Translation Quality: Rules For Success by Translation Agencies UK

Contrary maybe to your experience, getting a good quality translation is not a Russian roulette game…. I put three bullets in the 6-bullet cylinder, I have a good 50/50 chance surviving pulling the trigger…. I did my due diligence when selecting my translator/translation agency, I can be reasonably certain of the successful outcome….

Maybe. But leaving things to chance does not bode well for your final satisfaction. In fact, empirical data show that the editing time spent on any translation does not increase/decrease in linear proportions with the quality (or lack thereof) of the job done.

My personal experience over the last 15 years taught me that compared with a good translation job, a mediocre one will drastically increase the time I spend proofreading/editing it, whatever the number of actual translation errors found in the document!

But why?

The mechanism is a simple one: as the proofreader/editor notices that translation errors are a bit too numerous for his/her own comfort, his/her attention cannot help but zeroing in on the possibility of further errors. His/her critique becomes unforgiving. Gradually, he/she rewrites larger and larger chunks of the copy. What might have be considered acceptable quality to start with becomes less and less acceptable. More Translation Agencies UK “has” to be rewritten. Even on purely subjective grounds of perceived style improprieties.

In quite the opposite way, an editor correcting a generally well-written and technically accurate translation will become less and less keen to superimpose his/her own indiosyncrasies on the translation job: “Mmmh, I wouldn’t have written it this way, but it’s correct”. Or in other terms, the editor tends to go by the rule “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Based on this, how can you avoid the pitfalls of translator selection?

The 8 rules

I found out of experience that any translation effort will fail in the absence of 8 crucial factors. No hat trick here, just plain old hit-and-miss experience acquired in the course of the last fifteen years in the business of translating financial research.

What are those eight factors?

Give a specialized job to a specialized translator
Know your translator’s experience
Small specialized translation businesses will often do a better job
Your translator must team with an editor
Share your own knowledge
Bubbles Translation for a glossary
Allow your translator enough time to do a good job
Cost may be an issue, but your time is often more costly
(For a detailed explanation of these factors, click here: 8 Rules to Select and Work with the Right Translator.)

Any failure in a translation job can be traced back to a breach of one or several of these rules.

How to Alleviate and Avoid Diamond Painting Neck Pain

If you love diamond painting, you know how easy it is to get so wrapped up in your current work in progress (WIP) that you pay no attention to the clock. Time just seems to fly by when you are engaged in your favorite hobby. And, while that’s a beautiful thing, it also has its drawbacks. Spending several hours working on a diamond art painting can put strain on your neck and back, much like typing at a computer can, and could lead to pretty severe aches and pains. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect your body and keep soreness at bay. Keep reading to discover a few ways to alleviate and avoid diamond painting discomfort.

Use a Light Pad
Do you catch yourself hunching over your work surface, trying to get your face as close to the canvas as possible because you can’t see what you’re doing? If so, investing in a light pad for diamond painting might be just what the doctor ordered.

Light pads illuminate your work from below, making it much easier to read the symbols and see where each drill belongs. When you can see better, you are less likely to end up hunched over in an attempt to get a better view. In addition, using a light pad reduces eye strain, so it also helps to prevent headaches.

Take Breaks to Stretch
It’s easy to lose track of how long you’ve been doing something when it’s an enjoyable activity. Unfortunately, spending too much time in the same position can become a literal pain in the neck. When working on a diamond painting, it is a good idea to get up and stretch your body every so often. Doing a few basic neck rolls and shoulder stretches will refresh you and help prevent stiffness and pain.

Because you may not be aware of how quickly time is passing when you craft, you might want to consider a way to remind yourself to take these stretch breaks with Diamond Painting. When you first sit down, set a timer for 30 minutes. Get up and stretch for a couple of minutes when it goes off, and then repeat until you are finished with your diamond painting session for the day.

Upgrade Your Seating
If you are sitting on a hard, dining room chair or bench while crafting, it’s time to upgrade to a more ergonomic option. Look for a high-quality office or gaming chair with plenty of padding. Make sure the height is adjustable, too.

And, if upgrading to a new chair isn’t financially feasible at the moment, try adding a wedge cushion or lumbar support to your current seat. Either way, improving the surface you sit on takes some of the strain off your neck and back.

Adjust Your Work Surface

Working on a flat countertop or your kitchen table might not be the best — or most comfortable — option for completing a diamond painting. A work surface that is elevated and tilted, putting the canvas closer to your eye level, is a better option. Think of it like painting at an easel instead of on a table.

Depending on your budget and available space, there are a few different ways to improve your work surface. Buying an adjustable drafting or crafting table is the best and easiest option. However, using a tabletop easel or laptop stand helps, too. Anything that allows you to elevate and tilt your work in progress will reduce the amount that you stoop over while working, which will, in turn, ease neck pressure. If you need some inspiration, check out these great, craft desk ideas.

Pay Attention to Your Posture
Your mom wasn’t wrong all those times she told you to sit up straight! Slouching while crafting is common and can take a serious toll on your body. Slumping your head and shoulders forward puts excess strain on your neck and upper back. And, when you stay in that position for an extended period of time, you are likely to end up with aching muscles.

Taking breaks to stretch helps with this, to a degree, but it’s best to pay close attention to your posture and adjust as needed. Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor, check that you aren’t leaning forward too much, and make sure your supplies are within easy reach so you can maintain your alignment as you work.

There are a lot of things you can do to avoid incurring muscle aches and soreness when you become deeply engaged in diamond painting. In addition to making your crafting sessions more enjoyable, doing so will limit the risk of muscle strain and injuries. Try the suggestions above today and you might just find that you love diamond painting even more! …

Any question related to Sbobet gambling is fair game

I find your columns very intriguing, but I must confess, I do not go to the casino but once a year with my daughter on my birthday. I do dabble occasionally with the California lottery and Wednesday night bingo. Thank you for writing not only about casino gambling, but also about some of the other offerings that relate to gambling. Doris M.

