. Alternates were MPM Entertainment Co. Ltd., MGM Mirage (Macao) Ltd., and Macao Star Ltd. The Wynn group appears to have a definite edge based on their track record and it would come as no surprise if they were able to capture this significant prize. The fact that Wynn Resorts was given preference over MGM and Park Place “must be considered a personal triumph for Steve Wynn.”

Tigua Band Forced to Close Casino

The Speaking Rock Casino run by the Tigua Band of Indians in El Paso was forced to close its doors by an order of the Supreme Court. The stay requested by the tribe was rejected and as of February 11, the tribe’s lucrative gambling Slot Gacor casino was forced to cease operations. “We will return,” said Alfred Alvidrez of the Tigua Nation, “it is extreme racism; some officials would rather see us in front of the unemployment lines begging for handouts.” Speaking Rock Casino has generated some $60 million yearly for the tribe and the state—money that has been used to provide housing, scholarships, and health insurance.


Lotto Madness


On February 16, the lines in front of California convenience stores stretched halfway around the block as gamers plunked down their dollars in hopes of winning the largest state sponsored lottery in U.S. history—$193 million. Despite the astronomical odds of winning players worldwide drove, flew, and waited in line to participate in this megabucks giveaway. It was reported that one Chinese contingent showed up with over $100,000 in pooled money on Saturday and flew home empty handed on Sunday perhaps sadder but definitely wiser. Three winners will share the prize but as of the date of this writing the lucky trio haven’t revealed themselves.



Online Casino Blacklist and wild casino ag

Previously on this site I reviewed every casino I played, good, bad, or in between. However my partners and I agreed that we were giving away too much free traffic through the good reviews and the paying advertisers were being ignored. So we are experimenting with other formats. It should be noted that an advertisement does not imply a personal endorsement, although I do keep the worst casinos off. I do feel strongly about warning players about bad casinos. In that interest I present my online casino blacklist.
Casino Bar: When I played at Casino Bar on May 27, 2002, and December 13, 2002, the evidence will show that I didn’t get a fair game of blackjack. Three other webmasters also tested them and the results were also not in line with a fair game. For the entire story please visit Casino Bar investigation. Date last played: December 13, 2002 (C.O.A World Entertainment software)
Casino Depot: See Golden Palace below wild casino ag .
All iGlobalMedia casinos: Last year (2000) I advertised an iGlobalMedia casino and several viewers were outraged and insisted they were cheating. So at that time I played one myself and my losses were so excessive that I had to agree that the cards were not being dealt randomly. Without admitting guilt the iGlobalMedia management invited me to replay their games when they released a software update. In November 2001, I tried them again, playing at the Zantana casino under the new software. I played 323 hands of blackjack and had a loss of 16 units. This is well within the normal range; the probability of doing worse in a fair game is about 25%. So it seems to me they have are now playing fairly. Unfortunately the frequent broken connections are still a problem. I also never received a 10% bonus I was entitled to. Other casinos using this software include Starluck, Big Cat, Luckyland, Megaplay, and Club Chance.
Golden Palace: During the glory days of Internet casino bonus hunting the Golden Palace offered a 20% bonus on purchases up to $10,000, every month. I personally collected $2000 in bonuses every month, and sometimes from their sister casino Casino Depot as well. In April 2000 they evidently started to realize what was going on and sent players letters stating that if they didn’t play more during off promotions they would not be offered future promotions. This was fair and I gave them more free play. Others made deposits immediately after receiving this letter and played. Shortly after this they took an even stronger stance and locked out all players suspected of bonus abuse. By early June they had finished their investigations. Some players, including me, got their money back, and some did not. Golden Palace says those funds were donated to charity. I am of the opinion that every online casino should abide by their own rules. Seizing funds from players whose only fault is abusing bonuses is not acceptable. Not until the Golden Palace refunds the accounts of all players from this debacle will I remove them from the blacklist. For the long version of this story visit my Golden Palace statement. (Aqua Online software)
All MGM Gaming Systems casinos: The Wizard of Odds recommends you to not play joker poker at all casinos that use MGM Gaming Systems software. Based on my play at Transnet Casino (click here for full story) I very strongly believe that this software is not playing a fair game of joker poker. Besides Transnet other casinos that use this software include Axel, Casimodo Palace, Casino XO, Lazarus, Master Blackjack, Moon Palace, Paradise Players, Players Palace, Tiger Dragon, and Vino.
One Click & Play: I took a lot of criticism when I ran an ad for this casino in my newsletter. They are often accused of slow paying wild casino ag winners, or not paying them at all. In an effort to see what all the fuss was about I played there myself. I was immediately suspicious when their web site claims to pay a bonus of $101 + 30% on top of every deposit, even on deposits as little as $50. This amounts to a 232% bonus. So I deposited $50 and immediately got my $116 bonus. I lost quickly at first but then my luck leveled off. Overall I played 334 hands and lost 17.5 units. The probability of losing this badly or worse is 21%, so nothing unusual. However I did learn only after making a deposit that the bonuses are sticky. When you try to cash out they subtract your total bonuses and what is left is what you can cash out. This rule was not stated on their web site anywhere that I could find. The games are very basic and simple. Just cards flashing on the screen and no sound effects. You have to specify your bet by entering a number in a text box. Other players report being slow paid from this casino and only after a great deal of nagging. If you still wish to play here are their blackjack rules, which are not stated anywhere on their web site:
Unknown number of decks
Dealer stands on soft 17
Player may double on any two cards
Player may double after a split
Player may only split once
Drawing and doubling to split aces is allowed
Dealer peeks for blackjack with an ace showing after player buys or refuses insurance
Dealer does not peek with a 10 showing. I do not know if the player can lose his total amount bet after doubling or splitting if the dealer has an ace in the hole.
Assuming six decks and the dealer does take the full bet on a blackjack with an ace in the hole the house edge would be 0.37%.

