Hollywood slothoki Taking Over

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The last time we saw Ben Affleck playing poker, he was rolling over to Willie Garson (you know, the gay friend on Sex in the City) in the inaugural edition of Celebrity Poker. Not exactly the best way to demonstrate your poker acumen.

Apparently the star of such blockbusters as Gigli and Jersey Girl does better when he plays with his own money. On Sunday, Affleck won the California State slothoki Championship. This wasn’t just some little Hollywood home game. Affleck won $356,400 and a spot in next year’s World Poker Tour Championship.

Poker pro Stan Goldstein finished second and the head of Castle Rock Entertainment, Chuck Pacheco, finished казино third. It’s clear Matt Damon’s lesser half has a little talent when it comes to this game. You don’t just luck into a win like this.

By the way, Spiderman apparently doesn’t have the same skill as Daredevil. Tobey Maguire also played in this tourney but got knocked out on the first day.

This all brings me to my favorite celebrity poker player (and fellow poker blogger), Wil Wheaton. Yesterday, Wil announced he’ll be playing in the World Poker Tour’s second edition of the Hollywood Home Game. The winner gets a buy in to the World Poker Tour Championship. Wil doesn’t mention who the other celebrities are, but my money is on him! If he plays like he did during his “lying in odessa” series (a must read!!), I’m sure he’ll be fine.

And who knows? Maybe when the World Poker Tour Championship gets rolling next year, we’ll see Wil and Ben facing off at the final table. Now wouldn’t that be fun!

UPDATE: Wil reports the game has been played, but he can’t talk about it. In comments here, he did divulge he couldn’t drop the HAMMER. Maybe next time.

I think I may refuse to write about the actual tourney since I didn’t spend much time actually playing (see BadBlood’s account of the carnage on his write up).

party.jpgSo, while I was out directing the mess outside, I got word that the final table had finally sat down (and thanks to Greenwood Phil for his organizational help). Thirty-three players had been reduced to eight, all vying to make it to the top five and win a little money. Asses had turned to diamonds. I’m sure somebody was cursing me for renting cheap fiberglass chairs. The beer had begun to disappear. I started snapping pictures. Somewhere, there is videotape. Hopefully we can bring you that soon.

badblood.jpgI was very happy to see two of the three poker bloggers in attendance make the cut into the money. You never know what to expect when you invite someone you’ve never met before. You’re not sure if you’ll get a raving lunatic or a crying drunk.I got lucky this time. After meeting Badblood in Iggy’s Blog Invitational, we discovered we lived in the same city. Turns out Badblood is a solid player and a helluva nice guy to boot. I hope to play with him again when I’m playing a little better and don’t have 80 people waiting on their party host to tap the keg.

CJ.jpgLong-time friend and webhost for Up For Poker, CJ, played his A-game, proving once again to be one of the top players among us. He flew a long way and sat in some serious traffic to play in the tourney. He deserved his money win. That’s not to mention the other money winners, David M. and Team Scott Smith (for a picture of Team Scott Smith, scroll through the archive until you find a guy holding up four kings…he’s been winning a lot recently).

Still, not to be outdone, Boston J. Reilly outlasted the crowd, paying for his plane ticket and most of his wife’s plane ticket down to the Palmetto State. I miss those folks a lot and was damned happy to have them back in my home. Not a bad evening, eh?