Over the past few years, I have received numerous letters from readers like yourself who do not gamble at all. One editor of a newspaper who carries Deal Me In told me that half of his (Deal’s) letters come from readers who’ve never set a foot in a casino. They enjoy the column not only for the insider information – for my sins I spent my 18-year penance working in these grind joints – but also  because all gambling questions, whether technical, societal, philosophical or what’s my favorite buffet in Las Vegas, are open to discussion in my Q&A; forum. So occasionally, I will answer questions on the lottery, sweepstakes, bingo, kitchen table poker, and even carnival games of chance.


As long as it is your hard-earned money at risk, no question on any form of gambling is trivial to me. Hopefully, Doris, Deal Me In is the North Star showing you the way on the games you play.


Dear Mark,

I read where Mike Ditka was banned from a casino for three months  for tossing a cigar at a pit boss. The pit boss made an unfavorable ruling when a die was cocked on a stack of chips. What is your take? Scott S.


In a frenzied game like craps, a boxman needs to make split-second decisions that are not always favorable to the player. In Ditkašs case, I visualize one of the dice leaning towards the number four, matching up with the three on the sister cube , and instantly you have seven-out, line-away. Without being there and knowing all the facts, I trust the judgment the boxman made on the call. He, or she, has made hundreds of similar calls before, and although it is not always advantageous to a former NFL player and coach, it most likely was the correct decision.


The other matter is the behavior of the disorderly player. For that, I agree with Nick the Greek, who said about sore losers; “The only difference between a winner and a loser is – character.” Ditka deserved the heave-ho!


Dear Mark,

Is there any set time that you should walk away from a cold Sbobet machine? I ask because often I spend far too much time on a slot machine, not even knowing how much I’ve spent. Joyce G.


If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out instantly. Yet, if you were to place it in a pot of cool water and slowly raise the temperature to the boiling point, the frog will unsuspectingly meet its fatal demise. As the metaphor suggests, we human frogs can cook ourselves to death in a casino, hanging around slot machines and table games far too long, waiting for our luck to turn.


I am asking you to jump out of the pot NOT because a machine is cold. I have explained in past columns that each spin on a slot machine is an independent event based on the random number generator (RNG). I am asking you to jump out because I want you to develop discipline and fiscal awareness of your bankroll when you play. After you lose a certain percentage of your playing capital, like five percent, or five pulls with no return, learn to walk away. That way, Joyce, you will be smarter than the frog.


Gambling thought of the week: “It can be argued that man’s instinct to gamble is the only reason he is still not a monkey up in the trees.” – Mario Puzo, Inside Las Vegas



A-League of crypto gambling: New Football Off To A Flyer

Marc Fox reports on the impact of Dwight Yorke, Kevin Muscat, Archie Thompson, Alex Brosque and Richard Kitzbichler: harbingers of football’s rebirth down under.

Thanks in no small part to the five imports named above, Australian football’s governing body has seen all its dreams come true in the opening weeks of the inaugural A-League. If six months ago, you had foretold the start of the fledgling competition would see not just sparkling debuts but goals from each of these players, your prophesy would have been laughed out of town.

However, from the moment Adelaide United’s veteran striker Carl Veart headed home the first-ever A-League goal at the Newcastle Jets – springing the first of a host of surprise results during three rounds of action – the competition’s leading men have continued to step up and meet the challenge of chartering new football’s voyage to a more credible future.

Yorke, Thompson and young gun Brosque each struck in the opening weekend, the former Manchester United striker opening his Sydney FC account 44 minutes into his debut against Melbourne Victory. New dad Thompson, himself fulfilling all his personal ambitions including two goals in the World Cup playoff against the Solomon Islands, equalised in the second-half to force shared honours.

Meanwhile, Queensland’s Brosque held his nerve ten minutes from time in his first A-League outing to snatch the points from New Zealand. In round two, Muscat and Kitzbichler – one a returning hero, the other an Austrian international – each scored for Melbourne in its 2-2 draw with Perth.

That is not to demean the impact local crypto gambling talent has made in the heavily-budgeted never-seen-before A-League show. Bobby Despotovski (Perth), Nick Carle and Ante Milicic (both Newcastle), Noel Spencer and Tom Pondeljak (both Central Coast), Jonti Richter (Queensland), Ross Aloisi (Adelaide) and Zenon Caravella (New Zealand) all deserve a special mention from the group of players to have stepped up from the old National Soccer League.

Not only has the new league been rich in talent, it’s proved to be far closer than bookmakers would have had you believe before launch. For instance, only three games from 12 have been won by more than the odd goal. Moreover, only one team has not yet recorded a victory – surprisingly early picks Melbourne Victory – and just one has won twice (the unlikely frontrunners Adelaide United).

Off the pitch, the FFA declared an early victory as crowd figures topped 70,000 across the four venues for the opening round alone, a weekend in which the domestic record for attendance at a non-finals league match was broken twice in the space of two hours – first at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane where 21,000 Queenslanders made history, then at Aussie Stadium in Sydney where the turnout exceeded 25,000. More importantly, fixtures are still averaging upwards of 12,000 supporters with the biggest pullers Sydney, Queensland and Melbourne having played only once at home so far.

The Road To Germany – Part 2

Outside the A-League, fate continues to deal a good hand to the Australian football authorities. The Socceroos breezed past the challenge of the Solomon Islands despite some hairy moments in the away leg in Honiara. Having already subjected the Melanesians to a seven-goal tanking in Sydney in the first tie, complacency, humidity and tactical naivety all combined to anger new coach Guus Hiddink at the way his squad bumbled to a 2-1 victory.

Nevertheless – and as expected – the Socceroos have booked their place as Oceania’s challengers in November’s double-header against the fifth-placed South American qualifiers. Nothing new there but what did make a refreshing change was FIFA’s decision – albeit via the gamble of drawing lots – to award Australia the benefit of playing the final decisive leg at home.

The Socceroos’ likely opponents are either current fifth-placed side Uruguay – their 2001 World Cup nemesis – or sixth-placed Colombia, neither of which would be straightforward assignments despite the advantage of being able to defend stoutly away and strike at home.…



I just finished my taxes.