I have received numerous e-mails from Michael from One Click & Play about how unfair my listing of them is. He claims that their terms and conditions are the same as those of Casino on Net. According to his own T&C; he may seize a player’s winnings and leave him only with his original deposits. Can you imagine the public outcry if a Las Vegas casino seized a player’s winnings because he aggressively played a promotion? As far as I can tell Casino on Net only reserves the right to refuse redemption of bonuses. In my opinion retaining the right to seize winnings is just cause alone to be blacklisted. He has yet to show me an example of another major casino which retains this right. Thus I feel One Click & Play is not unfairly singed out as their management claims.

Although I have received many horror stories about One Click & Play I will post just one. In the interests of telling both sides of the story here is the One Click & Play response. Dates of play: March 31-April 2, 2002 (My Casino Builder software)

Sound Bet: Not only is this casino a virtual copy of Infinite Casino, without permission, but they have misappropriated my Fair Gaming Seal. Not only did I never certify their games I have never had any communication with them at all. This is the blackest of the black list.
All Vegas Strip casinos: I played at Cleopatra’s Casino when they had a $100 bonus for $100 deposit promotion. I ran my balance up to $300 and cashed out. The $200 in bonus/winnings arrived 20 days later by Fed Ex, with an apology for taking so long. As usual with Real Time Gaming casinos everything went very smoothly and the bonus was paid quickly and without fuss. However I got a complaint from a player in July 2001 saying he responded to a Cleopatra promotion through this site. The player in question claims they refused payment of winnings and ignored all his inquiries. I put in an inquiry myself about the situation, which they never responded to. Failure to respond to my inquiry is just cause for me to remove my endorsement. This casino is part of the “Vegas Strip” family of casinos, a group I have been hearing a lot of complaints about. The GameMaster reports they have refused to pay winnings to players just for living in Denmark (a country known for Internet casino fraud). Other Vegas Strip casinos include America’s Online Casino, Cleopatra’s Casino, Club Regal Casino, eWorld Casino, and Club Mardi Gras Casino. Last date played: May 9, 2001. (Real Time Gaming software)

Sticky Bonuses Explained
Many online casinos have a provision that a bonus may never be cashed out. This is what has become known in the online gambling community as a “sticky bonus”, because it always sticks to your account until you lose it. Winnings resulting from sticky bonuses may be cashed out. If you have a sticky bonus here is how I would recommend getting the most out of it. First cash out everything except the sticky bonus. Then play some more with the sticky bonus money until you have either won enough to bother making another redemption or have blown the entire thing. I would make large bets to avoid the house edge from grinding you down. If playing blackjack always leave enough for doubles and splits. Keep in mind redemption fees. The greater the redemption fee the greater I will set my winning goal. For example if there is a redemption fee I may set a goal to win $500, otherwise my goal may only be $250. If and when you reach your winning goal then cash out everything except the bonus and repeat the process until you do eventually lose everything.…

Sports Pools coming to PlayNow.com

Online gaming and sportsbetting platform provider OpenBet has signed a deal to provide the PlayNow.com domain from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) with its Sports Pools innovation.