I feel like I was just punished for being on the cutting edge of computer and monetary science. That will teach me – why would I want to be part of an innovative technology in the USA?


How dare I?


Before I relate my experience and interpretations, know up front, I’m not a tax expert. I’m only indicating how I interpreted the rulings. Your professional tax person might advise differently so don’t use this story as any kind of tax advice.


I doubt any IRS researcher actually took time to sit down with an actual alt-coin miner to study the effects of how their ruling that, in effect, double or triple taxes alt-coin mining. I suspect they never sat down with somebody in the trenches and asked some very simple “What if” questions. The unexpected consequences of making broad decisions over complex systems might kill the innovation from ever developing. I would be interested to see proof of any actual real-life use-case study that was used by the IRS to predict the results their ruling. I’ve taken it upon myself to take create one case study by examining one day of the life and times of a digital currency miner (me). Hopefully this will enlighten somebody to actually understand how the ruling could affect us. Perhaps it will become obvious that nasty and probably unexpected consequences might follow these actions. Learn more about SKYBLOCK COIN STORE



They declared that alt-coin miners must pay income tax, and well as capital gains tax as soon as they’ve swapped them for another digital currency such as bitcoin. I believe they treated alt-coins as if you could also sell them directly for fiat which is incorrect almost all of the time. In addition- when those bitcoins you’ve traded them for then are sold for dollars, or used to purchase something – you’ve just been triple taxed it before it has become useful for anything in the real world.


First tax= income at coin creation.


Second tax = Capital gains tax when selling the coin for a dollar-exchangeable coin. Higher short-term capital asset tax.


Third tax = Capital gains tax again when selling your converted bitcoin it to fiat, or simply buyingsomething. Heaven forbid if you buy something with it before it exists for one year as you will get taxed at an even higher rate. Again.


The way I see it, there might be two directions this ruling may lead:


IRS efforts appear to be trying to kill digital mining in the USA through regulation.

The rules of tracking, accounting, and reporting are so complicated that the effort required to even begin to keep up will cause such a loss that there will be no will to go on. Any invention, research – experimentation or good that would have come out of amazing potential of digital currencies – will have to come from other countries. Technology follows the path of least resistance. If you put up dams, the flow of technology will find somewhere else to flow and thrive.

IRS efforts may create a new army of tax dodgers and rogues that go deeper underground to continue with the efforts of science and innovation outside of the prying eyes of the government. Thanks to our government in the US, we can now get a taste of what it feels like to live in communist countries.

We can thank the efforts of the governments around the world to regulate Napster out of existence, then just about any other centralized company that tried to allow for file-sharing. Because of this, we now have bittorrent, port hopping decentralized DNS and TOR. Our nature as humans is to follow the path of least resistance. Consider any ruling that you have: if it is seen as unreasonable or a blockage for technology, it will simply be bypassed and made irrelevant. The law of unintended consequences could develop around the revolutionary technology in ways you can’t possibly imagine. Did the record industry or the movie industry predict bittorrent would be developed when they simply tried to stop file sharing?

Let me shine a light into the world of a “stay-at-home” digital currency miner so the IRS might actually have an example of a case-study.


I heard about digital currencies last spring and thought that was a cool idea and I ought to look into it. I’ve been a computer junkie for 20 years and figured it would be something I could master. After spending a week trying to mine bitcoin with my computer CPU last spring, it became obvious that bitcoin was already too hard to mine without purposely built ASICs computer chips that were just then coming to market. Chasing a tiny bit of profit would have to come through “Scrypt Mining” beginning with litecoin. I know how to build computers and can install software so I figured I would experiment and dabble.


My research into digital currency mining stretched from a few days to weeks and eventually months. I read, tweaked, fiddled, readjusted, stayed awake all night, tweaked again, rebooted, bought new hardware, rebuilt, tested, rebuilt and rebooted…a lot. Running video cards at the peak performance is like rocking back in a rocking chair and getting all the way back to the point you almost tip backwards…and then hold it there. It seems only a slight gust of wind would be enough to push the system over the edge and crash. You are literally pushing the boundaries of your hardware way past the point the manufacturer intended. Needless to say, I don’t expect the hardware to live long enough to make it past the warranty period. I calculated that if I added my time together doing all of this research, trial and error and various mining activities I’ve spent close to working a full time job for four months just through experimenting on it. I was often still going past 2 am before I could drag myself to bed.


The IRS probably doesn’t understand that the difficulty just keeps rising as you go so you have to keep buying better hardware just to stay in place in receiving coins. Once you’ve purchased the hardware – you are committed. You can’t expect any kind of return on your investment if it just sits there doing nothing. A crashed system doesn’t pay for itself. Up-time is everything. You have just a fairly short window of opportunity to make the money back before the hardware is obsolete in the digital arms race. Even then we are speculating the price will continue to rise. If not, we’ve just got really expensive toasters.


Then there are all kinds of unexpected challenges for which you must contend. It is not profitable to mine by yourself as the odds of you solving the puzzles to be awarded the new currency are extremely low. We join mining pools. The problem with the early mining pools are that they are largly run by armature geeks with no proven reliability. Pools would go down often, sometimes for days, or weeks. They were always being hacked, and on many occasions, my lite-coins were stolen before I could withdraw them.


Too many times to count, the pool just went dark. No explanation, just… gone. And my coins with it. That, I suppose, is the price you pay for being on the bleeding edge. It cost me electricity, time, and hardware only to see coins vanish. The media covers the bitcoin exchanges going out, but I haven’t read anything about mining pools doing the same thing. But with the new IRS ruling, technically – as soon as those coins were mined into existence, that was supposedly income for me to report. Unfortunately, there is no record of those coins because those pools took any record of the activity down with them. Hopefully this doesn’t make me an outlaw on somebody’s ‘list’. Those were expensive lessons. Not only did I lose out on the coin, but the electrical costs made my electricity bill double, and I also had the ‘opportunity loss’ where I might have been mining coins at a reliable pool. Losing them hurts triple when you count the two that were stolen, the electricity it took to create them that might have made you whole, and the two that you could have earned had you been on a more trustworthy pool to begin with.


But even when it is running perfectly, based on the market – many days were at a loss to even recover the price of electricity. But some of us do it for the pioneering effort to perhaps change the world. It isn’t all just about money. This is a new science and could go in endless directions. Mining is absolutely necessary for the effort to sprout and the destinies someday reached. To place burdens such as the enormous amount of tracking and paperwork added to the complexity and time involved in just performing this service will kill it, at least in the USA.


To explain this, I will use my mining efforts from yesterday to illustrate.


Bitcoins are too difficult to mine from home on “regular” PC hardware, so unless one is a dedicated business with a lot of money and space to dedicate to this function, regular people are priced out. We’ve had to set our sights on more attainable goals and coins using the “Scrypt” function is about all we have left for the digital currency scraps.


Because of the enormous amount of alt-coins available to mine and new versions seemingly pop up daily, many now use one of the various “multi-coin” pools. The logic running these pools programmatically check the real time value of the various coins will switch all process power to that coin on an hourly basis. This now creates a problem. We must declare income as soon as a coin is mined into existence for each coin not knowing which coin we will be mining from one hour to the next.


For example, dogecoin’s value is currently so low it takes roughly 100 of them to equal the price a nickel. We are now supposed to recognize that and pay income tax on each one. Using yesterday for an example, the pool automatically switched between feathercoin where I made a total of 41 cents to dogecoin, as the profitability peak changed throughout the day. I made a gross income of $4.33.


But according the calculations on – I used $5.28 in electricity for the three machines to pull in the “mother-load”. So my net income for yesterday was negative 94 cents. I only know this price because that’s what the pool indicated when they were sent the proceeds to my account. According the the IRS ruling, I have to track that amount each day and report it. Also, I have to keep track of every one of the 10,000 or so dogecoins I helped “birth” yesterday. If I trade in 500 dogecoins someday so I can have a “whole” quarter, I’m supposed to know which daily batch of 10,000 they might have come from, so I can figure the capital gains tax on the 25 cent piece. This only happened once they meet the minimum threshold that the pool considers it worthwhile to even send them as some coins are worth seven numbers right of the decimal point. That means it might take a million to make a dime. Technically, I’m supposed to report a millionth of a dollar? How much paperwork and calculations go into figuring that and reporting it? Can we agree this is unreasonable? Didn’t somebody at the IRS talk to an actual alt-coin miner to see the burden and understand this will kill any innovation? As I hope to …

Live Reports from the Global Online Casino Singapore Gaming Expo

WINNERonline’s Chuck Greene and Stuart Kernaghan bring you the latest Internet gambling news direct from the Global Gaming Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, October 1 to 3, 2001. Check back during the day for live updates from the convention floor.

Tuesday, 02 Oct 2001

Tuesday’s Report from G2E by Stuart Kernaghan.

Monday, 01 Oct 2001

Monday Afternoon at G2E by Stuart Kernaghan.

Monday Morning at G2E by Stuart Kernaghan.

Friday, 28 Sep 2001

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) starts October 1. Chuck is already in Vegas, soaking up the sun and lining up for Jay Leno tickets. Stuart will be boarding the plane on Sunday afternoon, and hitting the convention floor first thing Monday morning.

Internet gambling companies exhibiting at the show include: BMM North America, Boss Media, Casino Promote,,, Chartwell Technology Inc., ClearChecks,, DataPro, Diamond Digital Media, E-Commerce Marketing/Casino Trade, First Multimedia Group,, Gambling Online Magazine, Gambling Times Magazine,, Gaming & Entertainment Technology, Gaming Logix, Green Room Media,, iGamingSolutions,, Infinium Software, Interactive Gaming Council, IQ-Ludorum Software, iTech Digital,, Mary Ann Liebert Inc. Publishers, Online Gaming Systems, Orbis Development, Playtech,, Power to Ten/Web Game Corp, Reserved, The River City Group, WebStorm Media, and World Gaming plc.

South Pacific Casino Offers Peace of Mind, an Internet casino based in Vanuatu, this week announced the implementation of a Online Casino Singapore service that it hopes will bring peace of mind to customers using credit cards.

It’s called Internet Transaction Insurance and it’s offered by SafeTrade Limited. The service, which SafeTrade reports is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, is designed to remove the risk of players’ credit card details being used fraudulently. It’s also designed to assure that customers receive merchandise that they’ve ordered online.

Internet Transaction Insurance guarantees that any customer whose credit card details are used fraudulently after they have provided details to a member site will be reimbursed for the loss. Likewise, customers will be reimbursed when goods purchased online are not delivered.

SafeTrade Limited, formed in October 1999, provides solutions that guarantee web users a secure environment when conducting credit card transactions on the Internet. The company boasts that no one else offers such a service. is the home to an Internet casino operated by DJN Limited of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. The site, which commenced operations is March 2001, is fully licensed by the government of Vanuatu.

Players at the casino can select from a menu of games that includes blackjack, roulette, video keno, scratch-offs, SicBo, slots, video poker and mini-baccarat. The games are available through a suite of software that can be downloaded for free at the web site.



Crown/AGT Deal Brings another Big Player into the Mix of Trusted Online Casino Singapore

Traditionally a land-based slot machine manufacturer, Ainsworth Game Technology (AGT) announced Wednesday that it has agreed to provide Packer’s new online casino with a suite of casino games.

Under the terms of the deal AGT will provide, which launched earlier this month, with exclusive games for the site. The partnership marks AGT’s first venture into the online gaming arena.

Published reports in the Australian press after the deal predicted AGT would use the PBL deal as a springboard for further involvement in the interactive sector, but a company spokesperson said those are off base.

John Houston, AGT’s marketing manager, said the agreement is more about continuing an established land-based relationship the company already has with Packer’s Publishing & Broadcasting Ltd. group, which operates Crown Casino, one of Melbourne’s biggest land-based operations.

“This is more about us just carrying on with the service we provide to them with our land-based machines,” he said. “We aren’t ready to actively pursue the Internet as a market for our product.”

While AGT will develop games that will be exclusive to, PBL is free to source games from any supplier. The table and slot games now offered by were developed in-house at PBL.