London-based OpenBet stated that the launch of Sports Pools is set to be a first for a Canadian regulated online gambling site as it will engage ‘all levels of fans with their favourite sports’ without requiring knowledge of ‘sportsbook odds’.

For a CAD$5 ($3.85) buy-in, players at PlayNow.com will be able to test their sports knowledge against others for a chance to win or share a prize pool. Sports Pools sees participants attempt to select as many inscrivez-vous winning outcomes as possible from a betting card with the cash going to the competitor with the most correct picks.

OpenBet declared that its platform and centralised player account management system were instrumental in the BCLC premiering an initial online offering in June of 2010 and that it has since worked ‘closely’ with the state-owned operator by continuing to ‘develop the offering through new games like Sports Pools’.

“We are delighted to continue our work with the BCLC through the launch of Sports Pools,” said Jeremy Thompson-Hill, Chief Executive Officer for OpenBet.

“OpenBet is focused on working with our customers to develop technology that offers a superior player experience with new entertaining ways to play. Sports Pools is a great new product for the BCLC and one we have been pleased to work with [it] in developing.”

For its part, the BCLC stated that it offers ‘socially responsible gaming entertainment’ with the launch of Sports Pools expected to help it to generate income ‘to benefit all British Columbians’.

“Sports Pools offers sports fans an innovative and easy point of entry into sportsbetting that is fun and appealing,” said Monica Bohm, eGaming Vice-President for the BCLC.

“It is another example of PlayNow.com delivering the very best in gambling entertainment to British Columbians while helping communities across the province grow.”

Play the Progressive to Win Really Massive Jackpots

Most of us are happy to just win enough to keep playing with, but wouldn’t it be great to win a big progressive jackpot?! On most online slots games you have to make a max bet in order to qualify to win the progressive jackpot. Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking to get the right five of a kind only to realize that you’d only bet on a few lines, or bet on all paylines but only a minimum bet?!
I don’t always make a max bet, myself. But I Inscrivez-Vous sure do if I have a hunch that the jackpot is about to be won! And one place I’m definitely placing max bets these days is WinADayCasino.com. The jackpot there, which is tied to most of their slots games, is about $200,000. WinADay’s progressive jackpot hardly ever gets that big because it gets hit so often. I’m convinced it’s going to be won very soon and I’m sure not going to miss it by not betting enough!

The jackpot at WinADay’s sister site, Slotland.com,is getting big too. It just a big progressive jackpot win in September when Abigal J. won $189,897 playing the ‘Pearls of Atlantis’ slots game. But since it’s usually hit every 6 – 8 weeks I just have a feeling it’s about due so I’m definitely playing my “max bet” strategy there lately as well.

If you don’t think you’d be satisfied with a paltry $100K or $200K jackpot win, maybe you should play some of the games out there that have progressive jackpots well over a million dollars. They aren’t won as frequently as some others but wow, when someone hits a jackpot like that it’s life changing.

The biggest jackpots available to American players are still the seven-figure Jackpot Pinatas and Aztec’s Millions slots jackpots that are available at most most RTG casinos. I recommend JackpotCapital.eu, Intertops Casino and GrandeVegasCasino.com because I know and trust the management of these companies.

One of the biggest jackpots anywhere is the ‘Mega Moolah’ which is currently over $5.2 million! Can you imagine winning five million bucks with the click of a mouse?! Haha — of course you can, that’s why you play online slots! Well, if you can imagine yourself spending $5 million then go play the Mega Moolah. It’s a available at lots of online casinos but my favourite for Microgaming casino games has got to be Bulldog777.com.

Good luck!…