AGT is one of Len Ainsworth’s companies. Ainsworth has been able to amass a sizable chunk of the Australian gaming market with his video poker and slot machines, which are immensely popular in Australian casinos and in Trusted Online Casino Singapore

Ainsworth’s association with the Packers dates back to the mid 1990s, when he still held a stake in Aristocrat Leisure, the poker machine manufacturer he founded in 1952.

Kerry Packer approached Ainsworth about buying out Aristocrat just before it went public in 1996. Ainsworth turned down the offer and instead passed his Aristocrat holding to his family the following year.

Ainsworth returned to the poker machine industry in 1999, when he established AGT, of which he owns 56.5 percent. A December float of the company raised $50 million.

Analysts also predict the Crown deal may be angled more toward Ainsworth getting his land-based games into the Crown casino property. Boasting 2,500 poker machines, Crown Casino represents an attractive market into which AGT could sell its flagship Ambassador machine.

“The biggest upside is establishing a relationship with Crown,” UBS Warburg gaming analyst Anthony Aboud told the Sydney Morning Herald. “They’re hoping on the other side of the ledger they’ll get a good order flow from Crown.”

PBL Gaming chief Andrew MacDonald feels the agreement with Ainsworth is critical in improving the quality of play on

“The next stage of the rollout is to further develop and expand our range of table games and slots, and the agreement with Ainsworth Game Technology will move things along significantly,” he said.

MacDonald said had received an “encouraging response” from gaming players since the Web site went live on Jan. 3.

To comply with the Australian government’s ban on Internet casinos, PBL established its Internet casino in Vanuatu and bars Australians from accessing the site. It doesn’t take wagers from American or players located in New Zealand either; instead the site targets Asian players.

Although company officials are saying AGT doesn’t plan to pursue the online gaming industry right away Jim O’Mahony, the company’s CEO, acknowledged in a press release that the deal does lay the foundation for a strategic approach.

“This agreement allows us to enter the international Internet gaming market,” he said. “Our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology will provide with a variety of games offering revolutionary graphics and increased player entertainment.”

He added that, with the Web site’s operations based in Vanuatu, AGT remains in line with government regulations.

“The agreement allows us to expand our range of games but will not conflict with its existing customer base,” he said.




Mengambil bir dan duduk di depan layar lebar untuk menonton olahraga favorit Anda adalah salah satu cara paling santai untuk menghabiskan waktu luang Anda. Meskipun itu sudah terdengar cukup sempurna , ada cara untuk meningkatkan skenario – dengan menikmati beberapa judi online  olahraga. Membuat judi online  pada sepak bola , hoki , dan permainan favorit Anda yang lain memberi Anda lebih banyak alasan untuk menonton olahraga sebanyak mungkin (sambil berpotensi menghasilkan banyak uang).

Tapi acara apa yang harus Anda pertaruhkan? Kami telah mengumpulkan beberapa waktu paling populer untuk judi online. olahraga (yaitu, acara olahraga terbesar di A.S.) untuk membantu Anda mengetahui kapan Anda akan mendapat untung paling banyak. Langsung beraksi dan coba judi online  Anda selama acara besar ini.


Turnament NCAA

Selama beberapa minggu dalam setahun , mata semua orang beralih ke lapangan untuk menyemangati Turnamen Bola Basket Putra Divisi I NCAA pada bulan Maret – turnamen bola basket paling terkenal di dunia. Dan karena itu , ini juga menjadi salah satu judi online  olahraga teratas untuk dicoba hari ini.

Untuk kejuaraan 2019 , Asosiasi Perjudian Amerika (AGA) memperkirakan bahwa orang Amerika menghabiskan $8 ,5 miliar untuk judi online  olahraga. Tidak hanya itu , sekitar satu dari lima orang dewasa akhirnya memasang judi online . Sebagian besar uang itu berasal dari bertaruh pada tanda kurung , dengan 40 juta orang bertaruh sejumlah $ 4,6 miliar dengan harapan bahwa salah satu dari 149 juta tanda kurung mereka benar.

Ingatlah bahwa tidak semua judi online  ini legal. AGA memperkirakan bahwa 2,4 juta orang membuat judi online  ilegal dengan bandar , sementara 5 ,2 juta lagi bertaruh online melalui situs lepas pantai ilegal. Namun , jika Anda bersedia melakukan hal – hal dengan cara yang benar , seperti memasang judi online  di sportsbook legal , Anda akan menghasilkan banyak uang jika Anda memilih braket yang benar.

Pertandingan Kejuaraan NFL

Seharusnya tidak mengejutkan bahwa pertandingan sepak bola terbesar tahun ini menempati peringkat sebagai salah satu waktu paling populer untuk memasang judi online  olahraga. Ini adalah acara olahraga yang paling banyak ditonton di dunia , jadi tentu saja orang akan membuang sejumlah uang dengan harapan tim favorit mereka menang.

Faktanya bermain judi slot online yang menarik hanya di Palace303 karena banyak bonusnya dan mudah menang dan banyak orang bertaruhan ratusan juta rupiah untuk bermain judi slot online. Meskipun ini adalah angka yang cukup besar, perlu diingat bahwa mereka memperkirakan bahwa 97 persen dari angka ini akan dilakukan di bawah meja – pikirkan kumpulan kantor  , bandar judi online  lokal ilegal , atau buku olahraga lepas pantai. Bahkan dengan semua judi online  yang kurang legal ini , masih ada sejumlah besar judi online  yang ditempatkan di tempat yang sah. Selama Pertandingan Besar pada tahun 2017 saja , Nevada melihat total judi online  $ 138,48 juta.

Seri Kejuaraan NBA

Salah satu acara olahraga terbesar lainnya di AS adalah kejuaraan NBA. Selama seri tujuh pertandingan ini , para pemain bola basket terbaik dunia bertarung untuk melihat siapa yang akan membawa pulang Trofi Kejuaraan NBA Larry O’Brien. Jika Anda beruntung , Anda dapat bergabung dengan jutaan orang yang mendapat untung dari game ini.

Menurut nomor Sportsbook Nevada dari 2017 , orang bertaruh lebih dari $ 1 ,4 miliar untuk bola basket (termasuk perguruan tinggi dan profesional). Meskipun itu tidak terdengar seperti jumlah yang besar dibandingkan dengan beberapa acara lain dalam daftar ini , masih ada banyak uang yang bisa didapat dengan memasukkan uang tunai ke tim favorit Anda. Seri kejuaraan NBA adalah waktu yang ideal untuk memulai jika Anda adalah penggemar bola basket yang baru mengenal judi online  olahraga.

Seri Kejuaraan MLB

Kejuaraan besar MLB adalah waktu lain untuk memasukkan judi online  Anda. Seri kejuaraan tujuh pertandingan ini menawarkan banyak peluang bagi pemain untuk memasang judi online . Meskipun tidak ada angka pasti yang tersedia untuk jumlah judi online  yang ditempatkan selama acara ini , sportsbooks di Nevada pada tahun 2017 melihat total $ 1 ,1 miliar dalam judi online  pada bisbol profesional. Sementara beberapa di antaranya mungkin terjadi sepanjang musim , sebagian besar kemungkinan terjadi pada pertandingan terakhir karena ini adalah yang paling banyak ditonton.

Jika Anda mengikuti seri kejuaraan 2019 , Anda mungkin pernah mendengar tentang bagaimana Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale memasang judi online  $3 ,5 juta pada Astros untuk memenangkan semuanya – salah satu judi online  terbesar yang pernah diambil oleh bandar judi online  AS. Sial baginya , Astros akhirnya kalah – meskipun jika mereka menang , dia akan mendapatkan $7 ,7 juta bersih.

Namun , selain judi online olahraga bola basket , ada banyak sekali berbagai bidang olahraga yang memiliki banyak penggemar untuk dijudikan. Seperti , pacuan kuda , adu tinju , golf , dan masih banyak lagi. Berikut di bawah ini merupakan tips untuk memenangkan permainan judi online dalam olahraga sesuai bidang yang diselenggarakan :


Kuda adalah makhluk yang agung , dan kecantikan mereka adalah bagian besar dari apa yang membuat menyaksikan mereka berlomba di trek begitu mengasyikkan. Kecepatan dan kekuatan mereka adalah pemandangan yang memuaskan baik Anda bersorak untuk kuda favorit Anda dari tribun atau di sofa Anda.

Tetapi bagaimana jika Anda bisa membuat jantung Anda berdetak lebih kencang? Pernahkah Anda mempertimbangkan judi online  pacuan kuda untuk meningkatkan kegembiraan?

Mempelajari cara bertaruh pada pacuan kuda dapat membawa Anda dari pinggir lapangan dan menempatkan Anda di pelana. Dengan berbagai jenis judi online  kuda untuk dipilih , Anda dapat mengambil alih dan menjadikan olahraga favorit Anda lebih menyenangkan untuk ditonton. Lanjutkan membaca untuk mempelajari tentang istilah judi online  kuda paling populer dan banyak lagi.


Hal pertama yang pertama – Anda perlu memahami peluang pacuan kuda. Ini terdaftar sebagai pecahan yang menunjukkan kepada Anda berapa banyak yang harus Anda keluarkan untuk mendapat untung.

Misalnya , jika Kuda 1 memiliki peluang 20/1 , Anda akan memenangkan $21 jika Anda bertaruh $1 (keuntungan $20 ditambah pengembalian judi online  Anda). Di sisi lain , jika Horse 2 memiliki odds 6/5 , Anda hanya akan mendapatkan keuntungan $6 jika Anda bertaruh $5 , karena mereka memiliki peluang menang yang lebih baik.

Anda juga memerlukan beberapa informasi penting saat memasang judi online  , terutama karena ada banyak balapan yang terjadi sekaligus. Selalu catat pacuan kuda , nomor balapan , dan nomor kuda , serta berapa banyak yang ingin Anda pertaruhkan dan jenis judi online nya.


Judi online  Dasar

Ada beberapa jenis judi online  kuda , tetapi tiga yang utama adalah menang , tempat , dan pertunjukan:

Dalam judi online  menang , Anda memilih kuda yang menang. Karena lebih sulit untuk memperbaikinya , ini akan memberi Anda keuntungan paling banyak.

Dalam judi online  tempat , kuda harus finis di urutan pertama atau kedua (tidak masalah yang mana). Potensi penghasilan di sini masih bagus , tetapi tidak setinggi judi online  yang menang.

Akhirnya , judi online  pertunjukan adalah ketika kuda selesai di urutan pertama , kedua , atau ketiga (sekali lagi , penempatan tidak masalah). Ini akan memberi Anda sedikit uang , tetapi ini adalah opsi yang lebih aman.

Tidak dapat memutuskan judi online  mana yang ingin Anda ambil? Anda juga dapat melewati papan , yaitu ketika Anda menempatkan tiga judi online  menang , tempat , dan pertunjukan yang sama. Jika kuda Anda menang lebih dulu , Anda akan memenangkan semua judi online . Jika mereka mendapatkan yang kedua , Anda akan memenangkan pertunjukan dan memasang judi online . Dan jika mereka mendapatkan yang ketiga , Anda akan memenangkan judi online  pertunjukan.

Judi online  Tingkat Lanjut

Ada juga lebih banyak judi online  kombinasi kuda yang bisa Anda tempatkan. Salah satunya adalah judi online  yang tepat , yang mengharuskan Anda untuk memilih kuda tempat pertama dan kedua dalam urutan yang benar.

Untuk membuat segalanya lebih sulit , cobalah judi online  trifecta , yaitu ketika Anda memilih urutan yang tepat dari tiga kuda teratas. Jika Anda merasa sangat percaya diri , pilihlah superfecta , yang merupakan empat kuda teratas dengan urutan penyelesaian yang tepat.

Pembayaran untuk semua judi online  ini didasarkan pada sistem pari – mutuel , di mana semua uang untuk jenis judi online  tertentu dikumpulkan ke dalam pool dan kemudian dibagi di antara para pemenang.

Judi online  Multi – Balapan

Jika Anda benar – benar merasa beruntung , Anda dapat meningkatkannya dengan judi online  multi – ras. Ini mengharuskan Anda untuk memilih pemenang dalam banyak balapan berturut – turut , biasanya mulai dari dua hingga enam berturut – turut. Itu tidak berarti Anda harus membatasi diri pada satu pilihan untuk setiap balapan; merasa bebas untuk memilih beberapa kuda untuk menjadi pemenang (ini hanya akan meningkatkan biaya judi online  Anda). Ingatlah bahwa jika bahkan satu kuda kalah , Anda akan kehilangan judi online  Anda.


UFC adalah salah satu pertunjukan seni bela diri campuran yang paling menarik , karena secara harfiah berarti Kompetisi Pertarungan Tertinggi. Jadwal UFC telah berlangsung cukup stabil , yang merupakan hal hebat bagi petaruh olahraga yang ingin melakukan beberapa aksi sepanjang tahun. Menunggu KO epik adalah satu hal , tetapi ada cara untuk lebih terlibat dalam pertarungan. Apakah Anda ingin masuk ke energi umum dari pertandingan atau root untuk petarung individu , ini adalah kesempatan sempurna untuk mencoba bertaruh pada pertarungan — judi online  UFC , khususnya.

Tidak tahu cara bertaruh pada pertarungan UFC? Jangan khawatir. Kami membantu Anda. Ada banyak pilihan , mulai dari menempatkan uang Anda pada petarung hingga bertaruh pada metode kemenangan selama ronde. Tetapi sebelum Anda memasang judi online  besar , yang terbaik adalah mengetahui dasar – dasarnya. Kami telah mengumpulkan beberapa tip judi online  UFC terbaik sehingga Anda dapat memenangkan kompetisi. Baik Anda berada di Vegas atau melakukannya secara online , berikut adalah tip judi online  pertarungan UFC terbaik.


Olahraga pertarungan mengadu dua petarung dalam cincin berbentuk segi delapan untuk bertarung , dan judi online  UFC yang paling populer adalah bertaruh pada petarung mana yang akan diangkat tangannya setelah pertarungan. Dengan judi online  moneyline UFC , berarti yang harus Anda lakukan adalah memilih petarung yang tepat untuk menang dan Anda akan menguangkannya.

Seperti semua judi online  , semakin lama peluangnya — artinya angka yang lebih tinggi di sebelah nama mereka — semakin banyak uang yang dapat Anda hasilkan. Untungnya , Anda tidak perlu membatasi diri hanya untuk memilih pemenang saat Anda bertaruh UFC. Tiga judi online  paling umum yang dapat dibuat seseorang pada pertarungan UFC adalah Pemenang Pertarungan , Judi online  Putaran , dan Metode Kemenangan.


Pemenang Pertarungan

Judi online  UFC paling sederhana adalah bertaruh pada petarung mana yang akan menang. Dengan judi online  moneyline UFC , Anda memilih petarung yang Anda yakini memiliki peluang terbesar untuk memenangkan pertandingan. Ketika peluangnya genap untuk dua lawan yang berimbang , itu dikenal sebagai pick ’em.

Metode Kemenangan

Mirip dengan moneyline dan judi online  bulat , dalam jenis judi online  UFC ini , peluang ditetapkan oleh bandar berdasarkan hasil prediksi pertarungan. Sebuah pertarungan dapat diakhiri dengan keputusan (split/bulatan/mayoritas) , draw , KO/TKO , atau submission.

Judi Parlay

Saat memasang judi online  pada pertarungan UFC , judi online  parlay akan menghasilkan pengembalian yang lebih tinggi. Kelemahan dari judi online  parlay adalah jika satu pertarungan dipilih dengan salah , Anda kehilangan seluruh judi online  Anda. Cara terbaik untuk menangani parlay adalah dengan meneliti petarung , melihat lebih dekat pada acara tersebut , dan pergi dengan pertarungan yang Anda rasa percaya diri. Semakin sedikit pertandingan yang Anda mainkan , semakin besar peluang Anda untuk memilih pemenang dengan benar.

Judi Prop

Kami tidak akan memberi Anda kiat judi online  pertarungan terbaik jika kami tidak berbicara tentang judi online  prop. Tersedia di semua olahraga , tidak berbeda dengan judi online  UFC. Ini adalah judi online  menyenangkan yang membuat permainan lebih menyenangkan. Dalam pertarungan UFC , Anda dapat bertaruh pada petarung mana yang akan berdarah pertama , atau Anda dapat bertaruh pada berapa banyak KO yang akan terjadi dalam satu malam. Anda juga dapat memasang judi online  prop UFC pada Fight of the Night , yang …

Three Vital Keys To ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล Success In Poker

I came into the game back in ’99, at 51 years of age. Having never played poker, and after watching the movie Rounders, I realized I had to do much more than I had ever dreamed of to comprehend all the facets of this very complex game. Yet through it all, I realized that acquiring knowledge, a “feel,” as well as exercising solid judgement, would propel me toward reaching my goals much more quickly.

Many say the key to success in this game is discipline, but I for one disagree most adamantly. This should prove itself as we go along. Discipline arises from the solid foundation of the key elements I am about to discuss, due to the fact that you raise your awareness immensely. The three vital points for success as you aspire to climb the ranks are these:

1) The State of Solid Poker Knowledge

This is acquired through deep study of the best literature available and inquiring as to the “whys” and “whens” and “hows” of such concepts, strategies and or tactics.

Having quality knowledgeable players to fall back on is one major advantage over most players when you’re in doubt; it’s such a valuable asset. Read the forums, ask questions, and above all else find out who the better players are in the forum for your given type of poker. As well, go back to your books and see if there are related topics.

By thorough comprehension of position, odds, betting, raising, semi-bluffing, etc., you put yourself above the “seat-of-his-pants” middle limit player. They get by much more on gut and experience than intelligent analysis and maximizing or minimizing a given situation.

There’s much debate as to the percentage of high level players out there, and I must agree with the experts that the percentage is quite low, which favours those with the arsenal to conquer. I believe once you get beyond the 20-40 level you’ll be in against the very good thinkers in the game today.

Good poker skills make the basic decisions easier and simpler with greater end results at the close of the ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล session, week, month or year. In any situation you will have greater confidence and discipline in how to deal with all circumstances.

I actually sit down with my books, chips and a deck of cards to role-play an example given in the book so that it’s reinforced in in my memory. Additionally, I have a huge marker board on one wall that I use when I read to jot down key points and then dissect them all into memory.

Finally I use a tape player to record key points for reinforcement and play them when I`m at work, walking or during any leisure activity.

Reading is for me not the best tool to become an improved player. For me, visual aids increase my comprehension.

No one should fear the poker literature out today for improving the game beyond positive returns for your play. Quite frankly, many of these very books that propel one to excel sit and collect dust on most bookshelves. They usually don’t put enough focus into the study of said material. This is good for us solid, studious players.

2 ) Exercising Good, Consistent Judgement in your Poker Decisions

Your quality of play involves solid judgement. All the knowledge in the world is nothing without sound judgement. Being the most disciplined and knowledgeable player alive doesn’t compensate for poor judgement. Experience is the absolute route to winning play through constant decision making in the heat of battle.

You’re at the river and between two players holding the nuts. You know the guy ahead is a calling station and the player behind is super aggressive. But you don’t want to lose the first guy cause you`ll gain extra bets if he checks, which is certain. Then you check as well and then when the aggressive player bets and the first guy calls you pop the pot. Now you`ve gained extra bets rather than 2 if you had bet and the aggressor raised, making the first player fold.

As you see, every step is thought out and a strategy and or tactic utilized that optimizes my win, depending on the situation I am facing. There were and are many steps that went into the decision and without knowledge and sound judgement, I could likely have missed bets. We all know that all plays are not agreed upon by everyone. But you make each decision on review to the best of your ability and that’s the key.

3) Fine Tuning your Feel

Absolutely every great player must excel in this category. This is one of the most vital keys that make great players rise above the good players. It’s that sense of knowing even though your’re getting humongous pot odds and you’ve got one bet to call, and you’re sitting there with the nut flush and get raised on the end in stud and you’re getting 20-1 on your call. The better player knows innately he’s beat by the full house.

The best players in the world fold without hesitation when they feel they`re beat. That one last bet to call is one saved earned bet that accumulates into hundreds of dollars — even thousands over the years.

Even players with many years under their belt haven`t developed their feel. I believe it’s a focus issue. Awareness is subject to being focused and or sensitive to a situation. So work on your card sense and you`ll have a solid, well-rounded poker arsenal. I also wish to state that in my opinion short games offer the ideal situation to develop feel and or card sense.

So there you have it in a nutshell. For those aspiring players, I think this will prove most insightful:

Remember to analyse after each session where you went right, as well as wrong, and WHY.

I hope you found my first endeavour at writing on this deeply complex game interesting.



Poker and Sbobet Guide

We have been discussing tournaments and related subjects such as buy-ins, satellites, places paid, and prize pools. Let’s continue the discussion with more information on subjects relating to tournaments.

Suppose you are playing in a tournament and you hear folks discussing bad beats (trust me, no one cares!), and you hear someone say that he busted out “on the bubble.” Just what is the bubble in an event? Well, in my opinion, it is the worst spot in which you can finish — one spot short of the money. Why do I think that it is the worst spot? You have played all day for absolutely no reward, other than the experience of playing.

I am not at all saying that learning time was ill spent, but from a monetary standpoint, you have spent maximum time and aggravation for no payday at all. You received the same return on your investment as if you had been the first one out of the tournament. Some folks feel that there is shame in being the first player out of an sport kazakhstan event. Personally, I would rather be the first one out and have the day to spend as I please, than to play all day, get so close, and become so disappointed. If you are the first one out, you never really had a chance to get your hopes up anyway!

Perhaps that is a defeatist attitude, but it is my story and I am sticking to it. I would rather have the time to play side action (which normally is very good during a tournament), where I have a chance to win my buy-in back and make money, rather than play all day and finish just short of the money.

Recently, I received a question inquiring about time penalties. The writer wanted to know the circumstances under which a penalty would be “awarded.” For many years, there were few rules regarding proper conduct in poker rooms and for many players, bad behavior was the norm. Not so anymore, I am pleased to say.

In the past several years, cardroom Sbobet managers, recreational and professional players, as well as poker room staff, have really put forth an effort to end the insanity that once prevailed in some tournaments. Players who misbehave at the poker table are now treated like the ill-mannered children that they are, and are given “time-outs” in certain instances. Perhaps the first warning may be just a verbal “don’t do it again,” whatever “it” may be. It also could be a 10-20 minute suspension from the event.

In such an instance, the player’s chips would remain in action and he would be blinded or anted off as if he were present. When this happens, generally a timer is placed near the player’s chips with a count down of the time remaining until he may resume play. I have seen it happen when a player misbehaved, knew that he was out of line, and as the tournament director was walking up to him with a timer, he just got up and walked out of the room without a word being spoken. Players know when and if they have acted badly.

If a tournament director determines that a player’s behavior is so egregious that he should not be allowed to continue playing, he is disqualified and his chips and interest in the prize pool are forfeited. The addition of time-out penalties, as well as the authority to reprimand players whose conduct is inappropriate, has made the tournament director’s job easier and the playing experience more pleasant for the players. Very few players enjoyed playing in an atmosphere where dealers and/or players were being abused. As a result of instituting the penalty process, tournament poker is a much more pleasant venue than it was years ago.

I am directing the Oasis Open, a tournament in Mesquite, Nevada, from May 17-21 at the Oasis Hotel and Casino. Mesquite is about 80 miles north of Las Vegas and is a great getaway for golfers and spa enthusiasts. The buy-ins for this event range from $50-$120, and there will be side action and satellites available. A special $15 room rate is being offered to players and food comps will be Joo casino liberal. If you play in all five events, your room will be comped during the tournament. I hope you can attend, and please stop by and say hello.